Does Donnie McClurkin Have a Wife or Is He Gay?

Donnie McClurkin does not have a wife as he is currently not married, nor has he ever been, despite his incredible success and good looks. He was formerly gay but has renounced that act in his life and prevailed over it with prayer and his will to overcome it, alongside his strong faith in God.

McClurkin had a very traumatic childhood in which he was abused by his great uncle and his cousin Clarence Jr. He was also introduced to pornography at a very early age. All these experiences made him become a homosexual for a while, but he found solace in the church and was able to fight his temptations.

Is Donnie Mcclurkin Married?

Donnie McClurkin is not currently married. He has expressed a somewhat personal conclusion that he fears that he may never get married even though he really wants to get married and settle down to have his own family. So, it is safe to say that he is currently single or probably in a secret relationship, which he has not disclosed to the public yet.

There was a time when Donnie McClurkin was almost married, though. it was while he was still dating his former girlfriend and the I Know That My Redeemer Liveth crooner, Nicole C. Mullen. Donnie and Nicole met sometime around 2016 – 2 years after she divorced her first husband, David Mullen, and they almost got married around the early 2020s.

Donnie McClurkin was a guest on TBN’s famous show Praise The Lord with hosts Matt and Laurie Crouch when Matt announced a few times during the hour-and-a-half-show to the audience that Donnie McClurkin was getting married very soon. Laurie then asked Donnie if this was true and if he gave his permission for them to share this wonderful news.

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Donnie responded by telling them that he had coveted marriage so much and that it was the only missing piece of his life. When Matt Crouch asked him to make the announcement himself, he stated that he had fallen in love with a wonderful woman and would be getting married very soon, as soon as some protocols were followed.

Nicole C. Mullen, however, used her Periscope Bible Study show to clear the air on Donnie McClurkin’s statement on TBN a few days later. She confirmed that they were both in a relationship and were very much in love but that he had not popped the question yet and had to follow some protocols before they could get married.

Donnie McClurkin also cleared the air about his announcement on TBN a few days later while addressing his fans and friends. He stated that there were certain important things to be done before he could propose officially to Nicole C. Mullen, after which they could go ahead and finally get married.

Is Donnie McClurkin Gay?

Donnie McClurkin had a period in his life when he was gay, but he stated that with prayers and faith, he has been able to overcome that phase of his life. He is now straight and desirous of having a wife who he will spend the rest of his life with. He revealed that he had been longing for the time he would get married to his wife and wake up next to her for the rest of his life.

When McClurkin was very young, he was sexually abused and molested by his great uncle Clarence when his family was going through some great turmoil. He was also introduced to pornography at a very early age. After being initially abused by his great uncle for some time, his uncle’s son Clarence Jr. also abused him and threatened him never to disclose this to anyone.

These three major incidences were the ones that introduced Donnie McClurkin to homosexuality and being addicted to pornography for several years of his life. He revealed that he had had sexual encounters with men in the past till he found solace in the Church – particularly Bethel Baptist Tabernacle, where he discovered God’s saving grace and power to break homosexuality in his life.

What Happened To Donnie Mcclurkin And Nicole Mullen?

Donnie McClurkin and Nicole C. Mullen
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For all the world knew, Donnie McClurkin and Nicole C. Mullen were so much in love and were in a very serious relationship that they were anxiously waiting for wedding bells to ring for them, but unfortunately, that did not happen. Donnie McClurkin had even announced on TBN that he would soon be getting married to Nicole Mullen, and everyone was happy for them.

Nicole revealed in an interview that she and Donnie talked a lot about their relationship – especially about getting married, but that certain important protocols had to be observed before they could eventually do so. A few protocols involved getting counseling for marriage, asking for her father’s blessings, keeping their union pure, and a few others.

She further revealed in an interview that Donnie McClurkin actually asked for her father’s blessings to marry her and that her father gave his blessings, laid hands on both of them, and prayed for them. It came as a shock to many followers and fans of both celebrities when Nicole C. Mullen got married to her current husband, Stacey, sometime in 2021, and they are still wondering what went wrong between Nicole and Donnie.

McClurkin gave the closest hint as to why his proposed marriage did not work out with Mullen. He revealed in an interview with TV One’s Unsung that he does not seem to get or understand what women really want from and in a relationship. He revealed further that when things get tough for him in relationships, he retreats to his safe space – Music and settles there.

Who Did Donnie McClurkin Have A Child With?

Donnie McClurkin had a son with a lady named Kim. The singer has not really revealed the identity of the woman he had his first and only biological child with – at least publicly, he only dropped her name in one of the interviews he had while speaking about his son, Mathew. Mathew McClurkin was born sometime in 2000, and he is currently 24 years old.

McClurkin, while speaking about improving the relationship with his son in that interview, thanked his son’s mother, Kim, for doing a wonderful job raising him, and he went on to reveal that he was trying to be much more involved in his son’s life and be a hands-on father to him, even though he never had that experience with his own father. Donnie McClurkin also has an adoptive daughter named Michele McClurkin.

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