Where is Chrisean Rock From and What Is Her Ethnicity?

Chrisean Rock’s ethnicity is African-American. Her parents are African Americans, and her family has deep roots in Southwest Baltimore, Maryland, United States of America, where she was born and raised alongside her 11 other siblings.

Chrisean was just recently sentenced to a 4-year probation for car theft and possession of a controlled substance without a tax stamp and possession with the intent to distribute. She had a falling out with her former on-and-off lover and baby daddy, Blueface, and she decided to take his Mercedes Benz G-Wagon away to get to her folk’s house in Baltimore, but he reported the car stolen, resulting in a Judge issuing an arrest warrant for her, which eventually led to her arrest in New Orleans while she was out partying with friends and associates.

Where is Chrisean Rock From?

Chrisean Rock was born in West Baltimore, Maryland in the United States of America on March 14. 2000, and by birth, she is an American. She has spent most, if not all, of her life within the United States of America, and from all we know about her parents, they are also Americans, and that rules out the possibility of her being from another country.

What Is Chrisean Rock’s Ethnicity?

Chrisean Rock’s ethnicity is African-American, and by looks and immediate lineage, there seems to be no indication that she is of another ethnicity. All her 11 siblings are African-Americans, and so are her father, Eugene Arthur Malone, and her mother, Charla Malone. Chrisean Rock’s ethnicity is probably one of the things her fans love about her.

Where Is Chrisean Rock Now?

Chrisean Rock is currently still living in the United States of America and more specifically in the Baltimore area of Maryland. She is presently a cast member of Zeus Network’s reality television show called the Baddies East, alongside her older sister and fellow rapper Latifah Tesehki Malone. They have both signed up for Season 2 of the show, despite the fact that she just had her baby boy.

She should be serving a jail term right now after she was convicted by a court on charges of car theft and possession of a controlled substance. Fortunately for her, she would be on probation and not incarcerated at a Women’s Federal Correctional facility in Oklahoma.

Why Did Chrisean Rock Go To Jail?

Sometime in November 2022, Chrisean Rock was booted out of her live-in lover’s (Blueface) mansion after her record deal with him was terminated. She refused to leave his house claiming that she was not only his lover, but also his worker. An altercation ensued between her and Blueface’s manager, Wack 1000, and she left angrily with something that belonged to him.

She decided to take Blueface Mercedes Benz G-Wagon car and drove it all the way to Baltimore where her family was based. Blueface reported his car as stolen and the police began searching for it. When it was discovered that Chrisean had taken it, she was invited to show up in court sometime in April 2023 for charges filed earlier in February, but she did not and the Judge put out an arrest warrant for her.

She was finally arrested in New Orleans on a bench warrant out of Oklahoma while out partying. While the police were searching the car, they found out that she had cocaine in the vehicle and brought her in on the count of possession of a controlled substance without a tax stamp and possession with the intent to distribute.

Though she was not present in court on the day of her hearing due to her pregnancy and her fast-approaching Expected Due Date (EDD), her lawyer, Ken Gallon, pleaded with the Judge to take into account the fact that she did not have a prior criminal record and not send her to jail. After hearing her side of the matter, the Judge set September as his Judgement day.

The Judge sentenced her to 4 years probation in September 2023 after she pleaded guilty to the charges against her. She would also serve a 120-hour community service at a homeless shelter and pay a fine of $ 991 to the District Attorney’s office. She will be off probation by March 2027.

This was not the first time Chrisean was arrested and taken to jail though, as she was arrested sometime in August 2022 outside of Whiskey Bar in Scottsdale, Arizona, for battery and assault charges against her then-lover, Blueface. Apparently, she had gone out with Blueface and while they were walking, she suddenly snatched his phone from his hand and ran into Whiskey Bar – which was not open for business at that time of day yet.

Blueface sent one of his friends to retrieve his phone from her, and when she swung at him, he gave up his quest and reported the same to Blueface, who then went inside the bar to retrieve his phone himself, but met her under some stools and behaving in an unusual manner.

When the management of the bar put them out, they began arguing on the patio of the bar and it became more heated as they went on. A bystander at the time of the incident told police that Chrisean just suddenly got up and hit Blueface in the face twice, which later gave him black eyes. People around had to step in to prevent the matter from degenerating further.

It is not clear who called the police over the incident – whether it was Blueface or his team or even possibly the Whiskey Bar operators, but the police got involved and when they found out what had happened, they took Chrisean in on battery and assault charges and took her to jail. She was eventually bailed out and returned to Blueface’s mansion, and their love and romance continued.

Chrisean’s run-in with the law centers around her relationship with Blueface, as she had a clean record and was on a different career path before they got together. This is probably one of the reasons why Chrisean’s fans are not in support of her toxic relationship with Blueface, which seems to have done more harm than good to her image and mental health.

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