Chrisean Rock’s Dad and Mom: Meet Her Parents

Chrisean Rock’s parents are Eugene Arthur Malone (her dad) and Charla Malone (her mom). Chrisean is the 11th child of her parent’s 12 children, and she shares a special bond with her mother. While her father spent most of her childhood in prison, her mother struggled with drug abuse, making for a very difficult childhood for Chrisean.

Having been married for about three decades before parting ways, Chrisean’s parents raised 12 children together. While she maintains a close relationship with her mother, her connection with her father is not as strong. Join us as we explore the family dynamics that have shaped Chrisean Rock’s journey to success.     

Who Are Chrisean Rock’s Parents?

Chrisean Rock’s parents are Eugene Arthur Malone and Charla Malone. There is not a lot of information on who her parents are or what they did for work. Eugene is believed to have worked as a serviceman and chef, while not much is known about Charla, except for her struggle with addiction, which was so severe that she struggled to hold on to a home for her kids, and by age 9, Chrisean became homeless. 


Who Is Chrisean Rock’s Dad?

Chrisean Rock’s father, Eugene Arthur Malone, hails from Baltimore, the largest city in Maryland, USA. Born in March 1968, Eugene’s exact birth day and month are uncertain, but he is currently 56 year old. He has always maintained a strong connection to his hometown and continues to reside there.

Eugene’s mother is Cynthia Malone, and his father is also named Eugene Malone. He is not an only child; he has two biological siblings, and there may be additional siblings from his mother’s previous relationship. Rumors suggest that the Malone family might have even adopted three more children, bringing the total to eight.

However, these details have not been confirmed by Eugene or other family members and remain speculative. In terms of his education, Eugene is believed to have attended Forest Park High, a public high school located in Woodbridge, Virginia. While there is no information about his college attendance, it is worth noting that he pursued his passion for cooking later in life and enrolled in a culinary school to become a professional chef. Eugene’s professional journey also includes some experience as a serviceman, although the specific timeline of his career is unclear at the moment.

Meet Chrisean Rock’s Mom

Charla Tucker Malone, the mother of Chrisean Rock, remains somewhat of an enigmatic figure, with limited information available about her early life and background. Born in December 1964, Charla is currently 60 years old and holds American citizenship with African-American heritage. Interestingly, Charla is believed to be around four years older than her ex-husband, Eugene Arthur Malone.

Born and raised in Baltimore, Charla has strong ties to the vibrant city. Unfortunately, there is little known about her family background, including her birth parents and any potential siblings. Furthermore, details regarding extended family and other relatives are scarce, leaving much room for speculation.

It is regrettable that information about Charla’s educational background is lacking. It is believed that she had limited educational experience, potentially stopping at the elementary school level. Additionally, details about her career and subsequent life choices remain unknown, adding to the mystery surrounding her accomplishments and life experiences.

Overview of Chrisean Rock’s Family

Eugene and Charla Malone’s marriage was blessed with a loving and sizable family of nine children. In addition, Charla brought three children from her previous relationship, bringing the total number of children to twelve.

Raising their children was not without challenges, especially given the large number of kids. In the late 1990s and early 2000s, Eugene and Charla faced difficult times that made it challenging to provide for their children. As a result, some of their children, including Chrisean Rock, experienced periods of homelessness.

However, things have changed over time, especially as their children have grown up and become independent. Eugene’s Facebook page reflects his deep love for his children, demonstrating his admiration for his family.

Chrisean Rock's parents
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In his Facebook introduction, he declares, “I will ALWAYS GO HARD FOR MY FAMILY. Dad loves y’all T. E. T. O. L. C. A. C. Rip.Al, aka Angel”. The initials “T. E. T. O. L. C. A. C.” likely represent the names of their children, while “Rip Al” may signify a child named Angel who may have passed away or holds a special place in their hearts.

With twelve children in total, Chrisean Rock has eleven siblings. Her siblings include Terence Dorsey, Unique Dorsey, Sierra Dorsey, Terine Malone, Eugene Malone (possibly named after his father), Tessa Manning Malone, Obadiah Malone, Latifa Malone, Chastity Malone, and Petey Tucker.

Chrisean Rock shares a close bond with her siblings, and they often meet up with each other. Some of her siblings have achieved success in their own right. For instance, her eldest sibling, Terence Dorsey, is now an author, editor, and motivational speaker. Her sister, Tessa Manning Malone, has pursued a career as a chef, specializing in soul food.

How is Chrisean Rock’s Relationship With Her Parents?

Chrisean Rock maintains a close relationship with her mother, Charla, while her connection with her father, Eugene, has been fraught with challenges. Although she doesn’t often discuss her parents publicly, Chrisean expresses admiration and affection for her mother when she does mention her.

Tweets from Chrisean highlight the deep bond they share and the profound impact Charla has had on her life. However, Chrisean’s relationship with Eugene has been tumultuous due to his absence during her childhood, as he spent most of that time in prison. Even after his release, their estrangement continued, leading Chrisean to experience periods of homelessness as she sought refuge with various family members and friends.

In addition to the hardships resulting from her father’s absence, Chrisean also faced difficulties due to Charla’s struggles with drug addiction. Despite these challenges, Chrisean Rock holds her mother in high regard and maintains a strong bond with her.

She deeply admires Charla’s strength and determination in enduring the hardships they faced as a family. Chrisean acknowledges the difficult circumstances her mother endured, particularly during the absence of her father, which resulted in financial hardships.

It is important to note that Chrisean has spoken out about the abuse she and her mother endured at the hands of her father in the past. She has bravely shared her experiences, including incidents where her father tied up and physically abused her mother while she tried to intervene and protect her siblings. These allegations stand as a testament to the deep loathing Chrisean holds for her father.

Is Chrisean Rock Chris Rock’s Daughter?

No, Chris Rock is not Chrisean Rock’s father. It is important to note that Chrisean Rock is not Chris Rock’s daughter. While both individuals share a similar last name, there is no substantiated evidence or official confirmation that links them as father and daughter. 

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