What is contained below is not new advice but when one of the most influential tech and business leaders in the world, Mark Zuckerberg, sides with a concept that has proven successful severally, it probably makes sense to cue in.

Mark Zuckerberg has said that having a hobby or a side project is one of the most important things that a young professional can do. Facebook’s journey started as a hobby when Zuckerberg was still a student at Harvard. As a side project, Mark had made a small social media website for Harvard University students.

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Today Facebook is a global company that brought in over $27 billion in revenue last year. Of course, not every side project story will turn out like Facebook but Mark Zuckerberg did make some good points on why it is still a necessary thing for young professionals while speaking at a town-hall event at North Carolina Agricultural and Technical State University that was broadcast on Facebook Live. According to him;

“At Facebook we often ask [job candidates], ‘What is something that you’ve built that is outside of the jobs you’ve done?'”

“Often that’s one of the best ways people can show passion and leadership,”


He further explained that such pursuits set a candidate apart from the rest of the candidates. He also made another point on how it encourages the young professional to learn new skills. In his words;

“I probably learned more coding from random side projects that I did than the courses I took in college,”

Zuckerberg still has a lot of hobbies and side projects

The Facebook CEO may be considered very successful but he has not left the magic of side hobbies out of his life even now. As a current side project he is travelling around the country meeting and talking with residents of all 50 states. It is one of his goals for 2017 which he shared at the beginning of the year starting off a round of rumors on how he was considering a career in politics.

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He, however, gave a different reason for the side project to the room;

“I could spend all my time running in Facebook[…] but I want to make sure I’m a more well-rounded person.”

Zuckerberg is far from being the first person that has shown the importance of having side hobbies alongside whatever pursuit one may be engaged in. Bringing it back home, one of Africa’s most well-known media personalities, Linda Ikeji, also started her massive revenue-generating blog as a hobby.