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Talented singer Adam Lambert hit the limelight after he finished off as runner-up in the eighth season of the prestigious American Idol in San Francisco, California. He is a singer, songwriter, and a stage actor whose music stints have taken to great heights in the entertainment industry.

Lambert didn’t take chances after his new found fame, he took the US by storm with the release of his debut album ‘For Your Entertainment’ which was a massive hit. Now focused on making good music, the following are lesser known facts about the talented singer and songwriter.

Adam Lambert Bio

He was born as Adam Mitchel Lambert on January 29, 1982, in Indianapolis, Indiana, to his parents Leila (his mother) and Eber Albert (his father). At the young age of nine, he was already performing at MET2. Adam attended Mount Carmel High School and was a member of his school’s jazz band; he was also involved in theatre.

This bloke would later attend Mesa Verde Middle School. He proceeded to California State University, Fullerton after his high school in 2000. However, he was not going to let all that he had learned at MET2 wither away; he pulled out from the university after a few weeks to fully pursue a career in entertainment.

Lambert soon started performing at gatherings and small shows. He also appeared in theatrical productions like The Ten Commandments: The Musical, where he played the character of Joshua. Adam continued his striving as an underdog until 2009 when he auditioned for the eight season of American Idol. After wowing the audience and the judges with mesmerizing performances, he made it to the final 13. However, he finished as runner-up to Kris Allen.

Lambert’s sizzling hot performance on the platform didn’t go unnoticed by significant stakeholders. That year, he won the Teen Choice Award for ‘Male Reality/Variety Star’ and also won the Young Hollywood Award for ‘Artist of the Year’. He soon released his debut album ‘For Your Entertainment’ which occupied the number 3 spot on Billboard 200 for weeks.

He released his second album ‘Trespassing’ which was another massive hit in 2012. To everyone’s greatest surprise, Lambert came back to American Idol in 2015 but this time, as a judge. He covered for Keith Urban in the 14th season. In April 2015, his third studio album ‘The Original High’ was released.

His Net Worth

Adam Lambert is surely reaping the fruits of his determination and hard work in the industry. The talented entertainer sits on a net worth estimated at $16 million.

The singer has his ever dynamic music endeavors to thank for his financial status. Adam’s debut album sold over 2 million copies across the globe, shooting the rare talent to high prominence. His subsequent albums also exceeded expectations and greatly boosted his finances.

Per analysis, his current net worth could become a trifling figure in the coming years, given his tenacity and unquenchable drive. Adam Lambert engages in lots of charities. The singer has made massive donations amounting to millions for charity purposes.

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Is He Gay?

Even if his smokey eyeliners and chicy brows are overlooked, Adam Lambert cannot escape the gaze of the inquisitive media and the public who are curious about his sexuality.

The singer and songwriter had everyone in his business when a photo of him kissing another man surfaced on the internet while he was taking part in the American Idol competition. It was feared in the media that the development would affect Lambert’s fan base as it could not be predicted if voters were mentally and socially ready to have a gay winner. But then, it was all a speculation until Adam confirmed his sexuality to be gay some weeks after the American Idol finale.

Facts You Need to Know About Lambert’s Sexuality

Adam Lambert and Sauli Koskinen (image source)

1. The singer who always knew he was gay from childhood once expressed that he never had to ‘come out’ because he was never ‘in’. According to him, he never had to hide his sexuality from his folks or anyone having grown up in an inclusive environment. His mother understood who he was and supported him all through.

2. When asked by ’20/20′ why he didn’t reveal his sexuality while in the show, Lambert said he wanted the focus to be on his performance and not his sexuality.

3. The same year he confirmed his sexuality, he boldly incorporated homosexual acts on stage when he performed at American Music Awards in 2009. He was seen on stage kissing a man and groping another’s crotch. While interacting with Rolling Stone, he confirmed all that to be real and added that he had no apologies. Lambert said he was only promoting artistic freedom.

4. Contrary to general expectations, Lambert’s honest confirmation pushed him to greater achievements as he was widely recognized for his boldness. His story became Rolling Stone’s best selling issue of the year. In 2010, he made his way to People Magazine’s list of ‘Most Beautiful People’.

5. Adam was in a relationship with Finnish TV personality Sauli Koskinen in 2010. The couple split in 2013 but have remained friends.

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