Zombie Attack: 10 Movies For Zombie Survival Skills

“The Zombies are coming, the Zombies are coming!” Yes, this phrase is misquoted from Paul Revere’s famous historical words that he used to warn the people of Massachusetts about the approaching British army. While America is no longer under the threat of a British Invasion, we’re now dealing with a new enemy that has infiltrated our great nation. Who is this new adversary that we proud and patriotic Americans must stand up against? They are called Zombies and they now exist among us.

Zombie lore is such a strong part of American culture that they might as well be real life flesh-eating undead creatures. Since zombies are now a part of our lives some people might wonder what they would have to do in order to survive a “possible” zombie attack that takes place in their community.

Well, thankfully for us, Hollywood has created 10 great movies that show you Zombie survival strategies and how to survive a zombie attack. However, remember that there has not really been a zombie attack and it is only when you are faced with real life incidences of some that you can establish if the zombie survival skills mentioned here really work or not. Enjoy!

10. 28 Days Later

In the movie – 28 Days Later, a virus was released in Great Britain that caused millions of people to turn into raging lunatics that attacked their fellow men. The whole entire country was then quarantined from the rest of the world. When a person was bitten or somehow had their blood infected with the contaminated person’s body fluid, they too were turned into raging zombie like creatures. The zombie survivors in this film teach us to keep moving and searching for a way to escape from an infected “zombie zone”.

9. Resident Evil

Alice is not only sexy she’s also very smart. She can use a gun with expert precision to eliminate the forces of the undead and her fighting ability is taken to the extreme once she’s infected with the T-Virus which is responsible for making people into undead monsters. The best advice that this movie gives us for dealing with a zombie attack is to get a gun and a T-Virus infection. That way we can use superpowers to fight against zombie killer attack dogs and mutant creatures known as “lickers”.

8. Day of the Dead – Watch full movie below.

A bumbling mortician and his young apprentice releases toxic zombie chemicals into a graveyard and they end up resurrecting a whole hoard of undead flesh eaters. The zombie survival strategy was used by George A. Romero in which he teaches that to defeat a zombie you have to “shoot them in the brain”.

7. Shaun of the Dead

Shaun and his friends battle zombies as the creatures try to overrun their community. One thing that this movie teaches people is that they must keep a good sense of humor when they’re forced to fight to survive against undead monsters of the night. Whether this works or not: you can never know until you try it.

6. The Serpent and the Rainbow

People can claim that zombies don’t exist but this movie is based on a real life incident that proves there might be undead creatures already keeping company with the living. Though there was not a literal zombie invasion this movie teaches us that we should probably seek out the help of a voodoo priest as a consultant for eliminating and controlling a zombie menace that this is the secret to surviving a zombie attack.