Does Malika Andrews Have a Husband, Partner or Boyfriend?

Malika Andrews has never been married and therefore does not have a husband. However, she is currently putting on an engagement ring which suggests that she is engaged, but the identity of her fiancee has never been revealed. Online sources have also not been able to uncover the identity of her mysterious boyfriend to date.

The 28 year-old television host and reporter has been linked with a few men – like Jordan Poole, Dave McMenamin, and Richard Jefferson Jr., in the course of the last few years, as some of her fans are trying to find out who has captured their beloved Malika’s heart.

While neither Malika nor the men she has been linked with have ever confirmed that there was indeed a relationship existing between them, some of those romantic links can either be taken as mere rumors or just the imagination of her fans really going wild. She seems to be currently engaged, and sooner rather than later, the true identity of her fiancee would be uncovered.

Is Malika Andrews Married or Single?

Malika Andrews is currently not married, and neither has she ever been married to the best of our knowledge. It is also not clear whether her current relationship status can be classified as either being single or engaged at the moment. The truth is that her current relationship status is shrouded in some kind of mystery, like a classified document in the government’s archives.

Some of the reports and articles that have been written about Malika Andrews classify her as either being married or engaged to some of the names that have been linked with her in the past, while others classify her as being single.

Since she has not made any official announcement about her relationship status, it would have been very easy to say that she is indeed single, but the fact that she now puts on an engagement ring has kind of complicated her relationship status.

Who Is Malika Andrews Dating?

This is the million-dollar question that nobody seems to have an answer to at the moment, and honestly, nobody seems to know who exactly Malika Andrews is currently dating. The last individual that she admitted dating was her boyfriend, who she did not disclose his identity sometime in 2020.  It is not known if she is currently still with this boyfriend of hers and if he is the one that gave her the engagement ring that she is currently putting on.

From the ring that she has on her finger, it would be safe to say that she is currently engaged to somebody, but who it really is, is who we do not know. The wedding bells may or may not ring soon for her, and as soon as it does, there would be no further hiding place for her secret lover.

Is Malika Andrews Engaged?

Malika Andrews has not officially announced her engagement to anyone, but sometime in 2022, her fans noticed that she began wearing an engagement ring on her finger. The ring is visible on her hand as she is wearing it in her microphone-holding hand. It is also very visible on her hand in most of her recent pictures, and it is clear that she is passing a message across with the apparent display of the ring.

Unfortunately, as it has been consistent with her mysterious love life over the years, she has not disclosed who she is currently engaged to. She has also not used her Social Media handles to either reveal the identity of the person she is engaged to or to reveal the occasion on which she got engaged and was presented with the ring.

Is Giannis Antetokounmpo Malika Andrews Husband?

From all that we know and all that is on record, Giannis Antetokoumpo is not Malika Andrews’s husband, nor have they ever been in a romantic relationship of any kind. The relationship between both Malika Andrews and Giannis Antetokounmpo seems to be that of no love lost between them. The issue between both individuals became controversial when Malika Andrews asked Giannis a question after a game, and he just stood up without answering her and walked out of the press conference.

The rift between Malika Andrews and Giannis Antetokounmpo began sometime in 2019 when Malika Andrews wrote an article about the NBA playoffs game of the Milwaukee Bucks – which Giannis Antetokounmpo was leading to the NBA playoff finals, and stated that they probably lacked the experience needed to make them NBA champions and that they would most likely lose their all-important game to the Toronto Raptors. She also questioned his passion and desire to stay with the Milwaukee Bucks if they did go on to lose that game.

As fate would have it, Giannis Antetokounmpo’s Milwaukee Bucks lost their Game 6 game against the Toronto Raptors, and at the press conference thereafter, which Giannis Antetokounmpo attended with his teammate, Khris Middleton, a physically disappointed and distressed Giannis was answering most questions. Then, Malika Andrews asked him a question about whether his team lacked the experience needed to win the NBA Playoffs, and Giannis Antetokounmpo just got up and left the press conference without answering her question, leaving his confused teammate to answer her.

This action became some kind of controversy, with sports analysts and fans arguing for and against both Giannis Antetokounmpo and Malika Andrews. It degenerated further, with Malika receiving a lot of stick from Giannis’ fans and those who considered her question to him very disrespectful. Others blamed Giannis himself for not handling his team’s loss very well and just leaving the press conference disrespectfully.

However, both Malika and Giannis seemed to have moved on from the event as she posted a video on her YouTube handle where she stated that the only notable memory she had of Giannis was quite different from the very controversial one. Though he got up abruptly again from another scheduled interview with her, this time he had very terrible leg or thigh cramps after his team just won their most important trophy with Giannis voted the MVP of the championship. He then went to get some medical attention from the team’s locker room and returned several hours later to complete the interview, which she considered very insightful and entertaining.

Are Dave McMenamin and Malika Andrews in a Relationship?

On May 22, 2021, a Twitter user – @LukeShowYo, posted a picture of Malika Andrews being held delicately by her fellow ESPN colleague Dave McMenamin and asked the question in the caption that someone should tell him that this (referring to their closeness in the picture) is not real. The post drove NBA Twitter into a frenzy, which soon spilled over to other Social Media platforms, with fans of both sports personalities expressing their feelings and making projections about the suitability of the pair as a couple.

It turned out that both Malika Andrews and Dave McMenamin had attended the launch of Netflix’s “Colin In Black & White” drama series and decided to pose for a picture together at the event. As the rumors of the pair dating began to grow, their fans and the media were very much interested to know the true state of their relationship, but both Malika and Dave did not confirm whether they were dating or not. The rumors were just left to everyone’s imaginations to make of it whatever they will.

It is not clear whether the two colleagues just decided to go to an event together or maybe even probably met at the event and decided to take a “harmless” photo together. It is also possible that there was some sort of romantic relationship going on between both of them at the time, which they did not choose to share with their fans or the media.

What Happened Between Malika Andrews and Jordan Poole?

Sometime in October 2022, during Jordan Poole’s first playoff game for the Golden State Warriors against the Denver Nuggets – a game in which he played really well by scoring 30 points, he was involved in a post-game interview with Malika Andrews, and this interview sent his fans and well-wishers into a frenzy, with most of them speculating that something was going on between Jordan Poole and Malika Andrews.


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During the interview, Malika Andrews was asking Jordan Poole questions about his performance during the game, and the body language between both of them really got people talking and speculating. Some of Jordan’s fans believed that he was flirting with Malika Andrews by the way he was looking at her during the interview. While some commented on what a lovely couple they would make, others went as far as insinuating that Jordan was asking Malika questions with his eyes, like, “Hey Malika, why not put down the mic and let’s go out for dinner?”

The way Malika was touching Jordan so softly during the interview also did not help matters, as some of their fans interpreted that to mean that there seemed to be some kind of spark between the two as they laughed over what was being said during the interview. One particular Social Media handle went as far as sharing a slow-mo video of Jordan looking directly into Malika’s eyes during the interview while insinuating that something was definitely either going on already or brewing between the two.

Well, it turned out that the fan’s wishes for the pair did not really come true as both have never confirmed that they were ever in a relationship at that time. Moreover, shortly after that interview, Jordan Poole was revealed to be romantically involved with an Instagram model – Kim Cruz, who was at almost all his games and posting exclusive videos and pictures of his performances during his game. Moreover, Jordan Poole has been known to publicly declare his interest in any girl that he fancies – just like he used his Social Media handle to ask American star actress Zendaya out on a date.

Malika Andrews Has Been Linked To Some Men in the Past

Malika Andrews is a gorgeous woman, and her job as a Sports TV Host on ESPN has also made her very popular, and sometimes it is common to have several men seeking to go out with her or make her their wife. She has been linked with several people in the past, and though her love life has remained an unraveled mystery to date, these are a few people she has been romantically linked with in the past –

Malika Andrews and Richard Jefferson Jr.

Richard Jefferson Jr. is a retired professional Basketball player who played for teams in the NBA like the Dallas Mavericks, Denver Nuggets, and the Cleveland Cavaliers. He announced his retirement from professional basketball in October 2018 and soon transitioned into being a basketball analyst and commentator. He joined the ESPN network in 2019 and works across several platforms, sometimes appearing on the same show with Malika Andrews.

Malika’s fans who watch her show have noticed a sort of fondness between her and her colleague, Richard, and have begun to insinuate that there must be some kind of relationship going on between them. There is a particular episode that stood out where Malika and her co-host, Chiney Ogwumike, were applying products on Richard Jefferson Jr’s head towards the end of the show, and he decided to rub off some of the products on Malika’s face – though he tried doing same to Chiney, who bolted out of the set.

Some folks figured that since Malika Andrews is single and Richard Jefferson Jr. is also single – though he was falling in and out of the same relationship with the same woman, they reckon that he probably desired someone else instead, who they thought could be Malika. However, both Malika and Richard have never officially admitted that they were in a relationship.

Malika Had a Mysterious Lover During Covid-19 Pandemic

Malika Andrews admitted that at the beginning of the Covid-19 pandemic and subsequent lockdown, she was living with her boyfriend in New York City in the United States of America. She went further to reveal that she used the opportunity of their staying together to practice some of the questions that she would ask the eventual winners of the championship – which happened to be the Milwaukee Bucks.

Unfortunately, she refused to disclose the identity of her boyfriend, and to date, online sleuths have been unable to uncover the true identity of her lover. It is not clear if she is still with her mysterious boyfriend to date, if they are engaged now, or if she is currently seeing another person entirely.

Almost every other thing that should be known is known about Malika Andrews, except who she is dating or has actually dated and her current relationship status.

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