Broda Shaggi Net Worth and Full Biography of The Comedian

Broda Shaggi is a Nigerian comedian, actor, songwriter, and musician with an estimated net worth of $200,000.

The 30 year-old is the son of a drama teacher. He had always had an interest in the creative arts, with drama-comedy being a personal passion. He spent a few years working without any recognition, but is now a household name, earning money through the influence and versatility he wields with each social media post.

Broda Shaggi Has an Estimated Net Worth of $200,000

Restrictions on public information and the Nigerian social media comedy industry’s growing status mean we have limited data on earnings by internet stars like Broda Shaggi. However, various online reports suggest the Lagos-born comedian has an estimated wealth of $200,000. Others claim the real value is between N50 and N70 million.

Whatever the actual figure might be, there is no doubt that comedy has made Broda Shaggi a rich man and one of the prominent faces among the third generation of Nigerian comedians. We also know that he makes his money from various sources, including movie appearances and brand endorsements.

Comedy Skits (Social Media)

The journey that led to his millionaire status started as a child. However, things really took off in 2018 when he posted the Jesus Appeared in Mushin video skit. Although he had garnered a modest following on social media before its release, the skit went viral, bringing him under the limelight.

The viral video resulted from a decision to take comedy more seriously when he was a student in UNILAG. He began appearing in several theatre and film roles, playing characters like Inspector Perry and Akonni Ibadan. Eventually, he found the character, Broda Shaggi.

The first thing that came with the character was fame and then money. Perry launched his YouTube channel, official BRODA Shaggi, in March 2018. It now has more than 825,000 subscribers, with over 129.7 million views. The result of this popularity is an estimated $1.2k to $18.9k monthly in ad revenue from YouTube.

Broda Shaggi Net Worth
Broda Shaggi in one of his famous skits with Mercy Lambo: image source

Although it is not an exact science, Influencer Marketing Hub estimates his average earnings per post on Instagram to be between $13,029 and $21,715. We can comfortably say he does not earn that amount per IG post, but thanks to his popularity, driven by skits like Daddy Nala and Wives, #BBN Mercy Lambo Slaps Broda Shaggi, his Instagram has become a haven of sponsored skits by brands.

In 2018, in the early days of his fame, the reported he earned N300,000 per sponsored skit. Years after, with millions of followers, it is safe to say Broda Shaggi makes a whole lot more on social media platforms.

Movies and TV Exploits

Acting has always been a passion that is very dear to Samuel Perry. To those who always knew him, it is no surprise that his comedic side has made him rich. But since he found national and international fame as Broda Shaggi, he has leveraged his popularity to star in some of the country’s biggest films.

As an actor, he started performing at a young age, having fallen in love with the arts as a child. As a university student, he performed in theatre and appeared in small-scale Nollywood films, often playing small roles. Since finding fame, he has appeared in cinema flicks like Fate of Alakada, Elevator Baby, The Millions, and Nimbe.

Broda Shaggi’s exact earnings in each film remain unknown. Still, between his star power and increased onscreen presence, acting has become a significant income source for the Instagram comedian.

Brand Endorsements

The Lagos-born comedian earns a lot of money from sponsored skits paid for by brands with products and services. However, his fame has also resulted in earning opportunities as a brand ambassador. More than three years after his first viral skit, Broda Shaggi now makes millions as an ambassador from a couple of local and international companies in the country.

Some of the brands in his ambassadorial portfolio include:

Other Sources of Income

Beyond brand endorsements, movie/TV appearances, and comedy skits, Broda Shaggi’s enviable net worth also comes from stage appearances. Although they are not his most lucrative endeavors, the IG comedian also earns money from appearing at shows and concerts.

Additionally, he is a voiceover artist, songwriter, and musician. His music pursuits have yet to become a significant income source. Still, it has resulted in the release of an EP, Fine Boy Agbero Volume 1, which he released in 2020. Together, they have all helped him to his $200,000 net worth.

Broda Shaggi Grew Up in Lagos as the Son of a Drama Teacher

For all the chaos and excitement that defines his personality in mainstream media, Broda Shaggi has a muted background. Born on July 6, 1993, in Lagos State as Samuel Animashaun Perry, he is the son of a drama teacher and a mother whose identity remains undisclosed.

We do not know if he has any siblings, and details about his childhood remain hidden so far. However, we know from interviews that he grew up in Lagos with his parents, including his father, who taught drama at Mayflower Junior High School Ikenne.

Broda Shaggi Biography
Broda Shaggi and his mother: image source

While his father’s occupation would later inspire his career path, the successful comedian never got a lot of time with him. Broda Shaggi’s father died when he was young and he spent his journey to adulthood with his widowed mother, who never remarried after his father’s passing.

The loss of the family patriarch resulted in significant financial constraints. Through his mother’s hard work, Shaggi completed secondary school and secured admission to UNILAG, where he studied Creative Arts for a bachelor’s degree. It was there that he found his way to acting and comedy.

Financial Struggles Drove Broda Shaggi Into Comedy

The few years Samuel Perry got with his father was enough to cement a lasting passion for drama in him. While his personality and character drew laughter from friends and family, he did not take comedy or acting seriously until he was in UNILAG.

As a Creative Arts student, he performed in theatre at school and appeared in a few Yoruba films in small roles. None of it was enough to give Perry a strong footing in the entertainment industry. After he graduated from UNILAG, he lived with his mother for a while before their financial struggles forced him to relocate to Lagos Island, where he lived with friends. It was a decision that ultimately led to the creation of Broda Shaggi.

A Random Visit to a Mechanic in December 2017 Birthed His Famous Character

With a significant net worth and international success to boast of, Samuel Perry is now exploring the other side of his creative interests. However, whatever success he records would come from the foundation laid by the character, Broda Shaggi.

Before bringing the hilarious and lovable lout to life, he had tried his hands at various comedic characters like Inspector Perry, Akanni Ibadan, and Professor Dele. They had been part of multiple attempts at escaping poverty via online comedy skits. None got off the ground.

However, on a random visit to the mechanic in December 2017, he overheard some guys discussing in a language and style typical of the Lagos agbero. He also noticed it made everyone within earshot laugh, and, at that moment, a light bulb went off in his head and he suddenly realised what to do to take his career to the next level.

He thought of different names for his new character, including Musiliu and Shaggi Don Baba. Eventually, he settled on Broda Shaggi, a decision that ultimately led to the end of his family’s financial struggles, inspired a successful career path and gave him substantial net worth and international fame.


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