Does Alex O’loughlin Have Kids? Facts About His Sons and Family Members 

It was his lead role on Oyster Farmer in 2004 that first shot Australian actor, writer and movie director, Alex O’loughlin to the limelight. Thereafter, he has continued to rise in his career, starring and working on numerous successful films and television series. O’loughlin played some of his notable roles in Feed (2005), Mary Bryant (2005), Moonlight (2007-’08), Three Rivers (2009-’10), The Back-up Plan (2010), and Hawaii Five-0 (2010-present). The actor has also auditioned for the famous role of James Bond. For his success across countries, Alex received a Breakthrough award from the Australians in Film organisation in 2013. For his good looks, O’loughlin has also found himself on BudTV’s 2010 and 2011 list of “100 Sexiest Men”.

While Alex O’loughlin’s career milestones are virtually open to the public, not many are acquainted with his life behind the cameras. Perhaps, not many people know that Alex is a highly skilled fisherman, and a great surfer! In addition, only a handful possibly knows that the Hawaii Five-0 star once worked as a plumber before making it to the limelight. Moreover, whether the talented actor has started a family is something several fans are yet unaware of. But, yes, Alex O’loughlin has got kids, albeit from different women.

Alex O’loughlin’s Kids: Facts About  His Sons and Family Members

Alex O’loughlin’s kids are three in number – two biological sons and one stepson. Here’s how they all came about:

O’loughlin was in a long time relationship with Australian model, actress and former musician, Holly Valance. Vallance is popular for her roles on Neighbours, Prison Break, Shopaholic Showdown, as well as her songs “Down Boy”, “Naughty Girl”, and “Kiss Kiss”. On July 18, 1997, Alex and Holly welcomed a son named Saxon. The pair eventually parted ways in February, 2009.

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Following this, Alex started dating American surfer and model, Malia Jones. Malia is popular for her appearances on various world famous brands including Coca-cola, VO5 Shampoo, Capri Sun, Sports Illustrated, and so on. Alex and Malia welcomed a son named Lion on October 25, 2012. The duo later married in 2014, precisely on the 18th of April.

Prior to their marriage, Jones already have a son, Spike Jones from a previous relationship. The family of five temporarily lives in Kailua, in the Honolulu County of Hawaii, United States. This is because of O’loughlin’s filming of Hawaii Five-0. They have their permanent residence in West Hollywood, California. Meanwhile, let’s get down to finding out more facts about Alex O’loughlin’s kids and his family members.

Alex O'loughlin's kids
Alex O’loughlin’s kids from left – Saxon and Lion with wife, Malia image source

More about Saxon O’loughlin, Alex’s first son

One remarkable thing about Saxon O’loughlin is his striking resemblance with his dad, Alex O’loughlin. Saxon who is 22 as of 2019, was born just two months prior to Alex’s 21st birthday. Although his parents never married, his dad has been very supportive of him from birth. Interestingly, Alex was present at Saxon’s birth in Sydney, Australia where he also grew up with his mother. In 2001, Saxon came over to Hawaii, and has since been living with Alex. The younger O’loughlin started giving acting a try in 2017.

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All About his second son, Lion O’loughlin

At the moment, Lion is the only mutual child of Alex and his wife Malia. He arrived a year and a half earlier than his parents’ marriage. Lion was thus, 18 months at the time O’loughlin and Jones wedded.

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Briefly on stepson Spike Jones

Spike Jones was born on April 18, 2009. He was born to Malia Jones and now ex-boyfriend, Luke Stedman, an Australian professional surfer Spike however, became O’loughlin’s stepson following his marriage with Malia.

4. Alex O’loughlin’s Parents

In addition to his wife and sons, O’loughlin’s family members include his parents and siblings. Meanwhile, Alex has not revealed the names of his parents to the media. We however, know that his father taught physics and astronomy in Sydney while his mother worked as a nurse in Canberra, both in Australia. Alex born on August 24, 1976 in Canberra is their only son.

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Unfortunately, Alex’s parents divorced when he was just two years old. This caused him to spend his childhood shuttling between Sydney and Canberra to be with his dad and mum respectively. His mum later got remarried to a Canadian man.

His Siblings

Several sources say that Alex has a younger sister named Jennifer. Others however, list his sister as Jackie O’loughlin. The Australian actor who scarcely talks about his background, is yet to make a clarifying comment on this.

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