Does Willa Fitzgerald Have a Husband? Inside Her Relationship

Willa Fitzgerald is not married, and neither has she been previously married to anyone, whether male or female. Willa’s current relationship status is shrouded in some sort of mystery, as she seems to be currently single and not dating anyone, but some folks believe that she is still in a relationship with her erstwhile boyfriend, Gabe Kennedy.

The 33 year old Willa Fitzgerald was born in Nashville, Tennessee in the United States of America, and is purely focused on her career right now, which leaves her with little or no time to publicize her relationship.

Is Willa Fitzgerald Married?

Willa Fitzgerald is currently not married and neither has she ever been married to anyone in her life yet. She has featured in many roles where she has been romantically involved with other characters in movies, but her love life is shrouded in a bit of secrecy and mystery at the moment.

In fact, Willa has never been in a relationship – at least publicly, that would be long enough for her to be engaged and actually plan on getting married. Though the length of a relationship is not a determinant of whether it would lead to marriage or not.

The possibility that she may even be married secretly is not a serious one for consideration at the moment, though it has to be said that she has decided to keep everything about her personal life and affairs to herself, and she is only willing to share information and grant interviews about her acting career, movie roles and other professional titbits about herself.

Who Is Willa Fitzgerald’s Boyfriend?

Currently, and at least publicly, it can be said that Willa Fitzgerald does not have a boyfriend, and she is single and focused solely on her career for now. There is no information on her Social Media handles that suggests – even remotely, that she is in a relationship with anybody – either male or female.

On the other hand, some celebrities prefer to keep their relationship private and hardly divulge any information about who they are either dating or getting married to, to the press and the public. Most times, the public only gets to know about these relationships a few months and even years after the events have taken place, and possibly Willa Fitzgerald could simply be keeping her current relationship private in order to protect herself and her partner.

Some publications online even have it that Willa Fitzgerald could still be dating her erstwhile boyfriend, Gabe Kennedy – the only lover linked to her. These folks believe that the two lovers took the love they once professed publicly via their Social Media handles offline and that they are still secretly dating each other. But now they are doing so without the media attention and scrutiny that their love profession has attracted in the past.

Willa Fitzgerald Prevosuly Dated Gabe Kennedy

Probably the only relationship that Willa Fitzgerald is known to have been involved in publicly is the love she shared with Gabe Kennedy between 2017 to 2021, and some believe that the two lovers decided to take their affair offline from 2021 and possibly to date. When it became Instagram official that Willa Fitzgerald and Gabe Kennedy were dating, a lot of their fans were so happy for them, and many were actually rooting that both of them would consolidate their love and eventually get married.

How Did Willa Fitzgerald and Gabe Kennedy Meet?

Willa Fitzgerald and Gabe Kennedy have not officially given their own account of how they met, but online sleuths traced their love story back to 2017.  Willa And Gabe teamed up to create a plastics awareness advertisement in 2017 to draw attention to the enormous plastic waste being generated and not being properly disposed of in the world, and it was around this period that folks began noticing that something was going on between both of them.

Shortly after the advertisement was made, people began noticing that Willa and Gabe began posting pictures of both of them hanging out on their Social Media handles – primarily via their Instagram account. Soon they began going to red-carpet events with Gabe being Willa’s plus-one at those events. Thereafter, pictures and videos of their vacation and dates began surfacing on their Instagram handle, and it was at this point, they came out to confirm that they were indeed dating.

The photos and videos cataloging the life and times of the lovers continued to come in waves and torrents, with each of them using their Social Media handles to acknowledge, praise, and share sweet words with each other. At this point, several of their fans were filled with joy for them, with many urging them to make their love affair a permanent one by getting married and starting a family. It is unclear what exactly happened between Willa and Gabe, but sometime in 2021, fans began noticing that Willa was no longer posting pictures and videos of her time with Gabe on her Instagram handle.

Soon after, she began deleting all the pictures and videos she had shared of her time with Gabe on her Instagram handle, and this was when people began wondering what could have happened between their favorite lovebirds. Both Willa and Gabe never gave reasons for that bizarre situation, as there was no falling out between them – at least publicly, especially since everything was going well between them. Both parties have never confirmed that they were no longer together, which is why many believe they are still dating secretly.

Who is Gabe Kennedy?

Gabe Kennedy is an American chef, TV host, and businessman. The 33 year-old entrepreneur was born in Portland, Oregon, and he graduated first in his class at The Culinary Institute of America. He also finished from the Cornell University of Hotel Administration and is a Dean’s Distinguished lecturer for the School of Hotel Administration. His first rise to prominence came when he appeared on the third season of ABC’s reality television reality series, The Taste, and he won it.

Gabe is the co-owner of Plant People – a natural wellness company based on Cannabis. The New York City-based company specializes in cultivating and selling herbal mushrooms and CBD supplements formulated from Cannabis. Willa Fitzgerald suffers from Polycystic Ovarian Disorder, and she consumes a sizable amount of CBD oil to help her deal with the pain. In fact, the CBD oil produced by Gabe’s company is her favorite, and that may have also been one of the things that helped them bond well together.

Asides from Gabe, Willa Fitzgerald has not been linked to any other man.

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