Justice For Zouhoura: Chadian Gang-Rapists Face 10 Years Imprisonment

7 rapists from Chad have been sentenced to 10 years imprisonment for kidnapping and raping of Zouhoura, a school girl in the nation’s capital, Ndjamena.

The Chadian gang-rape was committed in February.

Report says that some of these guilty rapists are from the ruling class. 2 of them are said to be the sons of senior military officials in Chad.

It is not clear how many have escaped from Ndjamena prison. Some reports say one, others say it’s the 2 sons of the Chadian soldier.

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News from the papers say that the director of the prison was dismissed following the escape. 4 policemen have as well been arrested and undergoing interrogations.

The violated young girl has been identified as Zouhoura. She equally is the daughter of a prominent personality from the opposition party.

Zouhoura was raped and threatened to be killed if she let anyone know what had happened to her.

16-year old Zouhoura who broke the silence in March was raped on her way to school.

“They grabbed me by the neck and threw me into the car. They took me outside the city by force… You know the rest.”


With the support of many, Zouhoura started to speak out. As a weapon to shut her up, the rapists from prominent homes uploaded a video of the rape on the internet.

The young girl summoned up courage via her live debates to demand justice. According to the victim, she wanted to change the norm.

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“There has never been justice before over the rape of a Chadian woman”.

“I’m not the only victim. There are other women and girls who have been raped. I know them and they have remained anonymous, they have said nothing.”

President Idriss Deby acknowledged the sensitive case while condemning the gang-rape crime. He describes the ugly incidence as barbaric, shameful and unspeakable act and then promised that justice will be served.