Is Uche Jombo Still Married To Husband Kenney Rodriguez and Who Are Her Other Family Members?

A lot of things about Uche Jombo as an actress is fascinating. One of the finest that Nollywood has to offer, Ms. Jombo also has a fascinating love story with her husband Kenny Rodriguez. The two got married in 2012, but after a while, they became a topic of discussion of the media as many continued to speculate that all was not well in their home and that the marriage was heading for a divorce.

With a kid between the Nigerian actress and the Peruto Rican, there have been questions on the fate of the family and the marriage as Uche has not only taken off the name of her husband from her social media but has also taken down all pictures of him. Even though she has since warned fans to stop putting their interests in her business, the questions have continued on whether they are still married or not, and all other details about their love story.

Uche Jombo and Kenny Met Through A Mutual Friend

Jombo and Rodriguez have always been known in the celebrity arena to keep their matters private. However, they revealed a little about how they first met. According to Kenny, he first met the actress through a friend of his who was a Nigerian. He said his first opportunity at meeting her was for a business as she was an Ambassador of a telecommunication service provider in the country. The business he had wanted striking with her was because he was also running a communication business in the United States.

When they met, Kenny realized that Uche Jomba had a strong passion for her career as an actress and was also very hardworking. He appreciated the attributes, got to learn from her about her work, and in the process, fell in love with her. The businessman revealed that it was easy for him to fall for her and he felt very lucky that a woman like her would choose to date and even marry him.

Uche Jombo
Uche Jombo and Kenny Rodriguez (Image Source)

The Duo Got Married In 2012

The exact year that Kenny and Uche started dating has never been revealed. Nonetheless, the beautiful pair decided to make their relationship permanent when they walked down the aisle in 2012.

The wedding, which took many of her fans by surprise in Nigeria, was a private event that happened on the 16th of May on the beach in Puerto Rico. What was even more shocking to fans was that a few days before the event, after rumors started making the rounds that she was preparing to get married, she denied everything.

After the union was solemnized, Uche Jombo and Kenny Rodriguez returned to Nigeria. The publication, WOW magazine, had exclusive rights to the wedding pictures and shared them online. It was evident that not many stars were present at the wedding which had Julie Odia, owner of WOW magazine, as the maid of honor. The wedding which was reportedly organized by the famous wedding planner, Michelle Cotto, was later revealed by the actress to be the wedding of her dreams.

The Marriage Was Blessed With A Son

Three years after they walked down the aisle, Uche Jombo welcomed the couple’s first son, Matthew Rodriguez, in 2015. She gave birth to the child on May 28 at a hospital in the United States.

Jombo kept all details about her child away from the public, but later gave the exclusive rights of unveiling the face of her little one to WOW magazine. The magazine introduced him to fans as Matthew Kenney-Chinedu Rodrigez and it came with a caption from the actress stating that her life had become more complete with the little one in her arms. The child was dedicated on Aug 2, 2015, at Praise Fellowship Church, Houston, Texas.

Even though the status of the marriage between the couple has continued to be shrouded in many mysteries, Uche Jombo’s relationship with her son has remained solid as she continues to shower him with love at every given opportunity.

How True Were The Rumors of Infidelity?

Less than five years after Uche Jombo and Kenny Rodriguez got married, word began going around that not all was well in the marriage. In the initial stages, before Kenny revealed he was a businessman, there was the idea that he was living off his wife. A more serious allegation would soon hit the media in 2017 when word started making the rounds that he was cheating on the actress with another woman, a 22-year-old American. What gave more credence to the reports was the fact that the actress took off the name of her husband from her social media shortly before then.

According to the reports, not only was he going out with the young beauty with whom he shared some loved up pictures, but he also brought her to their matrimonial home in Dallas. Released pictures showed the unnamed woman cooking in what was believed to be the kitchen of Kenny, judging by a picture Uche Jombo once took there.

However, a source close to the couple reportedly revealed that the pictures were actually of Kenny and his ex before he met the actress and the ex was already dating someone else. That did not stop him from talking to his Instagram to apologize to his wife for all the bad press she got as a result of the entire episode and also for the trolling she received.

Is Uche Jombo Divorced?

Uche Jombo
Uche Jombo (Image Source)

At the height of the cheating allegations against her husband, Uche Jombo remained resolute in telling the public to mind their business. When rumors emerged that she was divorcing her husband, she strongly maintained that her marriage was fine and there was nothing wrong. She warned that if anyone was going to write anything about her and her marriage, they should at least, get the facts right. She said amidst everything else, there was no story except that she was trying to balance her family life and work in two countries.

Even though she continued denying that anything was wrong with her marriage, the pictures of her husband, along with his name, disappeared from her social media. Years later, nothing more has been heard about Kenny neither are there formal papers available in the public domain to prove that they have parted ways.

Are There Any Other Popular Members of Uche Jombo’s Family?

The Nigerian actress, writer, and producer was raised together with two siblings; Nelson Jombo and Josephine Jombo. Josephine is the youngest of the three and she is also the least popular. Nelson, on the other hand, is in the movie industry like Uche, although he is still in her shadows as far as fame is concerned. He is a film producer and owner of Nelson Jombo Production company. He has produced some amazing works, including the 2015 film Luke Of Lies as well as the 2018 film, Heaven on My Mind.

Information about other members of her family remains scarce. Uche Jombo revealed, however, that she lost her father while she was still growing up, and the experience changed her.

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