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Inside Look At GG Allin’s Life, Daughter (Nico Ann Deneault) & Death

GG Allin was an American punk rock musician born on August 29, 1956. Allin, who was named Jesus Christ Allin by his parents at birth, was known for his notorious stage antics that included self-mutilation, defecating on stage, and assaulting audience members, for which he was jailed many times. Allin famously promised his fans that he was going to commit...

Is Michelle Wolf Black? Her Ethnicity, Race and Parents

Michelle Wolf is not Black. The American comedian born in Hershey, Pennsylvania says she is 100% White even though many people think she is of mixed race as a result of her curly hair and olive skin. While the identity of Wolf's parents is not public knowledge, her ancestry can be traced to Germany through her grandparents. Michelle Wolf's Early...