The Untold Truth About The Life And Death Of Chris Burrous

In December 2018, L.A. residents were devastated when they learnt that beloved TV anchor, Chris Burrous, had passed away. The grief and devastation however turned to shock after it emerged that Burrous’ death was connected to a drug overdose during a clandestine tryst. So, what really happened to Chris Burrous? What was the cause of death? Who are his surviving loved ones? All these and more questions about the late news anchor are answered below.

The Truth About The Life Of Chris Burrous

Chris Burrous was born on the 11th of January 1975 in Porter Ranch, Los Angeles. The news anchor comes from an accomplished family background. One of his parents is a NASA engineer while the other is a Central Valley farmer. Burrous grew up in Porter Ranch and completed his high school education in 1993. He thereafter headed out to Chapman University, Orange, California, where he obtained a degree in broadcast journalism.

Chris Burrous kick-started his career at two San Bernardino radio stations namely, KCKC-AM and KCXX-FM. He later went on to work as an anchor and reporter at TV stations in Places such as San Jose, South Dakota, Rapid City, Bakersfield, Fresno, New York City, Los Angeles and Sacramento. The Los Angeles native, however, made the most impact at KTLA-KTV Channel 5. Armed with a friendly, warm, and authentic demeanour, Burrous expertly helmed the KTLA morning news show for several years.

He encouraged viewer participation through several avenues such as emails and tweets. He also endeared himself to many with his Burrous Bites, a segment where he introduced viewers to the best hidden eating spots in the city. All these made the show quite popular and culminated in its extension to the weekends. Asides his anchor work, Chris Burrous was also a seasoned reporter. He covered various breaking news items such as the mass shootings at Thousand Oaks Borderline Bar & Grill as well as regional wildfires.

Burrous’ career was however not without some controversies. The L.A. native got into a spat with famed radio personality, Rush Limbaugh, in 2007. Burrous had conducted a poll asking his viewers if they thought a song that Limbaugh played on his radio show was racist. Limbaugh responded by polling his listeners on whether Burrous and his team were “morons”.

Details About His Family Life

Chris Burrous
Burrous with his wife, Mai, and their daughter: image source

Prior to his demise, Burrous was married to fellow journalist, Mai Do Burrous. The couple first met while they were both working at KGET, Bakersfield, California. They became friends and eventually started dating. The beautiful couple later tied the knot in October 2003.

Chris Burrous and Mai enjoyed a blissful family life. Their joy was further increased when the welcomed their daughter, Isabella, in July 2009. Burrous was a family man, and never tired of showing off the two ladies in his life.

The Untold Truth About The Death Of Chris Burrous

Chris Burrous sadly passed away on the 28th of December 2018. The official report from the L.A. County medical examiner was released in February 2019 and detailed what actually transpired.

According to the report, Burrous had gone to a Glendale motel to meet up with a male lover that he had previously hooked up with in the past. On getting to the motel, the two engaged in sexual activity. The anchorman later inserted a rock of meth into his rectum twice while he offered a syringe of GHB to his companion. The two continued with their escapades until the companion noticed that Burrous was sounding funny and had vomited. He called emergency services and also administered CPR. It was, however, not enough to save Burrous as he was pronounced dead at the hospital.

The report concluded that Burrous died of methamphetamine toxicity (accidental drug overdose) and other contributing factors such as hypertensive and cardio vascular disease. The report also concluded that there was no foul play on the part of Burrous’ companion.

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More About Chris Burros’ Funeral

Burrous’ demise led to an outpouring of tributes from colleagues and viewers alike. Fellow anchor, Dayna Devon, described him as a true genius while another colleague, Christina Pascucci, promised that they would do their best to honour him. His namesake, Chris Schauble, described the late Burrous as a multifaceted talent as well as a proud father and husband. Fellow KTLA anchor, Sam Rubin, described his death as awful, heart-breaking and horrible.

A funeral service was later held for Burrous on what would have been his 44th birthday, the 11th of January 2019. During the service, daughter, Isabella, stated that he would always be alive in her heart while his wife, Mai, described him as a lightning in a bottle.

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