Meet Kim Marie Kessler – All About Randy Orton’s Wife

Kimberly “Kim” Marie Kessler is the second and current wife of Randy Orton, a World Wrestling Entertainment superstar. Kim Marie Kessler is a 68 year-old American socialite, podcast co-host, fashion line designer, and entrepreneur.

She was previously married for about a decade, during which she had 3 sons – Michael, Robbie, and Anthony. She then became stepmother to Randy Orton’s daughter, Alanna Marie Orton, whom he had from his first marriage to Samantha Speno. Randy and Kim then had their first daughter, Brooklyn Rose Orton, together in 2016, bringing the number of kids in their household to 5.

Summary of Kim Marie Kessler’s Biography

  • Full name:  Kimberly Marie Kessler
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth:  April 1, 1985
  • Kim Marie Kessler’s Age: 68 year old
  • Ethnicity:  Caucasian
  • Nationality:  American
  • Zodiac Sign:  Aries
  • Sexual Orientation:  Straight
  • Marital Status:  Married
  • Kim Marie Kessler’s Husband:  Randal “Randy” Orton
  • Kim Marie Kessler’s Children: Michael, Robbie, and Anthony – all from her first marriage, Allanna Marie (stepdaughter) – from Randy Orton’s first marriage, and Brooklyn Rose Orton – from her marriage to Randy Orton
  • Siblings:  Ralph Kessler
  • Kim Marie Kessler’s Height in Inches:  5 Feet and 6 Inches
  • Kim Marie Kessler’s Height in Centimetres:  167
  • Kim Marie Kessler’s Weight:  55 Kilograms (121 lbs)
  • Body measurements in inches:  34 – 28 – 38
  • Body measurements in centimetres:  86 – 71 – 97
  • Kim Marie Kessler’s Net worth: $ 1 million
  • Famous for:  Being the wife of WWE superstar Randy Orton
  • Kim Marie Kessler’s Instagram:  @kimmariekessler
  • Twitter:  @KIMKIro

Where is Kim Marie Kessler from?

Kim Marie Kessler was born in New York City in the United States of America on April 1, 1985. As far as we know, she is from New York and is an American. She has, however, decided not to talk about her parents – who they are, what they do for a living, where they are from, and all such other information about them, so it is not possible to trace where her parents are from or their ethnicity or ancestral heritage.

What Does Randy Orton’s Wife, Kim Marie Kessler Do For a Living?

Currently, Kim Marie Kessler is an entrepreneur and fashion clothes designer. She has her own brand called SLTHR, and they make Tee Shirts and Hoodies for Males, Females, and even kids as well. Her husband might have something to do with her current business, though, as you can see, some of their clothes have the Viper sign/insignia on them – which is her husband’s ring name, “The Viper”.

Randy Orton also uses his Social Media handles to promote his wife’s clothes brand and advertise her online store. Kim Kessler began her career life as a model, and after trying for a while to establish herself as one of the elite models out there in the United States, she sort of cooled off on that phase of her life. She started the clothes brand line after marrying Randy Orton.

In February 2022, Kim and her best friend Giovanna Angle – wife of WWE Superstar Kurt Angle, launched a podcast they called The Wives of Wrestling. The podcast is available on all online streaming media, such as Apple Music, Spotify, and others. Their purpose in setting up the podcast was to talk about the behind-the-scene aspects of the husband’s lives – away from the ring.

They intend to showcase the other side of their better halves as husbands and fathers to their children and also to highlight the lives of the families, children, and wives of these popular WWE superstars. They did not want to take sides too much with their husbands against other WWE superstars, but just to show a different angle to the personae folks know in the ring.

The podcast premiered on February 7, 2022, and has about 30 Episodes already across all major online streaming platforms. They have also had some very interesting perspectives and interviewed the wives of other WWE superstars on their podcast to also talk about their own husbands, challenges, successes, and behind-the-scene situations in their homes.

Who Was Kim Marie Kessler’s First Husband?

Kim Marie Kessler is believed to have been married to her first husband for about a decade between the very early 2000s and late 2010s. Not much (if any at all) is known about her first marriage and what led to their divorce. Their marriage, however, produced 3 sons – Michael, Robbie, and Anthony. Kim Kessler got custody of the children, and they currently live with her and their current stepfather.

Randy Orton is actually Kim Marie Kessler’s second husband and not her very first. However, just like she has decided not to release any information about her parents and siblings or really anything about her childhood and other vital information about her, she has also decided not to reveal the true identity of her very first husband.

Meet Kim Marie Kessler’s Current Husband

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Kim Marie Kessler’s current husband is Randal Keith Orton, better known by his wrestling performance name Randy Orton. He was born in Knoxville, Tennessee, in the United States of America on April 1, 1980, and he is currently 43 year old. His mother, Elaine, was a nurse, while his father, Bob Orton Jr., was a professional wrestler just like his own father, Bob Orton Sr.

He has a junior sister named Rebecca and a younger brother named Ralph – who is a stand-up comedian. He graduated from Hazelwood Central High School in 1998, where he was a professional wrestler. He joined the United States Marines in 1998 but was discharged in 1999 after disobeying orders from a senior commanding officer and going AWOL twice.

He got married to Samantha Speno on September 21, 2007, and they had a daughter, Alanna Marie Orton, in 2008. the couple separated in 2012, and they finally divorced each other in June 2013. He began dating his current wife, Kim Marie Kessler, in 2012, and they eventually got married on November 14, 2015. he became a stepfather to the 3 sons she had in her previous marriage.

Kim Marie Kessler Has Been Embroiled In Some Controversies Due To Her Marriage To Randy Orton

Kim Marie Kessler stated during a YouTube interview with Denise Salcedo in February 2022 that the Italian genes in her make her go from 0% to 100% at the drop of a hat, and she does seem to have a feisty and combative side to her personality. She has had clashes with her husband’s employers, fans, and her husband’s colleagues/rivals at work on a few occasions. Here are a few instances –

Fallout With Her Husband’s Fans – Especially His Female Fans

After she got married to Randy Orton, his choice to marry her must have broken so many of his female fan’s hearts, who saw her as a gold digger who was only marrying their heartthrob for his fame and fortune.  A female fan named Kayla Gomez – who seems to have some feelings for her husband, trolled her endlessly on their Social Media handles.

Kayla stalked and attacked Kim and Randy so badly that when they could not take her insults and comments anymore, they both ganged up on her and called her Miss Piggy – thereby body shaming her. Randy Orton then went on to post on his Social Media handles that he had blocked Kayla Gomez and advised her to get a new life. Randy’s female fans also accused her of closing down his fan mail.

Criticism of WWE’s Decision To Exclude Her Husband From RAW 25

In June 2018, Kim Marie Kessler took to her Instagram account to criticize the WWE – her husband’s employers, for excluding him from the main event of the company’s celebration of their 25th anniversary at Raw 25. She went on to tell WWE’s fans to enjoy their night at the event and stated that she and her children would rather stay at home playing Mario Cart.

Joining A Twitter Battle Between Randy Orton and Tommaso Ciampa

Sometime in 2020, Kim Marie Kessler’s husband, Randy Orton, was engaged in a Twitter (now X) battle with fellow wrestler and NXT superstar Tommaso Ciampa. The two were throwing jibes at each other on Twitter when Kim commented on her husband’s last post, asking him if Ciampa was not the same person who wants to take credit for all those great matches that he did not put together. She definitely got her man’s back any day.

Backlash Against WWE Superstar Alexa Bliss

In 2021, during WWE’s Fast Lane in an inter-gender wrestling match between Randy Orton and female wrestler Alexa Bliss, the latter got help from WWE superstar Bray Wyatt – known by his stage name “The Fiend”, who suddenly appeared in the ring and took out her husband with the pair of his finishing moves – the mandible claw and sister Abigail, knocking out Orton cold on the canvass.

Alexa Bliss then went on to pin her husband while straddling across him to a count of three by the referee, which saw Orton lose the match. Kim Kessler was definitely angered by Alexa Bliss straddling her husband to submission and tweeted at her around 2 a.m., telling her that she messed up, little girl. This got many fans asking for a match between Kim Kessler and Alexa Bliss on WWE.

Raunchy Photoshoot With Randy Orton

Randy Orton posted a picture he took with his wife on his Instagram handle, and this got fans talking about it for a while. In the picture, it appears like both Randy and Kim are naked, with Randy standing behind Kim and covering her breasts with his huge hands, while they both stand in front of a mirror, with Kim holding an iPhone with which she took the picture. While some fans loved the photo, some others did not, but it did get them talking about the wild and adventurous side of the couple.

Frequently Asked Questions About Kim Marie Kessler

1. How Old is Kim Marie Kessler?

Kim Marie Kessler is currently 38 year old, as she was born on April 1, 1985, in New York City, New York.

2. What is Kim Marie Kessler’s Ethnicity?

There is no information about Kim Marie Kessler’s family since she has never spoken about them in interviews. However, one of her BFFs, Giovanna Angle – wife of former WWE Superstar and General Manager Kurt Angle, once recollected meeting Kim Kessler and her “large Italian family” for the first time before they became friends, meaning that she definitely has Italian heritage.

3. How Tall is Kim Marie Kessler?

Kim Marie Kessler’s height is listed at 5 feet 6 inches (167 centimeters or 1.67 meters). Her current weight is 55 Kilograms (121 lbs).

4. How Many Kids Does Kim Marie Kessler Have?

Kim Marie Kessler has a total of 5 children: 3 sons – Michael (born October 9, 2002), Robbie (born October 22, 2004), and Anthony (born April 23, 2010) from her first marriage, and daughter Brooklyn Rose Orton (born on November 22, 2016) with her current husband. Her fifth child is her stepdaughter, Alanna Marie Orton (born July 12, 2008).

5. How did Randy Orton meet Kim Marie Kessler?

Randy Orton and Kim Marie Kessler first met each other at a World Wrestling Entertainment (WWE) Live event sometime in 2012 in Poughkeepsie.


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