Zim Students Who Protested During Graduation Ceremony To Face Disciplinary Comittee

Three Zim University protesters will be subjected to a disciplinary hearing for conducting a peaceful protest during their graduation ceremony at the University of Zimbabwe.

The Zimbabwe Lawyers for Human Rights accused a Tonderai Dombo of breaching the Ordinance 30 rule of students conduct which prohibits any behaviour “reasonably likely to be harmful to the interests of the university, members of the university staff or students.”

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Dombo held up a placard demanding jobs, at the ceremony which had President Robert Mugabe in attendance. The two other Zim University protesters who were found guilty are Thembinkosi Rushwaya and Alexander Mukamba.

The trio were arrested by the Zim Police and released on payment of a $10 admission of guilt fine. Regardless of their release, the University has now reopened the case.

Zim University Protesters To Face Disciplinary Committee

Some days leading up to the graduation ceremony at the Univeristy of Zimbabwe, the Minister of Higher Education, Jonathan Moyo warned that anyone participating in any protest at the ceremony will have their diploma rescinded.

The protest at the graduation ceremony was an offshoot of the ‘This Gown’ protest movement which saw various unemployed Zimbabwean youth donning their graduation gowns and taking to the streets to protest the government’s lack of job creation. Ahead of the 2013 elections, President Mugabe promised to create 2 million jobs, however, the opposite seems to be the case for the Zimbabwean youth.

At the United College of Education graduation ceremony, a speech read on his behalf threw jabs at the unemployed youth of Zimbabwe.

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“A lot of people with key responsibilities across our economy have the wrong skills. And some of them don’t realise this. All they think they should do is to put their gowns and say ‘give us jobs’”

Many have called on the Minister not to revoke the trio’s degrees, considering a University is an independent institution and should not be subject to political big wigs.

The youth mockingly told him to rather look into the PhD granted to First Lady Grace Mugabe, a degree believed to be unearned and fraudulent.