Does Andrew Tate Have Kids

Andrew Tate has 12 children from different mothers scattered across the globe, according to an interview with Adin Ross and much to the amazement of his entire fan base. He further stated that his goal was to have 4 wives as commanded in Islam and to ultimately have 20 children from his wives.

The 37-year-old former professional kickboxer, Social Media personality, and businessman’s revelation about the number of his children has been received with mixed reactions by his critics and fans alike. While some believe that he truly has 12 children from different women, others doubt that he has that much and say he may have exaggerated a little on this.

How Many Children Does Andrew Tate Have?

During an interview with his friend and American live streamer and YouTuber Adin Ross, Andrew Tate stated or suggested that he had about 12 children from different women currently in his life. During the interview, Andrew asked Adin if he had any children, and when his response was that he did not have any presently, Andrew further asked him how many children he would consider having in the future.

Adin responded that he wanted 4 children, but the interview became more interesting when Adin asked Andrew how many kids he had. Andrew made Adin guess a number – which was initially two, but he was asked to guess again. This went on till he mentioned 10 kids, to which Andrew responded that he was closer to the actual figure. Andrew’s next statements shocked not only his interviewer but probably also the entire world and especially his followers.

Andrew Tate revealed that he had 12 children in different places across the world. This revelation shocked Adin – one of only 5 people penned down to visit Andrew Tate in prison in Romania while he was going through his “censorship” by the “Matrix”, and he retorted that he never knew that Andrew had any child at all – talk less about having 12 different kids scattered all across the world.

Andrew would go on to reveal, when pressed further by Adin, that he had his 12 children from different mothers and that this was in line with the teachings of the Prophet Mohammed and Islam, as men were allowed to have up to four different wives. Andrew is a practicing Muslim and has stated in a few interviews that he had granted on other platforms earlier that men were not built to be monogamous and stick to only one partner throughout their lifetime.

To conclude their discussion on the subject of children and baby mommas, Andrew also stated during the interview that he would like to have up to 4 wives, who would bear him a total of 20 children, as he loves kids and has always dreamed of having a large family. Andrew Tate, who has been tagged as being misogynistic, then went on to state that women are slow to make babies, which was why he wants 4 wives and 20 children in all from them.

Who Are Andrew Tate’s Children?

The identity of Andrew Tate’s Children remains shrouded in mystery until this day. Moreover, the next question that was asked by almost everyone that watched the Andrew Tate interview was, Who really are Andrew Tate’s children? This is clearly the million-dollar question that most (if not all) of us still do not know the answer to, to this day.  Andrew did not mention the names of his children or reveal the identities of the women who have borne him his children, and no one really knows who they are to date.

Andrew Tate is a media influencer and opinion molder for so many men around the world, and most of his life has been revealed and shown on Social Media. We have seen some of his mansions, supercars, private jet(s), and even the daughter of his brother Tristan Tate, but no one has ever seen any of his children or his baby mommas. In fact, many are still shocked to learn that he has any children at all.

Andrew Tate’s Revelation About His Children Has Caused Controversy

Andrew Tate’s revelation that he has 12 children from different women scattered all over the world, and the further revelation that he wants to have as many as 20 children, has elicited mixed reactions from different people. There are those who respect and agree with whatever Andrew Tate says and have defended his choice and right to have as many kids as he wants, with as many women as he wants.

However,  there are those who disagree with his revelation – especially the part that talks about women being slow to give birth to babies in a matter of weeks. They see that as being misogynistic and readily point to the fact that he does not respect women at all.

Then there are also those who believe that he is lying about having the number of kids that he has revealed that he has in the first place – they simply cannot believe that he has that many kids or any at all.

Frequently Asked Questions About Andrew Tate

How Many Children Does Andrew Tate Have?

Andrew Tate revealed in an interview with Adin Ross that he has a total of 12 children from different women scattered all across the globe.

How Many Children Does Andrew Tate Want To Have?

Andrew Tate revealed in the same interview with his friend Adin Ross that his ultimate plan is to have as many as 20 children from different wives as commanded by Prophet Mohammed as a Muslim.

Who Are Andrew Tate’s Children And His Baby Mommas?

Andrew Tate did not reveal the identities of his children, nor that of the different women who are their mothers, during the interview he had with Adin Ross. He has also not disclosed their identities in any other interview that he has granted ever since he made this revelation about the number of his children and their mothers. As of today, their identities are not known and neither have their pictures been shared on Social Media.

What Has Been The Public’s Reactions To Andrew Tate’s Revelation About The Number Of His Children?

Ever since Andrew Tate made the revelation about having 12 children from different women, there have been mixed reactions to his revelation. While some believe that he might truly have 12 children as he had revealed and that he may have kept them away from the public for security reasons, others are of the opinion that he may not have as many children from different women as he has stated and some others believe that he may have either been lying about the number of children or outrightly joking about having them.

What Is The Public Opinion About Andrew Tate?

Andrew Tate has always courted controversies for a long time, and he does not look like he would be changing his opinion or views any time soon.  While there are those who love Andrew Tate and respect him for his no holds barred opinions, there are also those who dislike or hate him with passion.

Tate’s views have always triggered some women who see him as being misogynistic with very little respect for women. They see him as a woman hater who seems to be turning the minds of their men away from them through his non-conformist opinions. There are those who also see him as a very bad influence on young boys and men, as his opinions are perceived as having negative implications on their development and conformity with modern-day society.


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