Bailey Jean Cypher is Melissa Etheridge’s Daughter – Meet Her

Bailey Jean Cypher is the daughter of Melissa Etheridge, the first set of celebrities to fully declare themselves as being lesbian. Bailey’s parents, Julie Cypher and Melissa Etheridge, were frontline gay rights activists who fell in love and became partners in 1990 before going their separate ways in 2000. Their daughter, Bailey, was born on February 10, 1997, and she is currently 54 year old.

Bailey Jean Cypher remembers that she has always been on the road with her mother, Melissa Etheridge, since she was a little girl, and she is trying to see if she can become or achieve the same level of success her mother has in the music industry. She sings beautifully well and plays both the piano and guitar just like her mother. She also has an excellent relationship with her other mother, Julie Cypher, and David Crosby – the man whose sperm was used in her parents’ artificial insemination.

Bailey Jean Cypher’s Biography Summary

  • Full name:  Bailey Jean Cypher
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: February 10, 1997
  • Bailey Jean Cypher’s Age: 26 year old
  • Ethnicity: White Caucasian
  • Nationality:  American
  • Zodiac Sign:  Aquarius
  • Sexual Orientation:  LGBTQ++ or Straight
  • Religion:  Christianity
  • Marital Status:  Single (possibly)
  • Bailey Jean Cypher’s Parents:  Melissa Etheridge (mother) and Julie Cypher (mother). David Crosby (father)
  • Siblings:  Beckett Cypher
  • Bailey Jean Cypher’s Height in Inches:  5 Feet and 3 Inches
  • Bailey Jean Cypher’s Height in Centimetres:  160
  • Bailey Jean Cypher’s Weight: 50 Kilograms (110 lbs)
  • Education: Columbia University (bachelor’s degree) and London School of Economics and Political Science (Masters degree)
  • Bailey Jean Cypher’s Net worth:  Touted to be about $ 5 million
  • Famous for:  Being the celebrity daughter of popular lesbian couple Julie Cypher and Melissa Etheridge
  • Bailey Jean Cypher’s Instagram:  @baicypheridge

How Old Is Bailey Jean Cypher?

Melissa Etheridge’s daughter, Bailey Jean Cypher, is 26 years old and was born on February 10, 1997, in the United States of America to probably one of the very first celebrity women to openly come out as being lesbians – Melissa Etheridge and Julie Cypher. Her Zodiac sign is Aquarius, and she was born when lesbian couples were not as accepted as they are now.

Bailey Jean was conceived via Artificial Insemination since both of her parents were lesbians, and for a very long time, the identity of her sperm donor was a mystery. There were suggestions that popular actor Brad Pitt could have been the mysterious sperm donor since her mother, Melissa Etheridge, had mulled over the possibility of that happening. However, it was revealed that David Crosby – a musician and Melissa’s very good friend was the sperm donor and thus her biological father.

What Does Melissa Etheridge’s Daughter Do?

Melissa Etheridge’s daughter, Bailey Jean Cypher’s current occupation and career are a mystery presently. It is not clear whether she intends to pursue a full-time career in the entertainment industry like her mothers – Melissa and Julie Cypher, and her sperm donor father David Crosby, or if she wants to pursue a career in the corporate world as shown by her academic pursuits and degrees obtained from two prestigious universities.

Bailey Jean has stated in a few interviews that she spent a considerable portion of her childhood and growing up years following her mother around on her musical tours and concerts. She also has an artistic side to her as she can play the piano and guitar, and she sings beautifully well too – just like her mother, Melissa. And videos of Bailey singing with her mother abound on her Instagram handle.

On the other hand, Bailey had her first degree from Columbia University in 2019, and on December 15, 2021, she posted a graduation picture on her Instagram handle in which she was posing between two pillars covered with “Welcome to LSE” wrapped around them. She captioned it “M.Sc Baby!” after she obtained her Master’s degree from the prestigious London School of Economics and Political Science.

Meet Bailey Jean Cypher’s Parents

Bailey Jean Cypher has taken after her parents, as she is also a gay rights advocate herself, and she has unequivocally supported the LGBTQ++ community herself for quite some time now. So let us get to meet her parents.

Melissa Etheridge

Melissa Etheridge is one of the two lesbian mothers of Bailey Jean Cypher. She is an American guitarist, singer-songwriter, and a Grammy award-winning musician, She was born on May 29, 1961, in Leavenworth, Kansas in the United States of America. Her parents were John Etheridge – an American constitution teacher at Leavenworth High School who sadly died in 1991, and Elizabeth Etheridge (nee Williamson) – a Computer Consultant. She is currently 62 year old.

She began playing the guitar at 8, and after finishing her High School studies at a local school, she got admission to the Berklee School of Music. She, however, decided to drop out of the school after just 3 semesters and move to New York in order to pursue a career in music. She was in a relationship with Julie Cypher from 1990 to 2000 and they had two children together, even though she only publicly came out as a lesbian in January 1993. She split from Cypher in 2000 and began dating Tammy Lynn Michaels in 2004, separating in 2010. She is currently married to Linda Wallen since 2014.

Julie Cypher

The other half of Bailey Jean Cypher’s parents is Julie Cypher. She is an American film director who was born on August 24, 1964, in Wichita, Kansas in the United States of America. She is currently 59 year old. Not much is known about her family background, parents, and siblings.

Julie was married to actor Lou Diamond Phillips in 1987, but during the course of her marriage, she met Melissa Etheridge while working on one of her videos, and decided to end her marriage in 1990 to be with Melissa. She was with Melissa from 1990 to 2000 when they officially separated from each other. She went on to marry Mathew Hale in 2004 and they have been together to date.

While she was Melissa Etheridge’s partner, they gave birth to both Bailey Jean Cypher and Beckett Cypher. She stood solidly with Melissa during her battle with cancer and nursed her back to health. She revealed during a therapy session that she was not actually gay, having been straight prior to meeting Melissa, which ultimately led to the end of their union in 2000.

Bailey Jean Cypher’s Parents Are No Longer Together

Melissa Etheridge’s daughter, Bailey Jean Cypher, has been through a parental roller coaster for a while now. Her own parent’s marriage – that is, the union between Melissa Etheridge and Julie Cypher, ended sometime in September 2000 when they announced that they were no longer together, after a statement made by Julie Cypher in 1999 where she stated that she was not actually a lesbian – that is after being married to Melissa for 9 years.

It turns out that Julie was actually straight before she came out as a gay rights activist and began dating Melissa Etheridge. Her statement in that 1999 interview certainly impacted her relationship with her lesbian partner, Melissa. They separated a year later, and she went back to being straight and has been married to the same man for almost two decades now.

Who Are Bailey Jean Cypher’s Siblings?

Bailey Jean Cypher has a younger brother named Beckett Cypher, who was born in the union between Melissa and her partner Julie Cypher, unfortunately, he died on May 13, 2020, due to an Opioid overdose. After her first divorce from Julie Cypher in 2000, Bailey’s mother got married to Tammy Lynn Michaels in 2003 and their union produced a set of fraternal twins they named Johnnie Rose and Miller Stevens Michaels – who are also Bailey’s siblings.

After it was revealed that the man that actually donated his sperm for the artificial insemination of her mother was musician David Crosby – and especially going by the fact that she was acknowledged as his offspring and she had a relationship with David later on in her life, David’s children – James Raymond Crosby (who is a Film Score composer), Django, Donavan, and Erika Keller Crosby, also became her siblings.

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