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Before discovering their forte as YouTubers, the Hodgetwins had worn many hats working in several industries from the Marine Corps to being security guards. The duo also made a brief stop with an insurance company, but then, they never experienced job satisfaction until 2008 when they dropped their debut video on YouTube.

Today, the Hodgetwins (Kevin and Keith) have gained massive popularity as stand-up comedians, YouTubers, fitness pros, as well as entrepreneurs with their own clothing and supplement lines. The twins are equally the brain behind the Hodgetwins gym. Their videos are known to be informal and hilarious, it has thus far amassed over 400 million views.

What Is The Age of The Hodgetwins?

Although they became popular as the Hodgetwins, their real names are Kevin Hodge and Keith Hodge, they are American nationals born on the 17th of September 1975 in Martinsville, Virginia. The twins came as the last kids of the Hodge family with a couple of older siblings: a brother and a sister, though no one knows their names or profession.

Keith and Kevin had a rough time growing up in their native Virginia as the Hodge family was one of the poorest in Martinsville. The Hodgetwins’ impoverished background led them into several vices during their formative years, notable among these was shoplifting food items from big departmental stores because they didn’t have any to eat. Being caught in the act on several occasions was something they were not proud of as the stigma followed them around.

However, some good still came out of the twins’ rough childhood. Their situation set the fire of ambition burning in them from a very young age. They vowed to be successful in life and thus began working towards it. More often than not, the duo would make references to their unideal past in their comedy act.

The burning ambition to be successful took the Hodgetwins to the American InterContinental University, they graduated with degrees in Accounting and Finance. The twins’ situation continued to improve with higher academic qualifications which marked the beginning of good days for the two.

Their Career Exploits

Before joining the long list of successful men and women who have created a niche for themselves with the aid of the internet, Keith and Kevin tried their hands at other professions. At a certain point in their lives, they were employed by an insurance company.

Sources have revealed that it was during their days in the insurance company that the duo started making videos and uploading them on YouTube. However, it was taken as something on the side until they were convinced to quit their jobs by the massive number of views that followed. Thus, the two decided to take the internet by storm and commenced making videos on YouTube as their full-time job. Their channel evolved and later began to focus on comedy with commentaries on burning issues in the country, depicting the interest of the common man.

The Hodgetwins
The Hodgetwins with Arnold Schwarzenegger: image source

As fame beckoned, the Hodgetwins assumed an advisory role, proffering advice in a plethora of areas like family and relationships. Upon realizing the influence of the internet on people, the twins proceeded to launch other channels on YouTube, diversifying into fitness and acting. Presently, they have been quite busy with several comedy tours which have enhanced their popularity to a greater extent. At a certain point in their career, the duo met the legendary actor Arnold Schwarzenegger.

Who Are Their Parents?

Very little is known about the twins’ parents but it is a known fact that their mum died in 2013 which was a very big blow for the duo as they were obviously close to their mother.

However, nothing is known about their dad but it is common knowledge that their older siblings took care of them during their formative years.

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The Heights of The Hodgetwins

In addition to having an intimidating muscular build, the Hodgetwins are quite tall, standing at a great height of 6 feet 3 inches with suitable bodyweights billed around 98 kg. The details of their other body measurements are not known but it is known that the two take good care of their bodies.

On a daily basis, they consume 120 to 140 grams of protein. The twins equally incorporate their children into their daily dietary plan, ensuring that they too eat healthy meals. The duo sport dark brown eyes and black hair.


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