Jennifer Lopez Pregnant: Is There a Baby on the Way?

Jennifer Lopez is not pregnant despite the pregnancy rumors that have been making the rounds for a few weeks. There is no proof to confirm that she is actually pregnant and expecting a child with her husband, Ben Affleck. Inquiries made to her media team have not confirmed that she is pregnant, and the most recent pictures that she has posted on her Social Media handles have disproved the pregnancy rumors.

Jennifer Lopez got married to American actor and filmmaker Ben Affleck on July 16, 2022, in Las Vegas, Nevada. The couple, who were previously in a relationship, started dating in 2001, got engaged in November 2002, and were slated to get married in September 2003, before calling off the wedding just a few days before the ceremony. They supposedly did so because of the excessive media attention generated by the ceremony, which spooked Ben Affleck.

Is Jennifer Lopez Pregnant Again?

No! Jennifer Lopez is not pregnant. The topic of Jennifer Lopez’s pregnancy has been going on for several months now, and from all that we know about her, there is no sufficient proof to confirm that she is currently pregnant and expecting another child. She and/or her media team have been inundated with questions regarding her rumored pregnancy and they have not confirmed that she is pregnant at all.

The 54 year-old mother of nine children from both her current and previous marriages, still posted a recent picture on her Instagram handle a few days ago, and she does not look a bit pregnant in that picture at all. It might still be the early days of these rumors so all eyes are definitely on her.

Origin of Jennifer Lopez’s Pregnancy Rumors

Rumors of Jennifer Lopez’s pregnancy began making the rounds a few weeks ago when online sleuths began peddling the rumor that she seems to be hiding a baby bump in her recent photos at events. They began to notice that she was putting on more loose-fitting clothes, which were not her usual fashion apparel choices.

So they began to forensically look through her past pictures, especially of the times that she was pregnant in the past, to see if they could find some similarities with how she currently looks. Then rumor merchants on YouTube and other streaming media took up the rumors, with most of them making unsubstantiated stories about her pregnancy.

Some others believe that since she recently celebrated her one-year wedding anniversary to her new husband, Ben Affleck then a baby should be in the works already for the couple. It is worth noting that most of the content creators running these pregnancy rumors about Jennifer Lopez are simply doing so to attract traffic to their sites by using the rumors as clickbait.

How Many Kids Does Jennifer Lopez Have?

Jennifer Lopez has a total of 9 children. 2 of her children are her biological children, while the remaining 7 are stepchildren she gained during her marriage to ex-husband Marc Anthony, and her current husband, Ben Affleck. She had a few other pregnancies of her own, but she did not successfully carry them to full term.

Jennifer Lopez had her biological fraternal twins, Emme and Max Muniz, in Long Island, New York in the United States of America on February 22, 2008, and they are currently 15 year old. Her 3 stepchildren from Ben Affleck’s previous marriage include Violet Ann (b. December 2005), Seraphina Rose Elizabeth (b. January 2009 and Samuel Garner (b. February 2012).

While she was married to her ex-husband Marc Anthony, Lopez inherited 4 of his 7 children now, as her stepchildren. Her oldest stepdaughter is Arianna Muniz (b. 1994) between Marc Anthony and ex-girlfriend Debbie Rosado; they also adopted a son Chase Muniz while dating. Marc Anthony’s marriage to ex-wife Dayanara Torres produced 2 children – Christian Marcus Muniz (b. February 5, 2001) and Ryan Adrian Muniz (b. August 16, 2003).

Who Did Jennifer Lopez Have Kids With?

Jennifer Lopez’s first biological children are a product of her marriage to popular American singer-songwriter and actor, Marc Anthony. They got married in 2004, and she was his second wife. They had their fraternal twins Emme Maribel Muniz and Maximilian David Muniz on February 22, 2008, in Long Island, New York in the United States of America.

Ben Affleck and Jennifer Lopez’s Relationship

The relationship between Jennifer Lopez and her current husband Ben Affleck – an American actor and filmmaker known for portraying the character of Bruce Wayne/Batman, began sometime in 2001 while they were both on the set of Gigli, while Jennifer was still married to Cris Judd. Their relationship actually became romantic sometime in July 2002, and it was dubbed “Benniffer”.

Their romance enjoyed unprecedented publicity from the media, and they collaborated together on many projects from the onset. By November 2002, “Bennifer” announced their engagement officially and planned to get married on September 14, 2003. Their proposed marriage generated excessive media attention and they called it off just 4 days before the event. They eventually called off the engagement in January 2004 and went their separate ways.

Jennifer Lopez revealed that the excessive media attention their proposed wedding generated was the major reason behind the split and she described it as her first real heartbreak. After the split, they both remained in touch with each other. They always had good things to say about each other publicly during interviews, though they both went on to marry someone else.

20 years after Jenifer Lopez and Ben Affleck met in 2001, they somehow rekindled their love connection and began dating around April 2021. They announced their engagement the same month, and on July 16, 2022, they got married in a private ceremony in Las Vegas. They hosted a proper wedding celebration for friends and family a month later in Ben Affleck’s home in Georgia.

There was a video posted online that seems to suggest that things are a bit rough between the newlyweds, but we should not read much meaning into it yet. In the video, the couple were returning to their car, and Ben Affleck seemed to have slammed the door in anger after his wife had sat down.

Other channels have, however, set the records straight on this incident, stating that sound effects could have been added by mischief makers to make the video look worse than it actually was.

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