What Really Happened To Trinidad James’ Eye?

Trinidad James’ eye injury was the subject of discussion for quite a while after he appeared in an interview with Marco from Break Beats to promote his hit single “UGLY”. It turned out that he was only wearing a prosthetic eye for dramatic effect and to promote his single track. He made another video later on that day with his real face to show that nothing was wrong with his face.

James later revealed that nothing was wrong with his mutilated left eye, and he just put it on to promote his single. He also revealed in a separate interview that he fell down stepping stones as a child in Trinidad and Tobago, which not only split open his skull but also affected his memory of his life before the fall.

Did Trinidad James Have an Eye Injury?

Trinidad James’ eye injury shocked a lot of his fans when they first saw him with a mutilated left eye that was almost bursting out of its socket in October 2019. He was being interviewed by Marco from Break Beat Media just before the release of his hit single UGLY. As he came on the show, he was wearing a bear mask and a black short-sleeved shirt with a short tie.

When Marco asked him to reveal who was under the mask, he told Marco to look at his good eye when he did so. The show’s viewers and Trinidad James fans were shocked beyond words when they saw that his left eye was mutilated and bulging out of his socket when he removed the bear mask to show his face. He was this way throughout the interview.

He later took to his Social Media handles to post a video of himself later in the day when he had removed the fake prosthetic eye that was professionally put on his face by revealing his unmutilated face. He then revealed that it was simply a prosthetic eye put in place for dramatic effect and to promote his single UGLY.  He had the same prosthetic eye on for the cover art of the single.

This was not the only time that he used this prosthetic eye for an event or promotion. He used it again in November 2019 in another promotional interview, and he did the same again sometime in January 2022. The stunt got him so much publicity the first time he used it, as it was the subject of discussion for quite a while. It, however, did not achieve the same effect on subsequent occasions.

What Happened To Trinidad James Face?

Trinidad James’ eye ‘injury’ was not the only thing that his fans and followers immediately noticed about him. They also discovered that he seemed to be carrying some form of injury or mutilation on his face. Turns out that apart from the scars that he got on his skull after his fall down step stones as a young child, he seemed to have a scar that ran across his face as well.

The said scar was not actually an injury to his face but the work of an expressive and expert artist he called Rokisha. While he was putting on the fake prosthetic mutilated left eye for effects, the artist almost created a scar that ran across his face while crafting the fake prosthetic eye. This was simply an effect and what his fans saw on his face.

Trinidad James was Involved in an Accident

Trinidad James revealed that he had an accident when he was very young in his home country of Trinidad and Tobago. He was walking on some step stones, and he missed a step. He thereafter slipped and hit his head on the stones under his feet. He stated that his head split open right down the middle and still carries scars from the incident.

He revealed in an interview that the accident he had was about when he was 7 or 8 years old. The force with which he hit his head on the stones under him must have caused him some sort of blunt force trauma or brain injury, as he cannot seem to remember anything about his early childhood before the fall.

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