Meet Ike Turner Jr. Siblings

Ike Turner Jr., the son of Ike Turner Sr. and Lorraine Taylor, has 5 siblings named Michael Turner, Ronald “Ronnie” Turner, Craig Turner, Mia Turner, and Twanna Melby Turner. Ike Turner Jr.’s mother, Lorraine, had two children before she began dating Ike Sr., but information about their identity is unknown. He has a band called The Love Thang and toured with Sweet Randi Love.

Ike Jr. is married but has not revealed details about his wife and children. He began working at his father’s studio at a very tender age and is a musician and actor himself. He is very close to all his brothers and sisters and regards Tina Turner as the only mother he has known. He won a Grammy Award for his contribution to his father’s album, Rising with the Blues, in 2006.

How Many Siblings Does Ike Turner Jr. Have?

Ike Turner Jr. has 5 siblings from the several women that his father, Ike Turner Sr., either was in a relationship with or got married to over the years. From his account, all of Ike Turner Sr.’s children lived under the same roof with their father and his then-wife Tina Turner. Tina was said to have been a mother to Ike Jr. and all of her husband’s children, but things changed in the early 2000s, and most of the children were cut off by Tina from her life.

Ike Turner Jr. siblings
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Here is a Look at All of Ike Turner Jr.’s Siblings

Michael Turner

  • Date of Birth: 1959
  • Age: 65 year old
  • Occupation: Not specified

Michael Turner was born sometime in 1959, and he is the offspring of the long-term relationship between Ike Turner Sr. and his long-term girlfriend, Lorraine Taylor. When Ike Sr. divorced his mother, he was adopted by Tina Turner when she got married to his father. Being the junior brother of Ike Turner Jr., they are both very close to this day.

Michael’s parents got divorced when he was still very young, and his brother Ike Jr. recounts that his parent’s divorce really rubbed off on young Michael the wrong way. All he wanted was for his parents to get back together (ie, Ike Sr and Tina Turner) and to quit fighting. Unfortunately, he never got his wish, and their divorce was final, which left him shattered.

He was addicted to drugs as an adult, and this landed him in the hospital on numerous occasions. He also suffered a lot of seizures and strokes, which left him confined to a wheelchair. He is reported to be in a convalescent home in Southern Carolina, where he is receiving the medical attention that he needs. His mother supported him financially till she died in 2023, but never went to see him.

 Craig Turner

  • Date of Birth:  August 29, 1958
  • Age: 59 years (at the time of his death in 2018)
  • Occupation:  Real Estate Professional

Craig Turner was the first child that Ike Turner Jr.’s stepmother Tina Turner had with saxophonist Raymond Hill. Tina was a vocalist with Ike Turner Sr.’s band at the time she got pregnant for Mr. Hill, and they moved in with Ike Sr. and his live-in girlfriend at the time, Ms Lorraine Taylor. Hill disappeared before the child was born, and Tina (known as Ann Bullock back then) continued living with them.

Lorraine became suspicious that Tina was actually pregnant for her husband and only pretended to be pregnant for Hill, so she confronted Tina, which led to her inflicting gunshot wounds on herself. When Ike Sr. divorced Lorraine, he began dating Tina and adopted Craig – giving him his last name. His parents got married in 1962 after welcoming another child.

The relationship between Ike Turner Jr. and Craig Turner seems cordial, as he talked about him a few times in interviews. Craig lived in a house bought for him by his mother (as she revealed) and seemed really happy working for a Real Estate firm in California. He had an unidentified girlfriend who he was going to take to his mom before he passed tragically.

Craig was found dead in his apartment in California in July 2018 in an apparent suicide, where he took his life by shooting himself. No foul play was suspected in his death. His mother did not understand why her son took his own life, but she believed that it was due to loneliness and possibly depression. She did not sense enough of a change in him when they spoke a few times before he died.

 Ronald “Ronnie” Turner

  • Date of Birth: October 27, 1960
  • Age:  65 year old
  • Occupation: Bass Guitarist

Ronnie Turner was the only child who was born during the marriage of Ike Turner Sr. and Tina Turner. He was born on October 27, 1960, and was 62 years old at the time of his death on December 8, 2022. Tina recalled that though Ronnie was given lots of opportunities as a young man – he went to private schools, got allowances, and got the best of gifts any child could wish for, he still chose to live a destructive life.

Ronnie decided to follow in his parents’ footsteps like Ike Jr., and he played the Bass guitar for a group called “The Manufactured Funk,” with musician and songwriter Patrick Molten. He also played the bass guitar for his mother’s band – which got him pistol-slapped by his father, and later also played for his father’s band as well.

Ronnie was addicted to drugs like his father, and despite all his mother’s best efforts to get him off it, he always went back to his drug life all the time. By 2000, he had already had 2 kids and got married to French singer Afida Turner (formerly known as Hafidda Messai) in March 2007 at 46. He died of colon cancer on December 8, 2022, aged 62, and was mourned by his wife, kids, and the entire family.

 Mia Turner-Whitley

  • Date of Birth: January 1969
  • Age:  55 year old
  • Occupation:  Motivational Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur, Wellness Advisor

Mia Turner is the love child between Ike Turner Sr. and Margaret Ann Thomas. She was born in January 1969 and is currently 55 years old. Ike Sr. got married to her mother on August 11, 1981, in Las Vegas, and they divorced in 1990. They rekindled their friendship several years after their divorce, and she was actually the one who found her father unconscious the very day he died.

Not much is known about Mia Turner except what can be gleaned from her Social Media handle on Instagram. She is married as she shares pictures she takes with her husband on her Instagram handle while expressing her love for him. She may possibly have kids, but she does not share their pictures on her handle. She also has a YouTube channel where she shares wellness tips.

Mia is listed as an author, motivational speaker, and entrepreneur across her Social Media handles,  and she does share wellness tips and advice quite regularly, too. She also shares religious insights and quotes on her handles. She promised that she was working on a film or television production to tell her own side of what Ike Turner Sr. really was very soon – different from Tina Turner’s perspectives.

Twanna Melby Turner

  • Date of Birth: 1959
  • Age:  65 year old
  • Occupation: Not Known, but possibly a singer/musician

Twanna Melby Turner was born from the relationship between Ike Turner Sr. and Pat Richards, and it is not clear if she was ever married to Ike Sr. Her mother attended the same school as Tina Turner and was involved in a relationship with Ike, and when she learned that she was pregnant and of the relationship between Ike and Tina, she decided to keep her pregnancy to herself.

However, Ike Turner Sr. got to know that he had a daughter only in 1988. When he was released from prison in 1991, he was released to Twanna Melby’s custody. Nothing much is really known about Twanna except for the fact that she plays the piano and sings.


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