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Elaine Mason is a dedicated professional nurse whose popularity stems from her marriage to one of the greatest scientific brains of all time (Stephen Hawkings). While she had been trailed with different controversies during the course of their marriage. She was married to Professor Hawkings for over eleven years and seemed to have found genuine happiness with him.

Elaine Mason’s Biography

She was born in England on the 20th of August 1951 and grew up a staunch Christian with a genuine heart to care for people. Her large heart later determined her choice of profession. Elaine had her training in nursing and worked at some local hospitals in England for a while. Her nursing career took off in Bangladesh where she took care of children living in an orphanage. Elaine worked in this position for four years before moving on to other opportunities.


Elaine’s first marriage in her life was to David Mason in the 1980s and they had two children (sons) together. Mason is a hardworking and intelligent engineer who was one of the many fans of Hawkings. He counted it a privilege to be a part of the team that helped develop an adaptable speech synthesizer for Stephen and he worked tirelessly at it.

Ironically, David introduced his wife to the Hawking’s household and also endorsed her to work as a caregiver for the physicist. It was this move that signaled the end of his 15-year-long marriage to his wife (Elaine) as she grew close and fell in love with her patient (Stephen). She later left her family to marry the great physicist.

Professor Stephen Hawkings, on the other hand, has been described as one of the greatest minds of our time. He is a professor in theoretical physics and the wealth of his work and research has changed the human world view. He was diagnosed as having (MND) a Motor Neurone Disease also known as (ALS) Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis some years into his doctorate studies (1963). He was predicted to have just two years to live but his disease progressed slower than anticipated. He married his first wife Jane Wilde whom he was dating before his diagnosis in 1965. The couple had 3 children (2 boys and 1 girl) together but their relationship soon began to strain and deteriorated. Hawking left his family home in 1990 and finally divorced Jane in the year 1995.

Stephen met Elaine Mason in the 1980s when he required 24/7 nursing care. She worked on one of the nurses 3 daily shifts. They grew close, fell in love and finally left their respective marriages to be together. Stephen said after their wedding in 1995 that he has finally married the woman he loves.

Stephen’s family members and close friends weren’t accepting of their relationship, especially because of Elaine Mason’s attitude which they described as too protective, aggressive and possessive.

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Elaine Mason’s marriage to Stephen has been trailed with different accusations and controversies. While none of this has been confirmed, she has been repeatedly accused of marrying Stephen because of his wealth and also of physically and emotionally abusing him.

A police investigation was carried out when Stephen repeatedly showed up in the hospital with bruises and cuts which he couldn’t explain. Elaine was accused of refusing Stephen a urine bottle and letting him wet himself, fracturing his wrists by slamming it on his wheelchair, slipping him beneath the water while bathing, leaving him in the sun to suffer sunburn and heat stroke, amongst other grievous accusations. Stephen, Elaine and his assistant on the other hand vehemently denied all the accusations. The case was closed in 2004 without any charges made against Elaine.

In 2006, Stephen and Elaine Mason quietly divorced after 11 years of marriage. While the reason for their split wasn’t made public, it might not be unrelated to the strain and media scrutiny their marriage went through during the period of accusation and investigation.

Stephen resumed a closer relationship with his first wife (Jane) and children after his divorce from Elaine. He quietly passed in his England home on the 14th of March 2018 aged 76.

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Where Is Elaine Mason Now?

During her marriage to Stephen, Elaine Mason was freed from her position as his nurse. While she took care of him in other capabilities, she didn’t have the responsibility of caring for him 24/7. She had the opportunity to pursue other interests.

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Asides nursing, Elaine has built a career in the insurance sector. She works as a managing director at ‘Belvedere Mead Limited’ and is said to have handled a scale of a portfolio worth over $500 million during the course of her career in insurance.

After her divorce from Stephen and his death, Elaine Mason has led a very private life away from media scrutiny.

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