Not Enough Money To Pay June's Salaries-- Zim Finance Ministry

The government of Zimbabwe has announced that payment of the police and army June salaries will be delayed for about two weeks.

While the Zim cops and soldiers can still look forward to receiving their salaries this month, every other worker on the government’s payroll will only receive theirs next month.

The finance minister announced that the military will be paid on the 27th of June while the police force will be paid three days later. Other civil service workers will get theirs mid-July, the ministry said.

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Delayed payments of salaries has been common in the southern African nation due to the economic crisis plaguing the country. However salaries have never been delayed this long.

“I am pleased to advise that Treasury has successfully mobilized resources towards the full settlement of the 2015 bonus commitment.

“However, you are aware that against the background of severe revenue under­performance and related cash­flow challenges, government has been honoring its monthly wage bill obligations, albeit, through the continuous shifting of pay dates.

“It is on account of the above cash flow challenges that have necessitated… minister of Finance, in his communication copied to yourself, mobilization of the requisite resources,” part of the statement read.

Zimbabwe’s wage bill takes up to 80% of its revenue with 554 000 people on its payroll. The government has however refused to cut down on its wage bill as suggested by the International Monetary Fund.

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Zimbabwe’s inability to pay its employees on time is not so far-fetched. With a declining tax revenue and low foreign direct investment coupled with a rising debt, it is only natural for the southern African nation to face difficulties paying on time.