Chrisean Rock Before Blueface and Fame

Chrisean Rock, before fame, was a track athlete and model who underwent a transformative journey to fame from homelessness. She was born Chrisean Eugenia Malone in West Baltimore, Maryland, on the 14th of March 2000. She grew up alongside her 11 siblings with a difficult upbringing as both of their parents were absent through their formative years. 

Chrisean Rock grew up with resilience and a drive to succeed, having survived abuse, poverty, and other things that were meant to break her. Before fame found her, she was an excellent sportswoman with a promising future. Ironically, she dropped all that to pursue a life as a rapper and reality television star.

Chrisean Rock Before Fame

Before Chrisean became famous, she was just a regular black woman trying to find her place in the world. Her early life was a very tough one, and Chrisean would always say that she could survive anything because of the kind of upbringing she had.

Chrisean and her eleven siblings had to practically fend for themselves because their parents were not around. Their father was in prison for several years, and their mother battled drug addiction, which saw them displaced from their homes on several occasions.

When Chrisean was between the ages of 9 to 18, she was homeless and basically grew up on the street, where she was beaten and abused on several occasions. This is probably one of the reasons why she is so aggressive and always on the offensive, as she had to show strength to survive.

Another way Chrisean coped with the hardship and uncertainty of her early life was to turn to sports. She took a liking to track and field and trained to excel at it. For her education, she attended Brainerd High School in her hometown before proceeding to Santa Monica College, California, between 2018 and 2020, where she was a student-athlete. She earned an associate degree in Kinesiology and Exercise Science.

Aside from sports, she was also interested in pursuing a career in modeling. Her beautiful face and stunning figure got her several small gigs with clothing and cosmetic companies, and she took several pictures for the gram.

Chrisean Rock Before Blueface

Before Chrisean got together with Blueface, she had some level of recognition as a sportswoman. In her interview, where she spoke about her childhood and career in sports, she shared that she was a track star and a D1 athlete while she was growing up.

Since her parents were mostly absent, she was put into sports by her big brother and was also in the Junior Olympics, which she began training for between ages 11 and 12.

Her talents as a track and field athlete ultimately led her to get a place on Ultimate Tag– a FOX TV show. The show is a reality competition for supreme athletes tested for their speed, strength, flexibility, and acrobatics. Chrisean won the competition after she completed the course in 50 seconds and won a whopping $10,000.

Chrisean Rock When She Was Young

Chrisean Rock has been very vocal about the kind of life and childhood she had. She is the 11th of her parent’s 12 children. She really had it rough when she was young, to the extent that she was homeless at age nine. She shared that she had to stay with friends and family members for a long time while her mother battled drug addiction and domestic abuse.


Considering the hardship that she went through, she managed to stay on the right path because of the support that she had from her friends, coaches, and school. Despite all that she has been through, she has a close relationship with her family, especially her siblings, who have been her rock from childhood. Her siblings saw the potential in her early and tried to help her harness her skills. Her sister attests to the fact that she was unstoppable on the field, and they hoped that she would make something of it.

Chrisean Rock Then and Now

Chrisean Rock has always been a stunning black woman, even before she gained the popularity that she has today. When she was active as a track athlete, she maintained her body and kept very fit. While she is still gorgeous, she has turned out to be a more curvaceous woman in recent times. Chrisean Rock, before fame, was a stunning woman, and she remains so to date.

The rapper is also a new and first-time mother as she welcomed her baby boy with Blueface Chrisean Jr. in September 2023. She has put in effort to maintain beauty. Chrisean has said on several occasions that she didn’t have the childhood she should have had but will have the future that she deserves.

Recently, some old pictures of Chrisean and Blueface began to make the rounds on social media. Chrisean looked absolutely stunning in the pictures, which points to the fact that she had always been a beautiful woman even before she became famous or met Blueface.

Many of her supporters have blamed Blueface for derailing her from her very bright future in sports. They also claimed that she has always been way more than his league and that the relationship has not contributed anything toward her growth as an individual.

How Did Chrisean Rock Get Famous?

Chrisean Rock got famous in 2020 after she joined the reality television show “Blue Girls Club” that Blueface hosted on OnlyFans. The show had women from across the country move into the rapper’s mansion to compete for his attention.

Chrisean was one of the 7 females in the first season of the show, and she stood out for several reasons. She was known for her volatile temper and picking fights with her cast mates. After losing her front teeth in an altercation in the house, it wasn’t much of a surprise when she emerged the winner of the show and got signed to Blueface’s record label.

She has gone ahead to feature in other television shows to cement herself as a reality TV star. In June 2022, she began to feature in the Zeus Network reality show Baddies. She went ahead to have a spin-off of the show with Blueface, which was called Blueface & Chrisean: Crazy in Love.

There are so many factors that contributed to the rise in fame of Chrisean Rock, and her volatile, toxic on-and-off relationship with Blueface is chief among them. The couple seem to enjoy airing their dirty linen in public, and they have had many public fights on social media.

Aside from the drama and toxicity that has been the bedrock of her relationship with Blueface, Chrisean is actually a fantastic singer and rapper. She has released several singles that have done really well. Among them are hit songs like Word to My Brother, Rainy Days, Keep Swimming, and Vibe, which has managed to garner more than 5 million streams on Spotify.

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