Who Are Anuel AA’s Parents? Meet Nilda Santiago and José Gazmey

Anuel AA’s parents are Nilda Santiago and José Gazmey. Despite having a son who has gained popularity due to a flourishing musical career, nothing much is known about Anuel AA’s parents.

Nilda Santiago and José Gazmey have three other children aside from Anuel AA, whose real name is Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago. In this article, we’ll delve into the lives of Anuel AA’s parents, Nilda Santiago and José Gazmey. Join us as we discover the individuals who shaped the upbringing of this renowned musician and their influence on his remarkable journey to stardom.

Who is Anuel AA’s Mom?

Nilda Santiago, the mother of Anuel AA, remains quite private, with limited information available about her. She is known to be of White Puerto Rican descent. However, her influence on the life of the popular artist cannot be understated.

While details about her may be scarce, her role in shaping Anuel AA’s journey to success is undoubtedly significant. Despite the lack of public spotlight, her support and presence have played a crucial part in the development of the talented Puerto Rican singer and rapper.

Who is Anuel AA’s Dad?

Jose Gazmey is Anuel AA’s father and appears to have had a bigger influence on AA’s life than his mother. Just like Nilda Santiago, Gazmey is Puerto Rican, but he is Afro-Puerto Rican. Gazmey had an impressive career as the vice president of the Puerto Rican division of Sony Music Entertainment’s A&R department.

During Anuel AA’s childhood, his father had the opportunity to work in studios alongside renowned salsa artists like Héctor Lavoe and Fania All-Stars. Although Anuel AA’s musical preferences lean more towards other genres, witnessing his father’s interactions with these celebrated artists sparked his fascination with the recording industry. However, when Anuel AA turned fifteen, his father unfortunately faced job loss, which marked a significant turning point in their lives.

When Did Anuel AA’s Parents Get Married?

Details about when Anuel AA’s parents got married are not public knowledge. Nilda Santiago and José Gazmey have always led very private lives. This is even though Gamzey used to work in entertainment and was a star by proxy. Due to this, it is hard to ascertain specific information about their lives. Information such as when they met or got married. However, they are believed to have married in the 90s.


This is due to a post on Anuel AA’s Instagram page in June 2023, where he celebrated his daughter’s first birthday. He also used the opportunity to celebrate his parents and shared that they were also celebrating their 41st year in marriage that same month. This implies that they probably got married around June 1982.

When was Anuel AA born?

Anuel AA, whose birth name is Emmanuel Gazmey Santiago, was born on November 27, 1992. During his childhood, Anuel attended the Colegio María Auxiliadora, where he encountered a future star in the making—none other than his classmate and fellow urban artist, Rauw Alejandro.

It’s always fascinating to think about how paths cross in unexpected ways, especially when it sets the stage for artistic collaborations in the future. In the early stages of his musical journey, Anuel began sharing his creations on SoundCloud, a popular platform for budding artists to showcase their talent.

Surprisingly, even before his official album debuted, he gathered an impressive following of over 20,000 listeners and fans—talk about making a splash in the virtual realm. It’s remarkable to witness the passion and determination Anuel displayed when he first ventured into the music scene. With his unique sound and captivating lyrics, it didn’t take long for the world to take notice of his talent.

Anuel AA’s Parents Have Four Children

Anuel AA is not an only child. He is a part of a wonderfully diverse family, with his parents raising four remarkable children. Among them, Anuel has a younger brother named Leyvan. The sibling ties don’t end there. Anuel also has an older brother who has surely played a significant role in shaping his journey and supporting his artistic pursuits. Completing the quartet is Anuel AA’s sister, Jliany. Not much is known about his siblings, Anuel is the only member of his family who is popular.

Anuel AA Has a Thriving Relationship With His Parents

Anuel AA’s career started when he was fourteen. It took him four years to start publishing his work. During that time, he had the support of his parents. His career kicked off due to help from his father.

Back in 2011, when Anuel AA was just beginning to carve his path in the music world, he received invaluable support from his father, as well as a significant figure in the industry, his father’s friend and rapper, Tempo. Together, they set the stage for Anuel to take his first steps into the limelight. This shows a great sense of support from his family which is proof of the kind of relationship they have together.

Fuelled by his passion for music, Anuel went on to collaborate with a diverse array of fellow artists who were making waves in the industry. He joined forces with celebrated names such as Ozuna, Arcángel, De La Ghetto, and the reggaeton duo Jory Boy. With each collaboration, Anuel’s versatility as an artist continued to shine, leaving his mark on the urban music scene. All of this was largely made possible by his father’s early involvement in his craft.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Anuel AA’s Height and Weight?

Anuel AA’s height is 167 cm, and his weight is around 69 kg (152.119 lbs)

Where is Anuel AA From?

Anuel AA hails from Puerto Rico, a Caribbean island where he was born and raised. Anuel draws inspiration from the vibrant energy that permeates the streets, the rhythm that pulses through the hearts of its people, and the rich musical heritage that flows through its veins.

Puerto Rico stands as the proud homeland that helped shape Anuel AA into the incredible artist he is today, and it continues to inspire his musical journey. Puerto Rico has provided Anuel with the perfect backdrop to cultivate his unique style, capturing the hearts of fans around the globe with his electrifying performances and heartfelt lyrics.

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