A Timeline of Kelly Khumalo’s Whirlwind Romance With Chad da Don and Why She Called It Quits

Kelly Khumalo’s whirlwind romance with Chad da Don hit the airwaves in South Africa after the celebrity duo recorded the video for Kelly’s single Dance Comigo which was released in October 2018. The two probably did more than recording on the set of the music video as confirmed by some of the footage, which did an excellent work of capturing the palpable chemistry between them. While their relationship lasted, the couple clearly had no intention of keeping things under wraps as they did well in publicizing their dalliance. Kelly even made a video at the tattoo parlor where they went to ink each other’s initials on their ring fingers which she shared with fans on Instagram.

A few months into their relationship which led to an engagement within a short while, the couple hit a hard patch, leading to the end of their time together. According to Kelly, she had to call it quits as Chad started displaying some immature characters, complaining incessantly about friends and fans. Being one who values both her fans and friends, Kelly simply knew that they were approaching the beginning of the end. the Asine singer called it off when she observed that Chad’s immaturity was stealing up on her surreptitiously. But we still have a whole lot more to learn about Khumalo’s whirlwind romance with Chad da Don.

They Met While Shooting the Video for Kelly’s Dance Comigo

Kelly Khumalo
The duo enjoyed a lot of good times when the going was good – Image Source

It is common knowledge that the South African singer released her single titled Dance Comigo in October 2018 and it was while shooting the video for the song that Khumalo’s whirlwind romance with Chad commenced. This was confirmed by some footage from the shoot where the two artists didn’t attempt to hide their attraction as they were clearly into each other.

A couple of months after they hooked up, the celebrity couple shocked fans with the news of their official engagement. Though some fans were still in doubt as the announcement was so sudden, all doubts were virtually eliminated by December as the duo suffused the internet with photos of them in compromising positions. By then, the public had no choice but to believe it was the real deal.

Some of the female vocalist’s followers who still entertained doubts about them went ahead to give voice to their thoughts, saying the engagement was rather rushed as it materialized too quickly. In his response to all the doubts, Chad Da Don said that being sluggish has never been his power, which in explanation means he is not a guy to slow down when he wants something.

The Celebrity Duo Faced a Lot of Challenges During Their Time Together

With the public finally accepting their dalliance, Chad Da Don and his lady love Kelly Khumalo seemed to have settled into normal everyday life before the challenges started manifesting a while later. For one, theirs’ was an interracial relationship which usually breeds difficulties for the people involved as they must rise up to the ensuing challenge and defend their love.

Speaking with TransAfrica Radio in an interview session, the Asine hitmaker opened up on issues of interracial relationships and its accompanying challenges. She said people view such unions differently. Kelly elucidated that, there are some parts of South Africa that seem welcoming to cross-race relationships while in other parts, people view you in a funny way immediately you step in with your significant other. Thus, they won’t waste time in passing certain remarks.

The singer also said that those kinds of sentiments are completely wasted on them as they don’t just care. She described herself as an objective person, not the kind that sees color and falls in love irrespective of the man behind the color. Kelly concluded by saying she has learned that love really doesn’t have any color from her relationship with the rapper and music producer.

Fans Described Khumalo’s Whirlwind Romance With Chad As Wild

They may have been right in describing Khumalo’s whirlwind romance with Chad as wild because of the way it started and progressed with the speed of lightning. It was not even long after they played the starring roles in a Bonnie & Clyde movie that they started displaying a love that has been described as wild. All of a sudden, their relationship was up, then, it was down, on and off, and then it was officially off. It reportedly commenced in October 2018, rumors started running rife in January 2019 that they were through as confirmed by Chad in an interview. Boom, they resumed again, and by August 2019, that particular fairytale love crashed into irretrievable pieces.

We are yet to mention the fact that the celebrity duo succeeded in putting all of South Africa in a whirlwind when they took to Instagram to share a cryptic post, hinting that they have already exchanged the forever commitments. The post alone was rather enigmatic with just emoji diamond rings which they used as the caption. The loved-up duo even took it to the extreme, going ahead to ink matching tattoos in celebration of their love.

Important to note that both parties didn’t let the grass grow under their feet in deleting the same posts from their socials after their relationship hit the rocks. It was even the disappearance of their social media uploads that alerted fans that all was not well with them as they weren’t quick in coming up with a confirmation as regards their relationship status.

Khumalo’s Whirlwind Romance With Chad Actually Seemed Like a PR Stunt

Going by what is perceivable, Khumalo’s whirlwind romance with Chad ended even before it actually began. As the events in their very publicized love life unfolded, several fans who were shocked tagged it a PR stunt as they no longer believed it was real. Even as they viewed their engagement that followed two months after as rushed, the couple compounded issues by coming up with a completely new method of wearing engagement rings. While it is considered the norm for lovers to seal their love with expensive rings, Kelly and Chad preferred to tattoo each other’s initials on their ring fingers. They accomplished this at a tattoo parlor in December 2018.

Kelly shared a Twitter video from the parlor telling fans that it is done and there is no going back. Chad’s response to Kelly’s comment read, “Never ever.” “You’re marrying my ass.” In April 2019 while in an interview session with Channel24 concerning their tattoos, Khumalo mentioned that inking those initials was actually a sign that they were “tied to each other forever”, telling fans to expect a formal engagement in no time at all.

However, the “going back” didn’t take long in coming as within a few months, the rapper commenced the deletion of every single photo of him and the Asine hitmaker he has on his Instagram account. This includes a very touching video of Chad and Kelly holding hands on stage and some pictures of the female singer’s daughter Thingo.

Needless to say that Kelly reciprocated the gesture and has additionally shared some cryptic social media posts with a quote from Dalai Lama that alludes to the fact that not getting whatever one needs in life is actually an excellent stroke of good luck. On his own part, Chad has not been far far away from Kelly’s Account as we have seen him upload stuff about their whirlwind love story.

Kelly Breaks Silence On What Went Wrong

While on Podcast and Chill with MacG, the South African singer and actress decided to open up about the issues that led to their split. According to Kelly, had she gone ahead with the relationship and married Chad, she would have ended up with a highly insecure man who still needed to do a lot of growing up. She also mentioned that her ex needed to do a lot of healing as well as a lot of self-love. Kelly observed that all Chad’s shortcomings were somehow, surreptitiously transferring to her when she has worked exceptionally hard to be the woman she wants to be.

From her speech, it is easy to deduce that she was the one who called it quits in the relationship as the singer revealed the final straw that broke the camel’s back. The singer said her ex displayed insecurity about friends and she is the type of person who has gay friends in their numbers. She added that he also showed signs of insecurity about fans but she cannot do without fans as they are her life.

Kelly elucidated, saying she is a success today because of the unflinching support she receives from fans. The SA vocalist mentioned that she kept on hearing comments like “no your friends can’t be hugging you, why do they hug you?” They want to take pictures with you, why is that? She concluded by calling their relationship a gaffe and thanked God for not making the mistake of marrying the music producer.

On his own part, Chad said he is a different person from Kelly with a different set of beliefs, thus, they cannot agree on everything. The rapper mentioned that his heart actually felt sore from the breakup but God can heal all pains. He considers his run with Kelly to be good while it lasted as according to him, God blessed them with a great time, but it is all over now.

Khumalo Covered Up Tattoo Linked To Her Ex With A Feather

When Khumalo’s whirlwind romance with Chad came to a final end, the singer and actress had to find a way of dealing with anything that had to do with Chad in her possession. Apart from their social media photos which she wasted no time in pulling down, the African beauty still had her ex’s initials tattooed on her ring finger to deal with.

In the same way, she brandished the tattoo on social media immediately after they inked it at the tattoo parlor, Kelly also took to her socials to show fans what she eventually did with the tattoo. Her Instagram photo clearly showed how she covered Chad’s initials with a feather. She also left her 1.6 million Instagram fans with a message saying that mistakes are all part of life and meant to be made so long as you learn from such errors, forgive, heal, and move on with your life like it never happened in the first place.

Fans Had This to Say After Kelly Thanked God For Saving Her From Chad

After going on with how her relationship with Chad turned out on Podcast With MacG and giving God the glory that she did not make the mistake of pitching her tent with the artist, Kelly received mixed reactions from viewers. While what she was saying sounded right to some, many were of the opinion that she was being somewhat guarded and pretentious with her comments. To them, Khumalo’s whirlwind romance with Chad was just a stunt that shouldn’t have happened in the first place as Kelly was not even authentic as she referred to their relationship.

Even though the 33-minute video was really enjoyable while it lasted, a fan commented that the interview session could have been quite great had Kelly not chosen to give PR answers. Another fan commented that the interview showed Khumalo hiding her real self behind a tough voice as she was far from reality. A third comment dubbed it the most pretentious among the interviews ever witnessed by the podcast. He concluded by saying that it was rather painful to watch.

Chad Da Don Also Got Some of the Brunt From Fans

Men in the entertainment world are mostly tarred with the same brush as a majority of them have no staying power when it comes to relationships with women. The same can be said for the rapper, music producer, and songwriter Chad Da Don; the dude has a reputation of being popular among the ladies and thus, had to face accusations of being too quick to find a replacement for his ex-girlfriend Khumalo.

The accusations angered the rapper so much that he had to retaliate via social media as the jab got under his skin. Chad had to emphatically put his foot down, denying all allegations of being a player. However, moving on with a new girlfriend, model Carlla Poggenpoel in November was a bit too close for comfort when he only ended things with Kelly in August. Fans still couldn’t get over Chad being in a new relationship with another woman when barely three months ago, he was heading for the altar with the Asine crooner.

Following the end of Khumalo’s whirlwind romance with Chad, the rapper took to his Instagram account to share a loved-up picture he took with his brand new model girlfriend which let loose a string of negative comments. Within a short while, a concerned fan commented about Chad and the ease with which he moves from one girlfriend to another without wasting time. The fan credited the record producer with having the superpower of moving with the speed of lightning.


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