Meet Aaron Kendrick De Niro, Toukie Smith’s Son with Robert De Niro

Aaron Kendrick De Niro is Toukie Smith’s son, one of the twin sons she had from her long-term relationship with legendary actor Robert De Niro Jr, her former partner. Aaron was born on October 20, 1995, alongside his twin brother Julian Henry via In Vitro Fertilization and carried to term by a surrogate mother. He is currently 54 year old.

Not much is known about Aaron Kendrick’s life, including his career and current relationships, as he has chosen to shy away from all the media attention that some of his siblings and parents revel in as famed actors. He grew up with his mother after his parent’s separation and was raised into a perfect gentleman by both parents. He is assumed to be currently single and not married at the moment.

Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s Biography Summary

  • Full name:  Aaron Kendrick De Niro
  • Gender: Male
  • Date of birth:  October 20, 1995
  • Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s Age: 28 year old
  • Ethnicity: Mixed (German, Dutch, English, French, and Italian)
  • Nationality:  American
  • Zodiac Sign:  Libra
  • Sexual Orientation:  Straight (Possibly)
  • Religion:  Roman Catholic
  • Marital Status:  Single/Undisclosed
  • Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s Parents:  Doris “Toukie” Smith (Mother) and Robert De Niro (Father)
  • Siblings:  Raphael De Niro (half-brother), Drena De Niro (step-sister), Julian Henry De Niro (twin brother), Elliot De Niro (half-brother),  Helen De Niro (step Sister), and Gia De Niro (half-sister)
  • Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s Height in Inches:  5 feet and 9 inches
  • Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s Height in Centimetres:  175
  • Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s Weight:  75 Kilograms (165 lbs)
  • Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s Net worth: Between $ 800,000 to $ 5 million
  • Famous for:  Being the celebrity son of multiple award-winning actor Robert De Niro and actor Toukie Smith.

What Is Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s Age and Where Was He Born?

Aaron Kendrick De Niro is currently 28 year old, as he was born on October 20, 1995, alongside his twin brother Julian Henry De Niro. The duo were born through in vitro fertilization (IVF) and were carried to term and given birth to by a surrogate mother. He and his brother Julian are the product of the long-term relationship between Robert De Niro and Toukie Smith.

It is not clear exactly where Aaron and his brother Julian were born, but it was somewhere in the United States of America and could probably have been in New York City, as their father has very strong ties with the city of New York, which happen to be the city of his birth and where he spent his early childhood growing up in.

What Does Aaron Kendrick De Niro Do For A Living?

It is not expressly clear what Toukie Smith’s son Aaron Kendrick De Niro does for a living as he has lived a very secretive lifestyle, so much so that what he does for a living is not common knowledge, unlike his twin brother Julain Henry, who is known to be an actor, and attempting to walk in the very big shoes of his father – who is regarded as one of the best actors of his generation.

There are, however, a lot of rumors flying around about what Aaron seems to be doing with his life and his career. First off, there is one individual named Aaron Kendrick who is credited as being an actor and writer, who has two film credits to his name –  God Given Talent (2008, short film) and is one of the co-writers and A to B (2008) as Aaron. It is unclear if this is the same Toukie Smith’s son or just another actor with the same name.

There are a few other reports linking Aaron Kendrick De Niro with working with his father on a few movies that he either directed or featured in, such as Witness To The Mob (1998), Voicemail (2002), The Good Shepherd (2006), Elliot Loves (2012) and Ditto Montiel (2014), but none of these works has ever credited him as being part of the cast or crew of the productions.

Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s Parents

Toukie Smith’s son Aaron Kendrick De Niro has very influential and popular parents who showed their children great love and raised them the right way. Let us get to know about them briefly –

Doris “Toukie” Smith

Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s mother is Toukie Smith – nicknamed “Toukie” by her grandmother, who always sang her a song about a fire engine truck that had so much energy every day. She was born on September 25, 1952, in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Her mother was a factory worker, while her father was a butcher. She is an American model and actor.

She has two siblings – Norman Smith and Willis Smith, the fashion designer.  She attended the Fashion Institute of Technology. She began her professional life as a model for brands like Versace, Channel, Patrick Kelly, Norman Kamali, Geoffrey Beene, etc. She also had a successful print modeling career working for brands like Yves Saint Lauren. She appeared in magazines like Elle, Ebony, Vogue, etc.

She was Robert De Niro’s long-term partner between 1988 to 1996. They had twin sons in 1995, through In Vitro fertilization (IVF), who were carried to term by a surrogate mother. She separated from Robert De Niro Jr. in 1996, but they have still remained friends and are co-parenting their children together. When financial crises hit her restaurant, Robert bailed her out financially.

Robert De Niro Jr.

Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s father is Robert Anthony De Niro Jr., the legendary actor and director. He was born on August 17, 1943, in the Manhattan Borough of New York City in the United States of America. He is considered by many folks to be one of the most influential actors of his generation, and probably that there ever is (and would be).

Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s parents, Virginia De Niro and Robert De Niro Sr., were both prominent painters of their generation. They got married in 1942 and were divorced when he was 2. He was raised after their divorce by his mother in Greenwich Village and Little Italy neighborhoods in New York City. His father also moved very close to them in order to be in his son’s life.

Meet Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s Grandparents

Toukie Smith’s son Aaron Kendrick De Niro had very influential grandparents who not only made their mark in their chosen career but were also able to impact their nation and others as well. Let us get to know more about them briefly –

Virginia De Niro

Virginia Holton Admiral, also known as Virginia De Niro, was an influential American poet, political activist, and painter of reckoning. She was born on February 4, 1915, in Dallas, Oregon, in the United States, to Alice Caroline (a school teacher) and Donald Admiral (a grain broker), and she died on July 27, 2000, aged 85, in the United States of America.

Her mother is of German descent, while her father is of French, English, and Dutch ancestry. She was raised a Presbyterian but later became an Atheist as an adult. She studied at Coe College in Cedar Springs, Iowa, in the United States between 1932 and 1935 and majored in Journalism. She also studied at the Arts Institute of Chicago under Hans Hoffman.

She met Robert De Niro Sr. while Studying under Hans Hoffman, and they got married in December 1942. They had their first son and only child, Robert De Niro Jr., in August 1943. In 1945, she divorced her husband shortly after he came out as gay, and though they were separated, they still remained very close friends throughout his lifetime, and she never remarried after her divorce.

She was active in political movements during her lifetime and fought for the rights of fellow Artists and the poor, She also led movements against America’s involvement in the Vietnam War. In 1960, she played a pivotal role in getting low-cost housing units for artists living in the SoHo area of New York. Her work and contribution as an artist are very significant and revolutionary throughout her lifetime. She also cared for her ex-husband when he was diagnosed with cancer and took him in.

Robert De Niro Sr.

Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s grandfather, Robert De Niro Sr., was born on May 3, 1922, in Syracuse, New York, to Helen O’Reilly (an Irish-American) and Henry Martin De Niro (whose parents migrated to the United States from Ferrazzo, Italy in 1887). He was the eldest of 3 children, his siblings were John and Joan.

He studied at Black Mountain College but was not too persuaded by their artistic teaching methods. He later studied under Hans Hoffman in Province Town, Massachusetts, in the United States – who had a great influence on his career as a painter. He met Virginia Admiral while studying under Hans Hoffman, and they got married in 1942, had a son in 1943, and divorced in 1945 after he came out as gay.

He had a relationship with Robert Duncan in 1944 – who his wife was also believed to have had an intimate relationship with. His work as a painter has been very impressive since he launched his solo career in the 1950s. between the 1970s and 1980s, he taught at several Art schools and exhibited his work throughout the United States of America.

He died on May 3, 1993 – exactly on his 71st birthday in his Manhattan home from Cancer. He was laid to rest at the Kensico Cemetry in Valhalla, New York, in the United States. His son Robert De Niro Jr. dedicated the film A Bronx Tale (1993) to his memory – in which he also made his directorial debut. He also instituted the Robert De Niro Sr. Prize – a $ 25,000 annual prize for mid-career artists in the United States. Remembering the Artist (2014), a short documentary was also made for him by his son.

Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s Siblings

Robert De Niro's children
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Aaron Kendrick De Niro has 6 siblings from his father’s marriage to two women.

Raphael De Niro

Raphael De Niro is Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s oldest sibling. He is the first biological son of his father, Robert De Niro, born in his first marriage to Diahnne Abbott. His father got married to Abbot in 1976, and they divorced each other in 1988. He was a former actor and producer turned Real Estate broker who works for the Douglas Elliman firm in New York City.

Drena De Niro

Drena De Niro was the adoptive daughter of Robert De Niro when he married her mother, Diahnne Abbott, in 1976, and she took his last name after the adoption. She is an actress and filmmaker. She was born on September 3, 1971, and is currently 52 years old. She lost her son Leandro in July 2023 due to a drug overdose, aged 19.

Julian Henry De Niro

Julian Henry De Niro is Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s twin brother, and they were born on Sept 20, 1995, via IVF and birthed by a surrogate mother. Julian is currently 28 years old, and his mother is Toukie Smith. He is an upcoming actor who has decided to walk in his parents’ big shoes and possibly eclipse their contribution to the entertainment industry in America.

Elliot De Niro

Elliot De Niro is the last male sibling of Aaron Kendrick De Niro. He is the first child of the marital union between Robert De Niro and Grace Hightower in 1997. He was born on March 18, 1998, in New York City in the United States of America, and he is currently 28 year old. His parents separated in 1999, but their divorce was never finalized.

Helen De Niro

Helen De Niro is the second child of the union between Robert De Niro and Grace Hightower, and she was born via a surrogate mother in 2011. Helen is probably still in High School presently. Not much is known about her, just like some of Robert De Niro’s children. Her parents finally got a divorce in 2018, and they have been co-parenting their two children successfully to date.

Gia Virginia Chen De Niro

Gia Virginia Chen De Niro is the latest sibling of Aaron Kendrick De Niro. She is the daughter of Robert De Niro and his current partner, Tiffany Chen. During an interview with CBS Mornings Gayle King, De Niro announced that he just recently became a father at 79, as his daughter was born in April 2023 – making him one of the oldest fathers alive.

Is Aaron Kendrick De Niro Transexual?

The truth is that no one actually knows the sexual orientation of Aaron Kendrick De Niro. He has always lived his life devoid of media attention and has never disclosed his relationship status to anyone over the years. He has never been photographed by the paparazzi on a date with a female or male lover, nor has he revealed who he is dating.

Since no one knew his relationship status or current partner, rumors began flying around that he could probably be gay like his grandfather Robert De Niro Sr – who openly came out as gay in the mid-1940s. Aaron does not appear to have a Social Media presence, and like some celebrity children, so information about his sexual life and preferences is non-existent.

There is also a possibility that he could currently be in a relationship with a secret partner, who he has not disclosed currently as he is very shy and lives far away from all forms of media attention. He is currently 28 year old and may be thinking of settling down with either a female or male partner very soon, as he is a handsome and very dashing young man.

Aaron Kendrick De Niro’s Net Worth

Toukie Smith’s son is believed to currently have a net worth ranging from between $ 800,000 to about $ 5 million. Right from when he was born, Aaron has always lived a very guarded life as his parents tried their very best to protect and shield their sons (and other children) from all forms of media attention and/or scrutiny.

As he grew up over the years, not much information about him was out there in the open, and he continued this secretive lifestyle right into adulthood, where, to this day, not much is known about his personal life. There are rumors that he currently lives in a very lavish mansion or that he lives in a luxurious condo, which sets him back by as much as $ 125,000 monthly. He does dress quite debonair, though.

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