Zimbabwe has been rocked by a number of scandals in the beauty pageantry circles and have over time shown unshakable standards and requirements for their beauty queens. In a recent development, the organizers of Zimbabwe’s largest beauty pageant (The Zimbabwe Trust) have decided to require contestants to swear on a Bible that they have never posed for any nude photographs.

Miss Zimbabwe Trust spokesperson Tendai Chirau told the official chronicle newspaper; “They’ll take oaths holding a Bible upon checking in for boot camp next month”.

To understand the need for this recent move by the pageantry organizer, a little background in the situation is needed. The two past winners of the pageant had to be dethroned when nude pictures of them were leaked online. The spokesperson Tendai Chirau had in the past, by way of addressing this issue said;

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Miss Zim

“Regulation 5 for Miss World Zimbabwe Trust, which conforms to the one stipulated by Miss World, states that professionally or socially in all forms of media posing nude, being in a relationship, sexual advances towards anyone and any behaviour categorised as immoral by Miss Zimbabwe Trust is grounds for instant disqualification and/or dethronement,”.

The Zimbabwe trust has been true to every word of that statement. When last year rumors surfaced that the pageantry’s then Miss Zimbabwe Trust, Emily Tatanga Kachote, had some leaked nude pictures online, the pageantry organizers immediately carried out investigations and she was promptly dethroned.

Prior to her being found out, all 57 models who went into the boot camp had signed a form attesting that they had never taken any nudes and were told out-rightly not to participate if they had ever taken nudes. This did not however stop Kachote, although she did presented the argument that the pictures had not been taken professionally but were rather the work of an ex.


It is therefore understandable that in trying to continue upholding this laudable standard while still preserving the reputation of the pageantry, the Zimbabwe Trust has decided to take this extra precaution. It is hoped that no one will be able to just knowingly ignore the implications of taking an oath with the Bible.

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