What Happened To Kirra Hart and What Is The Latest Update?

Kirra Hart is an Australian girl who was invited to a sleepover party by her friends – Rhynisha Grech, Chloe Denman, and Shanaya Grech, where they took turns to assault her by punching, licking, slapping, cutting, and stabbing her for 4 hours non-stop over the course of the night. She was 14 years old at the time.

At some point during the early morning of the sleepover, her attackers released her, and she was able to make her way home, where her parents rushed her to the hospital to receive urgent medical attention – including surgery, in response to the extensive bodily harm caused her by her attackers.

Kirra Hart Was Assaulted and Attacked at a Sleepover With Her “Supposed” Friends

On March 16, 2023, Kirra Hart was overjoyed, having been invited for a girl’s sleepover by her childhood friends at their home in Tewantin, Queensland, Australia. She headed to their home for what she envisioned would be a night of chitchat, girls gossip, cute pajamas dresses, and possibly some movie-watching night with her friends – Rhynisha Grech (14) and her little sister Shanaya Grech (12) and Chloe Denman (14).

After the girls had settled in for the night and were in some semi-state of undress – at least Kirra Hart and Rhynisha Grech, Kirra’s night turned from one of joy and happiness being around one’s friends into something from a classic horror movie of some sort. Her friends turned on her and began torturing and tormenting her all through the night. All three other girls participated in torturing Kirra for several hours at their pre-planned sleepover.

Kirra Hart’s tormentor-in-chief was her “friend” Rhynisha Grech, who was seen punching, kicking, slapping, and slamming her into walls occasionally all through her ordeal. Chloe Denman was seen holding a kitchen knife in the video that is available online, with which she cut and stabbed Kirra in her arms, hands, and body while they tortured her. Shanaya Grech was the one holding the phone/camera, which was used to record Kirra Harts’s torture, and she also participated in kicking, slapping, and punching the innocent girl throughout their assault.

From the small bits of information that can be seen in Kirra Hart’s assault video posted online, she was boxed in a corner of the room by both Rhynisha Grech and Chloe Denman and was constantly and relentlessly attacked by both girls who clearly had set this sleepover (more like torture-over) up to meet their own justice out to their dear friend Kirra. She was asked repeatedly to raise up her hands while Rhynisha punched and kicked her face and body.

From facts gathered from the video itself, this relentless assault by the three girls went on for about 4 hours into the morning, with Karri Hart left defenseless and at the mercy of her attackers, who clearly had a grudge to iron out with her over the night. The fact that Karri was bleeding all over herself and her several cries for mercy and leniency by her attackers did not deter or assuage their grouse with her one bit; at best, it possibly spurred them on to cause her more bodily harm.

Kirra Hart’s Attackers Shared The Assault Video

The ring leader of the three girls who assaulted Kirra Rhynisha Grech was actually the one who shared the video of their assault on her Social Media Handle – specifically her Instagram handle. She stated in the video that they had just tortured a girl for 4 hours straight and that her name is Kirra. She stated further that they had just messed up her face and beat her up really well. She further boasted that she was going to share pictures of their “work” very soon.

Widespread Call For Justice For Kirra Hart After The Assault

After the video of Kirra Hart’s assault circulated over Social Media in Australia for a while, and possibly after Kirra’s parents had reported the matter to the authorities, the 3 girls that assaulted Kirra were picked up by the authorities. They were, however, released on bail to their parents and were slapped a paltry fine and walked home free. Their punishment was considered as being inadequate by many people, who are now demanding a stiffer and more commensurate punishment for their actions/crimes.

This provoked great outrage on Social Media not only in Australia but also all over the world, as many people considered the light punishment meted out to the girls as a slap on the wrist punishment for a crime so severe that it could have ended Kirra’s young life. Several Hashtags calling for Justice for Kirra Hart soon began trending all over Australia and, indeed, the world. Several channels on YouTube and TikTok also began discussing Kirra Hart’s torture calling on the authorities to meet stiffer penalties on her attackers.

One such voice calling for stiffer punishment for Kirra Hart’s attackers is a petition created by Callie Burt on Change.org titled “Justice For Kirra Hart,” which has garnered well over 8,700 signatures and still counting. There are several other Harshtags currently trending that are demanding stiffer punishments for the girls, such as “Get Rhynisha Grech Prison Time” and several others. The girls’ Social Media handles have also been bombarded with several comments, either calling for their arrest or just giving them a virtual dose of their own medicine from individuals.

There are rumors that the home of the girl where Kirra Hart was tortured has been razed to the ground by unknown persons, and the girls themselves have either relocated from their current location to another. Rhynisha Grech’s Social Media handles have been bombarded with several messages/comments condemning her behavior and wishing that Karma would catch up quickly with her for her actions. There are also unconfirmed reports that she is currently in New Zealand in an attempt to escape the repercussions of her actions.

Is Kirra Hart Still Alive?

Kirra Hart is very lucky to be alive and to have survived the very horrific and tragic assault that she had to endure for about 4 hours nonstop, and she is currently still recuperating after undergoing surgery to repair some of the damage done to her face by her attackers. Her parents had rushed her quickly to the emergency room in the hospital after she was released by her attackers.

By the time her parents got to see her after she was released by her “friends” turned attackers, her face was swollen and filled with blood as a result of the non-stop punches and kicks to her face during her ordeal. Her eyes were also blood red as a result of the non-stop beatings and kicks, and she had knife and stab wounds all over her hands and body and was covered in her own blood all over.

Kirra Hart’s Go Fund Me Campaign

Kirra Hart’s wounds, injuries, cuts, and possibly internal organ damage were quite extensive by the time she was released by her captors, who assaulted her for 4 straight hours non-stop, and she had to be rushed into the emergency ward of the hospital for some treatment, which also later included facial surgery and reconstruction.

Her mother Kristen Hart, started a Go Fund Me campaign for her daughter Kirra to help the family cope with the mounting cost of hospital bills that they had to pay for their daughter. The Go Fund Me account had received a little more than $82,000 AUD from 3,900 donations to date, and it is for a very worthy cause to save an innocent life from being lost.

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