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Ines Rau, a French Algerian model is popular as the first openly transgender woman to be featured as a Playmate of the Month in 2017 in the Playboy magazine. She is also passionate about LGBTQ rights and women’s rights and also frequently conducts campaigns for the environment. Ines is also an actress who has starred in Vernon Subutex (TV Series) as Marcia, Les Terriens du Samedi! (TV Series), Quotidien (TV Series), Salut Les Terriens (TV Series) and Cà Vous (TV Series) as herself. Keep on reading to learn more about Ines Rau.

Biography of Ines Rau

Born as a boy of Algerian descent in Paris on the 18th of March, 1990, Ines Rau came from a Muslim family led by her dad who is Algerian and her mother who is French-Moroccan. As a child, Ines was more attracted to feminine stuff as opposed to the boyish things that should hold her attention. This was noticed by everyone around him, but nobody knew that she would eventually choose to change her sex.

When Ines decided to undergo surgery for sex reassignment, her primary inspiration was the life story of Caroline ‘Tula’ Cossey, a transgender model. The tale influenced Ines significantly as she read Cossey’s book I Am A Woman at least twice, which gave her all the morale she required to take the brave leap. She was 16 when she had the surgery. It was a successful transition and Ines started to live like a woman. However, she kept her transgender identity a secret and waited to reveal it at the right time.

Ines Rau’s Career

Ines began dancing in Ibiza, Spain for various DJs and made a lot of cash from it. During this time, she met and became friends with David Guetta. She posed nude with Tyson Beckford at the age of 24 in 2013 for a spread in OOB, a French luxury magazine, soon after, she came out as a transgender.

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Ines Rau first appeared in Playboy’s “A-Z issue” in May 2014 in a publication entitled “Evolution” to portray the increasing acceptance of gender identities beyond the male-female binary. Her 2014 Playboy appearance also made her the second ever transgender to be featured in the magazine. Caroline Cossey, her source of inspiration, was the first.

Ines Rau
Ines modeling with cousin Nabil

Her popularity in the modeling industry grew quickly and she started working with various stakeholders including Alexis Bittar and Nicole Miller. Her face graced many popular magazine covers, and she modeled for various brands as well.

Cooper Hefner, son of Playboy founder Hugh Hefner, announced in October 2017 that Ines Rau would appear in the November/December 2017 issue of the magazine as “Playmate of the Month,” making her the first openly transgender woman to appear in this way. Hefner compared the choice of featuring Ines to the decision of his father to feature Jennifer Jackson as the first African-American model to appear as a playmate in the 1965 edition of Playboy.

Boyfriend and Relationships

Ines Rau is neither married nor single, neither does she have any children. She is currently involved in a romantic relationship with her longtime boyfriend, Staiv Gentis, a model, martial artist, and actor known for Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets (2017), Du Soleil Dans Mes Yeux (2018) and Leatherdaddy (2019). Since August 2015, the lovebirds have been dating and frequently post of their love for each other on their Instagram pages.

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More Facts About Ines Rau

Inspiration and Supported

Ines Rau was inspired by the life story of Caroline Cossey, but without the support of her parents, it was not easy to transition into a woman at such a young age. She admits to using her mum’s credit card to buy hormone drugs and was strongly supported by both parents, which helped her undergo the surgery.

Transgender Rights

Ines Rau became more involved in campaigning for transgender rights after her coming-out. In 2016, she appeared in an episode focused on her life in the TF1 news format Sept à Huit.

She is a Transgender Model

Ines Rau’s before and after transformation made her self-conscious at first. She admitted to Playboy that she was concerned about being viewed as “strange.” However, that hasn’t stopped her from pursuing her goals.

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Net Worth and Salary

Ines Rau’s career as a model will most definitely allow her to earn an income that can give her a life of comfort without her having to worry about paying the bills frequently. Her salary per annum is estimated to be $42,000. More income generation comes to this model from her bits of acting, and the fact that she has signed a book deal as well. However, an exact number on her net worth is not known as she hasn’t revealed that.

Height and Body Measurements

Ines Rau stands at a height of 5 ft 9 in, perfectly suited for a female and even more suited to her job. Her body statistics as provided for her bust, waist, and hips are a proportional 33-23-33 inches.

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