A Look at Kuami Eugene’s Girlfriend and Relationship History

It appears that the woman referred to as Kuami Eugene’s Girlfriend is Priscilla Quarshie, a stylist, a designer, and a philanthropist best known as the daughter of a well known rapper, Okyeame Kwame and Annica Nsiah-Appiah. 

Since he won himself a myriad of fans following his appearance as a contestant on season five of the Ghanaian music competition MTN Hitmaker, Eugene’s private life has been up for scrutiny but he has been playing the secretive type. While he keeps personal details about his life under wraps, we unraveled a few facts that might interest fans who want to know about Kuami Eugene’s girlfriend is.

Who is Kuami Eugene’s Girlfriend?

One of the facts his fans have always pondered on is who Kuami Eugene’s girlfriend. That question might appear simple but if you expect the musician to come out straight and flaunt the love of his life on social media or in public, you might need to wait longer. He has always been secretive about the women in his life and never shared such details with the public. As a result, nothing has been confirmed about his relationship status. Also, speculations have been going rife about who Kuami Eugene’s girlfriend is with a lot of theories coming up, including that he was an item with Priscilla Quarshie.

More speculations have also suggested that the musician lied to fans about his love life when he went on live radio to say he has never had a girlfriend. He was subsequently accused of misleading the public by suggesting he was a virgin. He was 24 at the time he allegedly made this declaration and the reason he gave for not having a girlfriend was because he didn’t want to disappoint his mother. He also made it clear that pursuing his career goals is more important right now than engaging in any romantic affair with anyone.

Kuami Eugene's Girlfriend
A younger Kuami and an alleged girlfriend – image source

Despite his declaration about not ever being in a relationship, social media investigators tried to prove him wrong by digging up the past. A lady identified as Maame Akosua Bello on Facebook has been assumed to be someone he dated in the past, probably when they were younger. This is because pictures of them together when they were younger were alleged to be found on her page, though such photos are no longer there. Nonetheless, there is one single photo of the musician still left in her photo gallery and he looks very young there. In fact, the said picture is the earliest photo added to the page.

Available Facts On All The Women Kuami Eugene Dated In The Past

Musicians are mostly famous for their hits and Kuami is not exempted from this but another part of his life that is always in the spotlight is his love life or lack of it. He has succeeded in keeping everyone guessing about his hook-ups but nothing has been confirmed. Even though he said he is only interested in music, not starting a relationship, many concluded that he was lying and some ladies were subsequently linked to him.

Below are some of the women who may have served as Kuami Eugene’s girlfriend in the past.

Ahuofe Patri

image source

It emerged in 2017 that Kuami and Ahuofe were dating. The latter is a Ghanaian actress and women’s advocate and though Kuami once confessed he has a crush on her, he denied ever dating her. The two have been seen getting cozy together but this does not confirm their relationship. Ahuofe took part in the Miss Maliaka beauty pageant where she emerged in the final 10 and after this, she became an actress. She is an advocate for gender equality and women empowerment but despite her publicly acclaimed works, she is not open with details of her personal life, much like Kuami.

Cyrilla Oppong

She is one of the alleged girlfriends of the Ghanaian singer but it has been nothing but speculations. She only came into the picture when in 2018, after spreading rumors about who the artist was dating, fans caught a glimpse of Cyrilla jamming to the singer’s hits and tagged her his girlfriend. Nevertheless, the supposed relationship between the two was never confirmed.

The Truth About Priscilla Quarshie and Kuami Eugene’s Relationship

While Kuami is yet to open up about who he is dating in recent times, some speculations have linked him to Priscilla Quarshie. The reason behind the rumors can be linked to a viral Tik Tok video that showed them having fun together. The video which is available on her Instagram page showed the two playing a game, answering questions about each other, and having fun altogether. She noticeably captioned the video BestfriendGoals when she shared it on IG.

The chemistry between the two is undeniable and that was why fans were sure they were dating. However, in true Kuami style, there is no confirmation on this. Also, going through Priscilla’s Instagram page, no cozy pictures of the musician and Priscilla can be seen, same with Kuami’s page. Both parties mostly have work-related pictures on their pages, though photos of them together have been released but not in suggestive positions. According to her Instagram bio, Priscilla is a designer and entrepreneur. She also works as a brand ambassador due to the popularity she enjoys.

Kuami Has No Child

Much like every other detail about his personal life, this is also a mere rumor. The rumor that he has a daughter spread when the musician shared a picture of him holding a little girl. Fans concluded that the girl in the picture is his daughter but he had to come out to set the record straight. According to Kuami, he has no child and the baby girl he was holding is his niece – through his older sister.

He does look happy with children as seen in other pictures and videos with them and there is no doubt he will make some of his own in the future.


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