Zimbabwe Protest Pastor Charged With Inciting Violence

Most everyone, both outsiders, and citizens have been waiting with bated breath, practically anticipating a fallout from the recent spate of protests that have slowly but surely been creeping through Zimbabwe.

This Zimbabwe protest pastor who engineered and plays an important role in the protests seems to be facing the first of such rebuttals.

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The Zimbabwe protest pastor who has been leading a campaign against the government’s handling of the economy has reportedly been charged with inciting public violence.

Zimbabwe Protest pastor

News of the charge was delivered via his own #ThisFlag Twitter campaign feed. The state-run Herald paper also tweeted that Evan Mawarire was being charged with disturbing the peace. The campaign has been mostly organized on social media and WhatsApp using #ThisFlag.

Last Wednesday however, the activists, inclusive of the Zimbabwe protest pastor organized a “stay-at-home” protest last Wednesday and planned similar shutdowns this week. Pastor Mawarire was summoned for questioning by police ahead of a two-day “stay-at-home” protest called for Wednesday and Thursday.

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Some hours after he reported to the Criminal Investigation Department (CID) on Tuesday morning, the #ThisFlag Twitter account posted:

“Pastor Evan Mawarire is being charged with section 36 for inciting public violence and disturbing peace.”

Showing that the protest is not solely being run by passion but rather is inclusive of a well thought out strategy, the tweet included a video in which the preacher says:

“You are watching this video because I have either been arrested or have been abducted. It’s a video we had pre-recorded for a day like this one.”

Zimbabwe Protest pastor

He ends the message of the video with a sound out of hope that the shutdowns have been successful. encouraging that the people should; “Hold this government to account. Never let them get away with anything,” continuing in reference to the national flag, “Remember this flag is our flag, no-one else loves Zimbabwe more than a Zimbabwean.”