A Zimbabwean Soldier Forced His Wife To Eat His Faeces

A Zimbabwean soldier who was rejected by his wife after she asked for a divorce forced her to eat his faeces.

New Zimbabwe reported that the soldier was taken to the Mutare Magistrate’s court. The soldier was identified as Machisi Jani, a 30-year-old who serves in the Zimbabwe National Army’s 3 infantry brigade at the headquarters.

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When the court asked about his motive for abusing his wife who was identified as Sheila Mudzimiri, he blamed it on his temper saying that he was unable to control it.

His wife, 25-year-old Sheila had told Jani that she wanted a divorce after the couple had an altercation on April 11. Jani’s anger came in full force as he beat her up and reportedly bit her hand. To top it all Jani took his own faeces and forced it into Sheila’s mouth.

The 25-year-old reported the matter to the Zimbabwean police who in turn took Jani under arrest. The Zimbabwean soldier pleaded guilty to the abuse of his wife. He has been remanded in court and will be awaiting his charges

Cases of people forcing others to eat poop as a sign of the ultimate detest are sadly nothing new. In 2014, a lady forced her boyfriend’s daughter to eat her poop as a punishment.

27-year-old Nicole Renee Candelaria was babysitting her boyfriend’s kids when she realized his 3-year-old daughter had pooped in the bath tub. Miss Candelaria whom we assume is not a “baby person” was outraged. She forced the little girl to eat the poop as punishment before proceeding to show her how to use the loo. She was eventually arrested when news of the abuse reached the kid’s biological mum.

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Coprophagia is the word used to describe faeces eating. It ranges from  “eating faeces of other species (heterospecifics), of other individuals (allocoprophagy), or one’s own (autocoprophagy) – those once deposited or taken directly from the anus,” according to Wikipedia.

However, with humans, it is considered abnormal as only people with mental health problems tend to eat faeces.