Zimbabwe Pleads For Money To Stop Mass Starvation

A week ago, President Robert Mugabe declared regions in Zimababwe that were severely hit by drought to be in a state of disaster as the drought caused by the El Nino climate phenomenon deepened. The country which was once known as the food basket of Africa is experiencing death of livestock and food shortages as a result of the disaster.

Zimbabwe has now appealed to charities and local business for more than $1.5bn aid to ease the country off starvation.

At a news conference in Zimbabwe’s capital Harare, vice president Emmerson Mnagagwa said;

“The government of Zimbabwe requires a total of [$1.57bn] with effect from February to December 2016,”

“The amount of rainfall received to date is inadequate to meet basic household consumption needs as well as support for livelihoods, agriculture and wildlife.”

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The vice president also added that more than 3 million people were in need of food and water, with most of the victims being from the south, where the drought is more prevalent.

The European Union ambassador to Zimbabwe. Philippe Van Damme had forewarned the government of Zimbabwe to declare the state of disaster so that fund delays could be avoided as international donors are engulfed with numerous humanitarian situations.

The government intends to use most of the funding to import food stuff, but other parts of it will be used to facilitate irrigation across the country to increase food production.

Most critics still blame the governments land reforms that saw the eviction of white farmers in 2000 as one of the major causes of the food shortage.

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