Bare Books Jackie Phamotse’s Full Biography and Real Age

Jackie Phamotse (Born 3 March 1989) is a 34 year-old South African writer, businesswoman, social activist, and philanthropist thriving in her efforts to make a change. She is best known for her award-winning 2017 debut novel titled BARE: The Blesser’s Game.

Jackie, the recipient of the 2018 African Icon Literary Award, has taken an obstinate stand on issues affecting women and children. Due to childhood experiences fraught with a lot of trauma, she is hypersensitive about anything concerning the female gender and wastes no time in exposing societal ills about sex, money, and power.

Profile Summary of Jackie Phamotse

  • Real Name: Jackie Phamotse
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 3 March 1989
  • Jackie Phamotse’s Age: 34 years old
  • Place of Birth: South Africa
  • Nationality: South African
  • Religion: Christian
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Famous For: Bare Books Novels
  • Jackie Phamotse’s Net Worth: $100,000 – $150,000
  • Twitter: JackiePhamotse
  • Instagram: jackie_phamotse
  • Facebook: Jackie Phamotse

Jackie Had a Rough Beginning

The activist was born in her native South Africa on the 3rd of March in 1989. Though we don’t have details about her background, the SA author came from a family of six which indicates that she is not the only child of her parents, however, the names of her siblings have never been mentioned.

The identity of her parents may not be known, but it is common knowledge that the writer cum businesswoman had a military commander as a father. According to reports, her dad was very abusive to both his wife and children. When his wife eventually died, the responsibility of raising Jackie and her siblings naturally fell on their abusive dad. This led to a life of abuse and trauma for the writer who later took the decision to leave home for Johannesburg where she spent a better part of her growing up years.

Life in the biggest city of South Africa was far from easy for the upcoming writer. She experienced adolescence ravaged by maltreatment, sexual abuse, and later grew into a woman who tried to make a living by engaging in transactional sex with the rich men of Joburg. All these are chronicled in her Bare book series.

She Holds A B.A in Communication

Even with all the tales of her childhood in the three Bare books, Jackie Phamotse omitted to include some info about her early education. However, it is known that the writer cum publisher is a university graduate with a Bachelor’s degree in communication. However, the academic institution she attended is not known, neither do we know her year of graduation

She Has Achieved an Admirable Level of Success at 34

Jackie Phamotse is one woman who has multiple careers, she functions as a writer cum publisher, the author has dabbled into business, her social activism is the resounding type that comes with a big bang and she has proved to have the milk of human kindness by extending her wealth of knowledge and lucre into philanthropy.

The SA Native Has Authored a Handful of Books

Jackie Phamotse
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We have seen quite a good number of authors who know how to communicate their messages to the reading public, but Jackie Phamotse has obviously gone overboard with her manner of writing. She has been described by many as “raw”; besides, the author tends to do thorough research before inking those thought-provoking stories.

Most of the literary work done by the SA writer is taken from her personal experience in the city of Johannesburg and Sandston. For instance, the “Bare” series chronicles her life while she was employed as a waitress; Jackie was raped by a gang of men, a minister that served under Jacob Zuma’s administration inclusive. The book series also touched on her homeless state following the death of her mum. The “Bare” series has served as a great inspiration to readers who believe her message is targeted at curbing child abuse, as well as raising a voice for both women and children who are exposed to a life of suffering in the low-class society. Jackie has plans to drop another set of books.

Jackie Was Only 25 When She Wrote Her First Book Shattered Innocence

Though she only became known as a writer in 2017 through Bare: The Blesser’s Game, Jackie Phamotse started writing as far back as 2014 when she was 25; The young author treated her countrymen to a book titled Shattered Innocence.

Bare: The Blesser’s Game, the Breeding of an Underdog Came Next

As she grew older, the writer earned more popularity by publishing her second book, Bare: The Blesser’s Game which hit the book stand in 2017. The book tells the tale of a young South African girl, Treasure, whose gruesome life experience forced her to grow up very fast.

According to the plot, Treasure was gang-raped during her teens and as she made moves to pursue a career in the modeling world, the unsuspecting lady was lured into a reckless life best described with three expressions, sex, big business, and money. Before the book came to light, Jackie was more of a lesser-known author. However, to date, this book has remained her most famous and is responsible for bringing her to public attention.

Jackie Phamotse made it clear that the publication was centered on her personal experience as a slay queen, serving as a medium for her to speak up against societal ills like transactional sex and the way it is covered up by society. After BARE: The Blesser’s Game was published in 2017, Jackie became a recipient of an African Icon Literary Award in 2018; the award ceremony was hosted in Lagos.

Bare: The Cradle of the Hockey Club and Bare III: Ego

Bare: The Cradle of the Hockey Club and Bare III: Ego are all parts of the writer’s “Bare” series further chronicling her personal experience. While Bare: The Cradle of the Hockey Club was released in 2017, Bare III: Ego came to light a couple of years later in 2019. The Hockey Club as described in her publications is all about entertainment, power, and denting the pride and ego of younger men.

The tales which are based on real-life experiences involve powerful politicians who employ the services of younger men to bed their wives. The idea is to know exactly whom their wives are sleeping with. As if that is not enough, these men of power go on to have same-sex affairs with the same young men who have bedded their wives.

I Tweet What I Like

The same year that she dropped Bare III: Ego, the SA writer also published another book called I Tweet What I Like. The 2019 publication was motivated by popular writer Steve Biko through his book entitled, I Write What I Like. By the time Bare III: Ego arrived, Jackie Phamotse at age 30 was already established as a writer in SA, though the book added another feather to her cap.

Complete List Of Jackie Phamotse’s Books

  • Shattered Innocence (2014)
  • Bare: The Blesser’s Game (2017)
  • Bare: The Cradle of the Hockey Club (2017)
  • I Tweet What I Like (2019)
  • Bare III: Ego (2019)

She is a Businesswoman and a Brand Strategist

MoFaya Energy Drink belonging to DJ Sbu has Jackie Phamotse as its brand strategist. The duo has been working together for quite some time and Jackie is not just a brand strategist, she is equally a shareholder in the business.

Jackie is into Publishing

She does not just write books, she has also dabbled into publishing with the publishing company, Phamotse, and Co under her belt. The company is the one that handles all matters relating to Jackie’s books. Besides, its services are also open to other publishers both in sales and distribution.

Social Activism and Philanthropy

Jackie carries out her philanthropy and social activism through her thought-provoking publications. The blatant writer seems to be on a self-assigned mission to educate the girl-child about the dangers inherent in living a reckless life.

Winnie Madikizela Mandela endorsed her work, according to the South African activist, Jackie’s work is phenomenal. Also, a presidential candidate of ANC, Matthew Phosa, said the author’s work embodies the future of SA literature. Jackie also organizes events to talk about gender issues

Jackie Phamotse Got Into Trouble with The Kumalos

Jackie Phamotse’s fans love her outspokenness, however, that bluntness has previously gotten the South African author into deep trouble. But from what is perceivable, Phamotse doesn’t even look like someone who will likely shut her mouth anytime soon.

A good instance of one of her skirmishes was when the author clashed with the Kumalos after making sensitive and brazen tweets about their relationship. The celebrity couple was highly offended by such remarks and ended up suing Jackie. To date, the Basetsana Kumalo/Phamotse case is still in court and when quizzed about the situation of things, the Kumalos said they cannot comment yet as the case is yet to be heard.


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