The Ups and Downs of Amber Cochran’s Marriage to Brantley Gilbert and Her Pursuits

Many people are celebrities in their own right while some rise to fame as a result of their spouse’s influence. If there is one person who belongs to the latter category, it is Amber Cochran. Cochran is a teacher, as well as the wife of a popular country musician, Brantley Gilbert. Cochran is ‘the one who nearly got away’ and has inspired many of her husband’s hit songs, including More Than Miles and You Don’t Know Her Like I Do.

The two have one of the most inspiring love stories after going through many ups and downs in their journey together. They got married in 2015 and since then, they have remained together, weathering every storm.

Amber Cochran Was Raised In The Same Town As Brantley Gilbert

Amber Cochran Gilbert was born in the town of Jefferson, Georgia. Which happens to also be where the man she would come to marry was born. It was also there that they were both brought up. Her exact date of birth is not known but she celebrates her birthday on the 29th of March. Her ethnicity is Caucasian while her nationality is American.

Cochran has not disclosed much information about her family background or her childhood. Nonetheless, it is known that she attended Commerce High School. From there, she proceeded to obtain a B.S. Of Middle-Grade Education from the University of Georgia. Next, she went to Liberty University where she got a Masters Degree in Family Counseling and is now qualified as an educator. She revealed that she would like to return to school after her kids are a little grown and start attending school to take a refresher for the Common Core Math.

With regards to her career, Amber Cochran is a schoolteacher and has taught in various schools in her home state of Georgia. Additionally, she is a budding YouTuber and has a channel known as AmbersEats. As the name suggests, it is a food channel and features tutorials on how to make various dishes. They include pork chops and potatoes, a quick cheese board, and banana bread. Even as the channel is still in its early days, it already has over 2400 subscribers.

The Relationship Between Amber Cochran And Her Husband Began Before His Fame

Amber Cochran first met her husband through a church youth group in the year 2003. At that time, Gilbert was a hell-raising youth and also had an addiction to alcohol and other substances. He was thus sentenced to do community service in a church that Cochran happened to attend. The two got talking and became friends. They subsequently started dating and were together for the next five years. Their relationship was, however, a turbulent one as they broke up several times during the five-year period.

The problem they had was majorly due to Gilbert’s addictions and an uncanny knack to get into trouble. At this point, Amber’s mom warned her to stay clear of Gilbert as she believed he was nothing short of trouble. On his part, the young singer loved her and wished he could change and become a better person for her, but as he revealed, he was unable to change and become a better person, even for himself.

Even though Cochran loved him with all her heart, she wasn’t prepared to marry someone addicted to alcohol. She, therefore, summoned the courage to end the relationship and the couple went their separate ways in 2008. They remained apart for the next five years during which they worked on improving their lives.

Brantley Gilbert Almost Got Married To Someone Else Before Reconnecting With Amber

Amber Cochran
Cochran and her husband, Brantley Gilbert: Image Source

While they were apart, both Amber and Gilbert got into different relationships. The country singer fell for fellow singer Jana Kramer who was married twice to Johnathon Schaech and Michael Gambino, and soon, they started living together. They got engaged to be married, but that was not to be as they later called off the engagement and broke off.

The pre-destined lovers – Amber and Gilbert reconnected in 2013 and subsequently rekindled their romance. By this time, the singer had already enjoyed three years of sobriety. They got engaged in October 2014 and tied the knot on the 28th of June 2015 in their hometown of Jefferson.

Since tying the knot, the couple has remained strong and is one of the loveliest couples in country music. Amber Cochran and her husband have two kids together, a son Barrett Hardy-Clay Gilbert born in November 2017. The couple later announced that they are set to welcome a baby girl who arrived in September 2019.

The Couple Struggled To Have Kids

It must be noted that it has not all been a bed of roses for the couple. After their marriage, they wanted to start a family, but this was not easy because they struggled with fertility issues and the doctors told them that they may have to resort to IVF.

They, therefore, decided to give it a break and as fate would have it, they discovered that they were expecting, two years after their struggle. It is because of this that they described their first child as their little miracle.

There Were Cheating Allegations Before Their Marriage

Even though Cochran’s romance with Gilbert has been the stuff of fairytales, there are indications that all may not be as it seems. Several reports have suggested that Amber Cochran was previously married to a college boyfriend named Brock Roland, although there is, so far, nothing to give credence to this speculation. According to the reports, they tied the knot in November 2012 and were living happily until Gilbert came back into the picture in late 2013.

Cochran started spending more time in her home town and eventually left her husband altogether. She thereafter filed for divorce in March 2014 citing mental and physical abuse. Roland counter-filed for divorce on grounds of adultery. The divorce was finalized in October 2014 and Cochran got engaged to Gilbert that same month. The timeline of the whole saga has made many to suggest that she cheated on her former husband with Gilbert.

Amber Cochran Gilbert Has Great Influence On Her Husband’s Music

Today, one of the greatest influences on the music career of Gilbert is his wife; she has been his muse since they first met. According to the singer, he has never stopped thinking about her since they met, not even after they broke up and he started another relationship that could have led to marriage.

Most of his songs are influenced by Amber as he revealed that almost all his love songs have always had a piece of her even when they weren’t together.

From his first album, “Modern Day Prodigal Son,” in 2009 to his 2017 album, “The Devil Don’t Sleep,” there have always been songs and references made to Amber, as well as their relationship and struggles.

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