Is Miranda Lambert Pregnant? Truth About Her Weight Gain

Miranda Lambert is not pregnant, contrary to the rumors that have been making the rounds about her supposed pregnancy. Since she became a national sensation with her commanding vocals and heartfelt lyrics, Miranda has always struggled with her weight and has gained and lost some pounds over the years.

Lambert has been married twice but has yet to welcome her own biological children. Her weight gain in recent times might have fueled her pregnancy rumors but she is yet to confirm or refute any of the rumors. She has revealed that she is presently at peace with her body size and doesn’t really care about other people’s opinion of her body as she has never been a slim person naturally.

Was Miranda Lambert Ever Pregnant?

There have been no confirmed reports or official announcements regarding Miranda Lambert being pregnant throughout her career. While rumors and speculations often swirl around celebrities’ personal lives, it’s vital to rely on factual information and respect their privacy.

Miranda Lambert has been open about her journey and experiences through her music, but any claims or rumors about her pregnancy should be treated with caution unless confirmed by the artist herself.

The musician has been married twice, the first time was to fellow country music star, Blake Shelton, and in 2019 she announced her marriage to an NYPD officer Brendan McLoughlin. During the course of her two marriages, Lambert has been a dedicated and devoted spouse and her decision to not have children might be personal or due to an underlying medical condition. Considering the fact that both her ex and current husbands have children but not with her.

The Origin of Miranda Lambert’s Pregnancy Rumor

It is not clear where the rumors of Miranda Lambert’s pregnancy originated from. It could be because the singer had some weight gain. According to Miranda, she has struggled with body insecurities and her weight for her whole life. But after years of body image issues, she has now hit a comfortable place and wouldn’t allow naysayers to disrupt her newfound peace.

She even reiterated that because of her height of 5 feet 4 inches, her weight gain is always very obvious. There was a time when she was a size 6 and had even grown comfortable with that size. That confidence gave her the confidence to perform on stage without being self-conscious. She used to worry about not giving her best performance because she was distracted by her insecurities.

In recent times, Miranda has even added more weight which has further fuelled the rumour of a pregnancy. The country singer on the other hand has been mute concerning the pregnancy rumors.

In the world of celebrity gossip, speculation often arises from various sources, including changes in appearance, such as weight gain. While weight fluctuations can occur for numerous reasons, it is crucial not to jump to conclusions or fuel unfounded rumors. As far as it is known there have been no confirmed reports of Miranda Lambert’s pregnancy.

Does Miranda Lambert Have Kids?

Yes, Miranda Lambert is a proud mother. She does not have any biological children of her own but became a stepmother in 2006 when she married country singer Blake Shelton. Shelton had three children from a previous marriage, and Lambert embraced her role as a stepmother.

Lambert has spoken openly about her love for her stepchildren and her dedication to being a positive influence in their lives. Despite the end of her marriage to Shelton in 2015, Lambert has continued to maintain a strong bond with her stepchildren, demonstrating her commitment to family and the importance of nurturing relationships beyond blood ties. Then when she got married in 2017, she became a step-mother for the second time with her new husband. Lambert has no biological kids of her own.

How Much Does Miranda Lambert Weigh?

Miranda Lambert weighs around 77kg or 170 pounds. She is known to have weight fluctuations and they are very noticeable due to her petite frame. In recent times, reports have mentioned Lambert’s weight gain, attributing it partially to the impact of the pandemic. She is currently believed to weigh 170 pounds.

It is believed that Lambert has experimented with different diets, including low-carb ones. There are many facts about her weight loss and weight gain that remain a mystery. This is due to the very personal nature of these events and how little she has spoken about her weight, either in terms of gain or loss.

Since the “Little Red Wagon” singer found happiness again with McLoughlin, Lambert’s outlook on life and mindset have taken a new turn. She appears livelier and happier and she has spoken about her newfound happiness in some interviews. According to her, She has embraced her true self, fallen in love with the outdoors, and now enjoys a life full of good food and music.

Unlike in the past when she had experimented with different diet plans, Lambert has revealed that she no longer has a specific diet plan or fitness regime. There are days when she only consumes low-carb foods and days when she indulges herself with cheeseburgers and wine. She also sometimes enjoys a joint workout session with her husband and does Pilates and runs when she feels like it.

Lambert has revealed that she has finally found her happy place and has learned to be comfortable in her present size. She also asserted that she no longer feels insecure about her appearance when performing for large crowds. On the whole, she feels happier, healthier, and even sexier without any pressure to look a certain way.

Reactions To Miranda Lambert’s New Weight Has Been Mixed

Sometime in August 2022, A video of Lambert performing on stage made its way to social media. The singer was spotted with a fuller body in denim shorts, graphic tee, and cowboy boots and some fans had some mean things to say about her new body.

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They dropped jokes like “Mealranda Lamburger, HAMbert” while some urged her to “Mix in a salad” in her diet. Her true supporters and lovers came out in droves to defend their favorite country singer from internet trolls who were body-shaming her. They reiterated that she was healthy and happy which was the most important thing.

A particular woman even commented that she had Miranda’s body type and that seeing Miranda so happy made her feel safe. The Texas native was encouraged to continue to live her life on her own terms as bodies age and gain weight which is a normal part of life.

From her recent posts on social media, she appeared to have lost some weight again but this is natural as she has been open about her weight fluctuations.


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