According To A Report Zim Prisons Have No Food For Babies

The Zimbabwe Prisons and Correctional Service (ZPCS) revealed in a new report that there are no food for babies of imprisoned mothers.

The babies of incarcerated mothers are being fed adult food due to a lack of appropriate baby food. The institution has failed to provide the appropriate food for these toddlers.

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The deputy officer commanding Harare metropolitan province, Elizabeth Banda, in a statement to Parliamentarians, mentioned that the institution was receiving inadequate funds to cater for the needs of these babies.

“We have not been able to follow the statutory instrument which provides for the kind of food for children. They have just been eating what their mothers are eating,” Banda said to Parliament members on their visit to the Chikurubi Female Prison.

Zimbabwe Prisons Have No Food For Babies

“We are operating at zero budget from the treasury. What we have been doing to alleviate the problem is encouraging them to do projects that can help to feed the children.”

Due to the government of Zimbabwe having no way to fend for the inmates’ accommodation, clothing and feeding, the president has oftentimes resorted to freeing the prisoners in order to deal with the situation.

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In May the government freed 2,000 prisoners. The prisoners included all juvenile delinquents regardless of the gravity of their offences. Also, all female offenders except those placed on death row or life sentences were released.

Male prisoners were not completely left out of the unexpected amnesty as Mugabe pardoned all those under the age of 18, not minding the offences committed.

Those over the age of 60 who had served two thirds of their prison term and all inmates in open prison were likewise granted pardon. Terminally ill prisoners who would probably not survive their terms, were also fully pardoned regardless of offences.

Men convicted of murder, rape, armed robbery and treason in Zimbabwe prisons were, however, exempt from the pardon.