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There are many people, both popular and unpopular, who have gotten mistaken for someone else due to the fact that they share a name. One person to have been a victim of this is Ellie Harvey, a lady who gained popularity after she got married to Australian golfer and PGA Champion Jason Day.

Ms. Harvey has on numerous occasions been mistaken to be Canadian actress Ellie Anne Harvie, who is best known for portraying Morticia on The New Addams Family. Read on to find out more about Jason Day’s number one supporter, and the mother of his kids.

Ellie Harvey Biography

Ellie Harvey was born on April 30, 1986, in Lucas, Ohio. She is known to have attended Lucas High School but it is not clear if she subsequently went to college after that. Years after graduating from high school, Harvey found delight in beauty products and thus decided to be a beautician, a career which kicked off in 2004.

While growing her career as a beautician, she joined an online business degree program with the aim of being an entrepreneur someday. She was giving her all to her passion for beauty but had to take up another job as a waitress in order to make ends meet. It was while she was working this job in Twinsburg that she met the man who later became her husband, Jason Day. The two met in 2005 but officially started a relationship in 2007 after two years of a strong friendship.

Ellie Harvey Husband, Kids

Ellie Harvey
Ellie Harvey, Husband and child

Two years after they began dating, Jason and Ellie got married. The lovebirds have remained very close ever since with no sign of divorce or controversy. In 2012, they welcomed their first child, Dash James Day, to the world. In 2015, the pair had their second child, Lucy Adenil Day, while their third child, Arrow Joseph came in 2018, making her a mother of three. Ellie Harvey lives together with her family in Lucas, Ohio.

Jason Day is a PGA Tour events golfer. He was born to an Irish-Australian father named Alvin and a Filipino mother named Dening, who had two other children. The young boy showed signs of being a great sportsman early on in life, prompting his father to register him as a young member of the Beaudesert Golf Club when he was only six years of age.

With the support of his mother who ensured that he attended schools with golf courses and eventually a golf academy, these early experiences paved the way for him shortly after his father who first introduced him to golf died. His time finally came in 2006 when he started playing PGA Tour events.

Throughout the golfer’s career, he has won a good number of championships and awards, including the Legend Financial Group Classic (2007), HP Byron Nelson Championship (2010) which made him become the youngest Australian to win a PGA Tour event, the World Golf Championship (2014), the PGA Championship (2015) and a host of others.


Ellie Harvey is known to be one of the two children of Tom Harvey and Lucy Sanchez Knapp. Aside from their names, nothing else is known about her parents, including details of what they do for a living.

Facts About Jason Day’s Wife


Ellie was a waitress at the Maris Winkle’s Irish Pub in Twinsburg and as mentioned above, she met her husband in 2005 while working there. Though the relationship did not start immediately after they first met, fate had its way of bringing them back together in 2007.


Ellie Harvey has been involved in two accidents in the past. The first one was in 2015 at a Cleveland Cavaliers game where a player, LeBron James, crashed on her, resulting in her being rushed to a nearby medical center. The accident left her with no choice but to support herself with a stretcher and neck brace for a while.

The second accident happened when her car crashed into a bus while she and her children were in it.

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Net Worth

Though some sources have reported that Ellie Harvey has a business, there is no proof to back this claim. However, her husband, Jason is known to have a fat account and a net worth estimated at $40 million.


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