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Alessia Cara rose from the nonchalant kid playing pretense in the shower to actually staking her claim in the music industry as a Grammy award winner. Known for her trademark honesty and genuineness, the Canadian singer embraced instant success through her modern soulful sounds which are a mix of both R&B and jazz influences.

Here’s all you need to know about the artist behind the golden voice and real music.

Alessia Cara Bio (Age)

The Ontario native was born Alessia Caracciolo on July 11, 1996, in Brampton. She attended Cardinal Ambrozic Catholic Secondary School where she began exhibiting her passion for theatre and poetry. As a young girl, Alessia never really saw herself as a performer, instead, she had big dreams for visual arts and had hoped to make a career out of it someday.

It wasn’t until her 10th birthday after she was gifted a guitar by her parents that her line of interest and thoughts changed. By age 13, she was already skilled with the musical instrument and began performing mostly covers of popular songs which she uploaded to her YouTube channel.

It wasn’t long before her talent was noticed online and she soon amassed a huge following on the social media platform. One of Alessia’s audience was Tony Perez’s daughter who was very impressed with her raw talent and eventually linked her to the industry bigwigs. In 2014, Alessia was ready to showcase her talent to the world via a bigger platform after signing a record deal with Def Jam Recordings.

Alessia’s first single – Here – released in 2015 was a huge hit and a top chart climber in both America and Canada. In the same year, the songstress dropped her much-anticipated debut album Know-It-All featuring hit songs like Scars to Your BeautifulI’m Yours and Stars; it was a very successful beginning.

For her sonorous voice and outstanding performances, Alessia has won several accolades. From the 2016 Breakthrough Artist of the Year award to the MTV Video Music Awards, the Canadian Music Awards and then the Radio Disney Music Award, its been a win all situation for the young Canadian talent.

The peak of her career so far would presumably be in January 2018 when her dreams became a reality. Following nominations in four Grammy award categories, Alessia Cara won one of the toughest and most coveted category – the Best New Artist award. This marked a major milestone not just for Alessia’s career but also for her country. Even though there are lots of Canadian Grammy winners, Alessia became the first Canadian ever to win this particular honor.

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Since 2015 when she began gracing the airwaves, Cara has always dominated the charts. Though she never craved the spotlight, Alessia’s music wouldn’t stop earning her admirers. She has consistently gained more attention for her meaningful and inspiring songs.

Ethnicity and Parents

Alessia and her three siblings were born to parents of Italian origin. While her father is Canadian born, her mum is an Italian immigrant. Given her ancestral origin, it is no surprise that Alessia can speak Italian fluently.

The Grammy-award winning singer owes her success to her parents. Despite her achievements so far, she appreciates her family’s support and continues to hold them in high esteem.

Alessia Cara’s Boyfriend

The Canadian songstress was initially rumored to be a lesbian but that notion was completely doused after she publicly addressed her sexuality revealing she had a boyfriend. The young man who is currently behind Alessia’s smiles is a Brooklyn based singer/songwriter, Kevin Garrett.

An American musician under Jay-Z’s record label, Roc Nation, Garrett is the brain behind Beyonce’s song Pray You Catch Me. Although Garrett toured with Alessia back in 2016, they were just friends at the time as their romance officially kicked off in early 2017. They have also done some cover songs together online.

Alessia Cara and boyfriend Kevin Garrett
Alessia Cara and boyfriend Kevin Garrett (image source)

Since Alessia Cara unwrapped her love life to the public, she has been flaunting her man to fans as evidenced on her Instagram account. Apparently, the young lovebirds who are madly in love with each other share a cute and happy relationship and we can only hope their love story would have a happy ending.


The Grammy award winner has a petite build as she stands at a height of 5 feet 1 inch (155 cm) and weighs 121 lb (55 kg).

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