Anne Wheaton – Age, Family and Facts About Wil Wheaton’s Wife

Anne Wheaton, the wife of Wil Wheaton, is a cosmetologist who has also tried her hands in acting. She has been married to the famed actor for over two decades and counting with no iota of controversy or divorce. Together, they run a foundation and has been touching lives through other charity means. Follow us as we tell you more about the woman who swept the Star Trek actor off his feet.

Anne Wheaton’s Age and Biography

Anne Wheaton has lived in the dark despite being married to a famed actor. She is no big talker but is most times clocked hand-in-hand with her husband during most public events. Likewise, Anne has not mentioned to the public any detail as regarding her early days and family. However, as a result of constantly yearly celebrated birthdays, we figured out that she was born in the United States on the 8th day in the month of August 1969.

Similarly, judging from Anne Wheaton’s articles on her blog, one could confidently vouch that the lady is well educated. However, she has successfully concealed the details of the educational institutes that formed her. When she does, we promise to do an update as soon as possible.


Before meeting her eventual husband, Anne Wheaton attended cosmetology classes at night while working as a hairstylist during the day. She works tirelessly to fend for her kids and in the later years, became a hairstylist. Unfortunately, Anne Wheaton retired from hairstyling in the year 2012 as a result of the pains she developed on her shoulders. Then, she moved into fundraising and started developing charity projects.

Furthermore, Anne Wheaton has tried her hands on acting. Though she is not one of the many known celebrity actresses, she has appeared in both credited and uncredited movies. According to, Anne Wheaton appeared as a passenger in the television movie, Sharknado 2: The Second One and was credited for her role as a hairstylist in Neverland. Also, she appeared in the over sixteen episodes of TableTop and played herself in The Wil Wheaton Project.

What to Know About Her Family

Wil and Anne Wheaton first met at a friend’s new eve party sometime in 1995. At their first meeting, Wil, on the other hand, was attracted to her but shied away. Fortunately, their friend who noticed their body signs and language later made things easier by introducing themselves. As at that time, Wil was 19 and Anne was 26.

After getting acquainted at the party, the two never jumped in into a relationship as Anne wasn’t emotionally ready for a relationship and hoped to just be friends with Wil. Days after their first meeting, Anne’s boundaries with her emotions got overruled after meeting Wil again at her friend’s place. The lovebirds connected and the rest became history.

Anne Wheaton
Anne Wheaton and Wil Wheaton

Wil and Anne had their big day on the 7th of November, 1999. They have lived together for over two decades and counting with no signs of divorce. Although they have no kids of their own, they share two children – Ryan and Nolan – from Anne’s previous relationship.

Wil and Anne both run most of their work affairs together. They currently run a foundation named the Foundation of Awesomeness. While Anne works as the founder and executive director of the foundation, Wil is designated as co-founder and associate director. Also, Wil advocates for civil rights and mental health while the lady is passionate about animal adoption and welfare as well as women’s health.

Other Facts About Anne Wheaton – Wil Wheaton’s Wife

She Has Been Married Twice

Prior to her union with Wil Wheaton, Anne was married to a mystery man. There are no details regarding the first man who stole her heart away. With her mystery husband, she has two adorable boys who are currently adopted by Wil Wheaton, her now-husband.

Net Worth

It is quite evident that Anne Wheaton is quite an industrious woman. She makes her earnings from her deals from her little business and is yet to get her net worth reviewed. Meanwhile, her famed husband sits on a net worth of $500,000.

Body Measurements

Anne Wheaton is a beautiful woman. She is a statuesque blonde who is queenly and quite classy. She possesses one of the finest pairs of brown eyes. Sadly, her other body measurements are currently not available.


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