Is DD Osama Dead or Alive and Where Is He From?

DD Osama is very much alive as against speculations and rumors flying around that he is dead. The fact is that it was DD Osama’s little brother, Notti Osama, who was actually killed by rap rival Kelvin Martinez, also known as KDot.

DD Osama’s parents are of Dominican and possibly Puerto Rican descent, and he has admitted to being from those two countries in a few interviews that he has granted. He was born in Harlem, New York City, in the United States of America, on November 29, 2006, and he is currently 17 year old.

Did DD Osama Die?

The drill rapper known as DD Osama is not dead. He is still very much alive and still making his type of music via his record deal and Social Media handles in the United States of America. What actually happened was that another “Osama” – who turned out to be his little brother known professionally as Notti Osama was involved in an altercation with a known rival, and he died as a result of this.

On July 9, 2022, DD Osama’s little brother, Ethan Reyes, known more popularly by his stage name Notti Osama, was involved in an altercation with a rival rapper on the 137th Street/City College Subway Station at Hamilton Heights, Manhattan, in New York City. This altercation turned bloody, and Notti Osama was stabbed by the rival, and the police were called to the scene of the incident.

When the police arrived, they rushed Notti Osama to the New York Presbyterian Hospital, where he was treated for his stab wounds. At some point, Notti was transferred to Mount Sinai Hospital, where he was eventually pronounced dead at 3 pm local time on the same day. Notti Osama’s death made DD Osama cry like a baby in a post that was shared online.

It was said that he made up his mind on account of his brother’s death to quit the music scene altogether, but after some time, he changed his mind and returned back to making music. After an investigation by the police, the name of the rapper who stabbed Notti was given as a 15-year-old rapper known as Kelvin Martinez or Kdot.

Police also found out that Notti Osama had ab initio cornered his rival Kdot at the subway station, and an altercation broke out. Notti’s had a broomstick which he possibly intended to attack his rival with after cornering him with his crew. Kdot tried fleeing the scene but was pursued by the broomstick-wielding Notti and his crew, and in the fight that resulted from the chase, Notti was stabbed by Kdot. Police found both the broomstick and the knife at the crime scene when they arrived there.

Where is DD Osama From?

DD Osama was born in Harlem, New York, in the United States of America on November 29, 2006, and this makes him an American citizen by birth. His father is Eddie Reyes, while his mother is Crimsley Martinez. They had a total of 5 children together – which includes 4 boys and a girl. DD Osama was the fourth child in a family of 7.

DD Osama’s siblings include fellow rappers such as JStar Balla, JayKlickin, Notti Osama (now deceased), and a sister simply known as Melz. DD Osama’s parents divorced when he was still very young, and he and his siblings were basically raised by their mother and later their stepfather when she remarried. His mother worked in the Real Estate sector for several years in America.

DD Osama Has Dominican Ancestry

DD Osama is an American citizen, and he has spent most – if not all, of his young life in the United States of America. He was born in Harlem, Manhattan, New York City, and he has spent most of his life in New York. His parents, however, have either or both Dominican and Puerto Rican ancestry, and he has identified with both ancestries.

In a Tik Tok interview he had some time ago, he responded that he was Dominican when he was asked where he was from. About 5 minutes later in the interview, he was asked the same question again, and he initially responded that he was a black Puerto Rican, but he immediately changed his answer to being a Dominican almost immediately.

What is DD Osama’s Ethnicity?

DD Osama’s ancestry is a bit trickish. He identifies as Dominican and Puerto Rican from his parent’s side, and he is basically a black American by birth and other considerations. He has been seen arguing in Spanish with his sister Melz, and he also tries to speak the Spanish language to the best of his ability.

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