Zimbabwe: Lawmakers Propose 8 Children Per Family To Increase Population

Zimbabwe’s 8-Children Policy– Zimbabwean lawmakers have moved a motion that each family from henceforth should have at least 8 children.

As of yesterday, the population of the Southern African country is 16,215,977. The figures were obtained from the a recent estimate of the United Nations.

According to the Lawmakers, the low population rate in the country has suffocated several investment plans.

In the words of Senator Monica Mutsvangwa of the ruling Zanu-PF party,

“The moment you tell them we are about 14 million they will all look around and say ah, I do not know how I can continue.”

In addressing this issue, we will have to bring into the picture the history of the former one-child policy of the Chinese government. To increase the population the government encouraged the “breed as you wish” policy.

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By the 1960’s the policy became a problem for the country. To reverse the population increase plan, the government mandated families to have one child or face punishments which were in forms of fine sanctions, sterilizations, and abortions.

Another point to put into consideration in Zimbabwe’s plan to increase the population is the sustenance factor. As it is, Zim’s economy is doing badly. Logically the enlightened citizens would prefer to have a limited number of children.

Where is the resources to sustain a family of 8 children?


On that note the Senate proposes that the government be in charge of sustaining these families. The next question is if the government is ready to foot such a responsibility especially at this time.

From a 2012 United Nations World Health Organisation report, the life expectancy for men was 56 years and the life expectancy for women was 60 years of age.

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Zim senators have urged the government to take the issue of national development seriously. They went further to say that government should promote large families and get NGOs that have been pushing for birth control to instead ‘promote family growth’

Senator, Mike Musaka said,

“Which investor would come to Zimbabwe to invest seriously for 14 million people?”

Musaka said NGO’s should stop promoting birth control. Instead they should spend money and resources at their disposal to pay for schooling children and support their families.

Many have frowned at the 8-children per family motion, saying such a policy comes across as a misplacement of priority.

Salvaging Zimbabwe’s economic state perhaps would have been the first thing. Tell us what you think about Zimbabwe’s 8-children policy. Is this a right move for Zimbabwe?