How Did Chrisean Rock Lose Her Tooth?

Chrisean Rock lost her front tooth during an altercation between her and Blueface’s Baby mama, Jaidyn Alexis. The duo were involved in a fight where Rock hit her face on the ground, and her front tooth came off.

Chrisean Rock is an American singer/rapper, dancer, and social media sensation. She is known for hit songs like Rainy Days, Word to My Brother, and most recently Vibe, which has more than 5 million streams on Spotify. Rock has courted controversies due to her on-and-off tumultuous relationship with Blueface and her fans are always curious about every aspect of her life. This article focuses on how she lost her tooth and what led to the traumatic event.

What Happened To Chrisean Rock’s Tooth?

Chrisean Rock lost her tooth when she got into a fight over Blueface who she has been in an on-again and off-again relationship for some years now. Blueface is an American rapper whose real name is Johnathan Jamall Porter. He created a reality television show at the height of the Covid-19 pandemic which was what brought Rock into the limelight.

Like most celebrities, Blueface tried to make the most of the time during the pandemic by creating an OnlyFans channel where he hosted a reality dating competition show. The show which was a spin-off of the infamous “Bad Girls Club” was named “Blue Girls Club”.

The premise of the show is that women from across the country move in with the rapper to compete for his attention. The show is currently in its 5th season, but in the first season, he quarantined with seven women who were all vying for his love and attention. Among them was Chrisean Rock, Blueface’s baby mama Jaidyn Alexis and 5 other women.

Chrisean Rock stood out among these women for several reasons, and her volatile temper is chief among them. During the time while they were still filming the show, Chrisean Rock and Jaidyn Alexis got into a physical fight which led to Rock losing her front tooth.

How Did Chrisean Rock Lose Her Tooth?

As stated earlier, Rock and Alexis got into a physical fight. Rock, who was said to have been provoked by Alexis, was in socks during the fight. She then slipped and fell into a small statue. In the course of her falling, she hit her face, causing her front tooth to fall out.

Blueface shared that they had to rush Chrisean to the hospital. He shared that the whole tooth hadn’t fallen out initially but was dangling. They were hopeful that they could screw it back, but the doctor said they had to yank the whole thing out.

When Was Chrisean Rock’s Tooth Knocked Out?

Chrisean Rock lost her front tooth in 2020 while they were still shooting the reality show “Blue Girls Club”. Of all the girls in the house, Rock was known for her spunky spirit and loud mouth. She got into a fight with all of the housemates at different points, but the most volatile of her fights was with Alexis, and her tooth got knocked out in the process.

Her missing tooth became part of her signature look, and she refused to get it fixed until recently, even though Blueface gave her the funds to fix it.

Who Knocked Out Chrisean Rock’s Tooth?

Chrisean Rock’s tooth was knocked out by Jaidyn Alexis, who is Blueface’s high school sweetheart and baby mama. It should be pointed out that Alexis didn’t physically knock out the teeth, but it got knocked out in the course of their fight.

In an Instagram live video hosted on Blueface’s account, Chrisean attempted to explain what happened. According to her account, Blueface’s baby mama, Jaidyn Alexis, stormed his mansion with 16 other women to teach Rock a lesson. Alexis provoked Rock into a fight, during which Rock slipped and fell into a small statue as her feet were clad in just socks. It was during her fall that her front teeth fell off.

The Talented Rapper Was Reluctant to Fix Her Tooth

After the incident, Chrisean Rock was still going around with her front tooth missing after she even admitted that Blueface gave her the funds to fix it. From all indications, she definitely grew into that look and decided to adopt it as her signature look. She believed that the missing front tooth made her look like a big baby, and she quickly got accustomed to it.

Moreover, Blueface shared that he never had the intention of signing any of the women on the show on his record label, but he felt that Rock had been through a lot, and he felt guilty about her missing tooth that he just had to make it up to her one way or the other.

Rock’s missing tooth became her good luck charm and signature look. It indeed set her apart from the crowd, and she rocked it with all the confidence she could muster. Some of her fans even speculated that it was possible that she didn’t have enough money to fix it, but she has shut down those rumors that Blueface already gave her the funds to fix it, and even if he didn’t, she had already made enough money in her career to get it fixed.

Chrisean Rock’s New Tooth

Sometime in the early part of 2023, Rock announced that she was expecting a Blueface baby. Blueface took to his Instagram account to deny that he was the father, as he could attest that she had been with 10 other men during that period. This caused another altercation, and they went off on each other on social media.

In April 2023, Rock took to Instagram to say that she was trying to fix her tooth. She had a consultation with Dr. Trevor J. Thomas before they found a lasting solution to fix her missing teeth. Her fans reacted positively to the revelation, hyping the expectant mother up that it was a step in the right direction towards her healing from her toxic relationship with Blueface.

Soon after she shared the news, Blueface took to his page to take a jibe at her that she was not reliable and never kept to her word. She then shared another video of herself taking out the tooth, which was only screwed in. Several of her fans went after Blueface and accused him of being jealous of her success.

Does Chrisean Have Blueface On Her Tooth?

Chrisean Rock has revealed a picture of her newly implanted tooth, which has a picture of Blueface on it. This is the second picture of Blueface that Chrisean is proudly rocking on her body, as she already has his face boldly tattooed on her neck.

On the 9th of July, 2023, Rock shared a video of herself at her orthodontist’s office getting a new tooth. She then reveals the tooth with a picture of Blueface’s on it. She also put in the caption that she did it for Daddy Bluee.

The dynamics of the relationship between Blueface and Chrisean is one that has been described as toxic by several people. They seem to derive pleasure from hauling hurtful words and accusations at themselves on social media and then making up the next minute.

After Blueface announced that he was not the father of her child and that he wouldn’t accept the child without a DNA test, he retracted his statement by stating that the child was most likely his. He has claimed that he would not want to be in a relationship with a female celebrity and then, in the same breath, accused Chrisean of being a liar and unreliable.

Moreover,  there is the issue of his first baby mama, Jaidyn Alexis, who already has two kids for the rapper and whom he refers to as his main woman. So the question is that where does Chrisean Rock fit into all of this? As if things were not complicated enough, Blueface and Rock have brought a child into this mess of a relationship.

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