Is Celina Powell In Jail and Why Was She Arrested?

Celina Powell (Black Widow or Clout Chaser) is currently not in jail but on parole for her second 2-year prison sentence handed to her for skipping her parole from her first 2-year sentence; her punishment for being the getaway driver of a 2015 theft ring syndicate. She currently claims that her prison experience has helped her reflect on her life and change her ways.

Powell was finally arrested sometime in 2018 and sentenced to 2 years in prison at the Denver Women’s Correctional Facility in Colorado, United States. In the 23rd month of her 24-month prison sentence, she skipped her parole and was subsequently given another 2-year sentence for that offense, as well as for missing a few drugs and alcohol tests and her latest court date.

Is Celina Powell Still In Jail?

Celina Powell is currently not in jail, and she stated in a video she posted on her YouTube channel that she was extremely lucky for her probation to have been granted far earlier than it should have been. She also revealed that when she was still being held in a holding facility before her transfer to prison to serve her prison term, she had asked some girls around her and correctional officers about the dos and don’ts of prison life.

While she was actually in prison, she also revealed that she followed all the advice given to her by correctional officers who recognized her from her work on the outside, and she put her head down and did not make any problems or get into any fights or misbehave while she was in prison. These are some of the things that may have contributed to her being granted early parole from her prison sentence, and hence the reason why she is on parole right now.

Celina Powell was Arrested For Her Involvement in a Theft Crime

Celina Powell was arrested in the first instance for her involvement with a robbery/thieving syndicate, as she was the getaway driver of the group for their criminal operations. She was first convicted for her involvement in a 2015 Theft Ring connection, for her role of being the getaway driver of the group. Her first arrest was sometime in 2018, and she was sentenced to a 2-year sentence behind bars.

Her sentence was to have her incarcerated at the Denver Women’s Correctional Facility in Colorado, United States of America. She was taken into custody and spent some time in prison, and then she was up for parole and was granted the same, which allowed her to live outside the prison walls.

Everything went well with her serving out her time and her parole peacefully until she decided to skip her parole at the 23rd month of her 24-month prison sentence. So, the court issued a warrant for her arrest, and the police began looking for her but could not find her in Colorado as per her parole terms and conditions. They cited also that she had missed a few drug and alcohol tests and a court date.

She went under the radar for a while and lived a low-key life while still in the United States, but she invariably broke the law, and the law would eventually catch up with her. A Miami-Dade Police patrol van stopped her in March 2021 for making an illegal right turn. When she was stopped, the officers were willing to let her off with just a warning until they ran her particulars.

The officers found out that she was actually driving with a suspended license when they ran her license through their system, and they charged her on the spot with habitually driving with a suspended license and took her to their police station. While they were processing her through the system, they discovered that she indeed had a warrant out on her for skipping her parole.

Celina Powell was Sentenced Again a Second Time

When her identity was discovered after her arrest, she was transferred back to the court in Colorado, and she got a lawyer to plead her case. Her attorney, Issa Israel of Issa Israel Law Firm, argued before the judge that the reason why his client skipped her parole was that she did so, as she felt her life was under threat in Colorado, so she moved to Miami, or else she would have been killed.

The judge did not, however, agree with this argument by her counsel, and so she was sentenced to another 2 years in prison for skipping the parole of her first sentencing. Her lawyer’s argument that her first sentencing be disposed of was also not granted, and so she was off to Colorado Women’s Correctional Center for the second time.

However, the personal (and accurate ) account she gave in her own YouTube video for skipping her parole was quite different from what her lawyer argued in court. She stated that she was bored with life in Colorado during her parole and went with a friend to Miami, Florida, where she fell in love instantly with the city and decided to stay back there.

She fell in love on two different occasions, with her first attempt not really working for her, but things began to change for her when she started her only fans account. She received a lot of financial gratification from her activities on only fans. She probably got carried away with the life and money that she was making from her new endeavor. She also revealed that she was the one who turned herself in – which does not seem correct from the sequence of events at all.

She also revealed during her interview that she had gotten a girlfriend while in Miami, Florida, who accepted to be a surrogate mother for her baby. The girlfriend had requested her presence in  Florida, and when she got there, it turned out to be a surprise gender reveal party for her child. She stated that her ex-boyfriend had tipped the police off about her location, and she was arrested at the party.

Where Is Celina Powell Now?

Celina Powell stated in her YouTube video on her channel that she is currently living in Miami, Florida, in the United States of America, and that she loves living there above other cities. While she was on her first parole on her prison sentence, she skipped her parole, which was meant to be in Colorado, and went to live in Miami. She fell in love instantly with life in that city and decided to stay there.

She stated that while she was in Miami and having experienced a few heartbreaks, and while reflecting on what sent her to prison on two different occasions, she decided to put her past riotous life behind her and attempt to turn a new leaf. She started an Only Fans account in Miami, and this changed her life tremendously – both socially and financially.

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