What Happened To After School Kpop Group And Why Did They Disband?

After School is a unique girl group that came into the limelight in 2009. They became known for their interesting, energetic, and unique live performances which included tap and pole dancing. They showed off several abilities that they came to be referred to as top K-Pop performers. The group has also won several awards.

It is believed that one of the militating factors to the progress of the group which might have led to its disbandment is the admission and graduation concept of its founder, Pledis Entertainment. As speculated, the process led to the group losing most of their most popular band members when they supposedly graduate them. In 2019, the remaining band members are Raina, Nana, and E-Young. The group has been inactive for several years now and members seem to be focused on their solo career.

The former members include Soyoung, Bekah, Kahi, Jooyeon, Jungah, Uee, Lizzy, and Kaeun. Has the Kpop group truly disbanded? Here’s what we know.

How After School Was Formed

The idea of forming a band began after Kahi left the Korean-American group S-Blush. She began to strategize and plan for a new girl group alongside the CEO of Pledis Entertainment. She advised that Bekah (who was a trainee with her former group) be brought in. As time went on, they introduced Jungah, Soyoung, and Jooyeon which made After School a group of five members.

Before their debut, it was announced that their musical style was influenced heavily by the Pussycat Dolls – an American girl group and dance ensemble. The group finally made their debut on the 15th of January 2009 with an album titled New Schoolgirl. Some months after their debut, a new girl named Uee was added to the group and they released a single titled “Diva” as a six-member group on the 9th of April 2009.

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What Are the Achievements of the Kpop Group?

After School took the Korean and Japanese entertainment scene by storm. They set out to win the hearts of millions and did so through their beautiful songs and energetic performances. Asides having songs that did really well on various charts, they won 12 major awards out of the 28 nominations they have received in their career exploits. Some of their accolades include the Cyworld Digital Music Awards, two Seoul Music Awards, two Korea International Awards, Asia Model Awards, MTV Video Music Awards Japan, and others.

Around mid-2011, they became the official models for The Saem Cosmetics alongside the very popular Lee Seung Gi. n addition to that, they did several modeling gigs for various brands including Landrover Shoes, Shibuya109, Samantha Thavasa, Hanryyuen, and CECIL McBee.

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Moreover, it is believed that After School is one of the groups that brought Pledis Entertainment into the limelight. They appeared in several reality shows from 2009 to 2015 and featured in a number of dramas and movies.

The group has released 3 studio albums, 26 musical videos, 2 compilation albums, and 17 singles.

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What Happened To After School and Why They Disbanded

Although the remaining members of the group haven’t done anything together in a long time, there hasn’t been an official announcement about the Kpop group disbandment. The remaining members are currently promoting their solo careers and are unwilling to rock the boat. Anyway, so many things went wrong with the successful girl band.

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Firstly, one of the reasons K-Pop idols remain very dear to their fans is because most of their fans feel like they know them. They are part of their journey and experience the highs and lows with them and then watch them metamorphose into a better version of themselves.

The concept behind the creation of After School doesn’t give room for that. Members whom fans are already devoted to are suddenly graduated at the prime of their career. Some are even graduated before they reach the niche which they desire and new members are added, so they circle of getting to know them begins again. It appears to be a very exhausting process for members of the band and of course, their fans.

After Pledis Entertainment graduated Kahi, the leader and the brain behind the group’s many successes, their record sales began to drop gradually and things continued to go downhill as they graduated their star singers one after the other.

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