Meet Vicente Fernández’s Children and Grandchildren

Vicente Fernández has one adopted child and three biological children with his wife Maria del Refugio Abarca. Their names are Vicente Jr., Alejandro, Gerardo, and Alejandra, whom they adopted.

Vicente Fernández had his hand in several aspects of the Mexican entertainment industry, including film. He was very influential, and that influence lives on even after his passing. Fernández was also the patriarch of a very large family, and it is easy to say that asides from a very robust musical career, Vicente Fernández’s children and grandchildren remain one of his greatest legacies to date.

From his posts on social media, it is obvious that he was committed to his family, and it is heartwarming to see the family carry on the tradition of music that he began.

Meet Vicente Fernández’s Children

On the 27th of December, 1963, Vicente Fernández got married to the sister of his close friend, Maria del Refugio Abarca “Cuquita,” and the couple went on to have 3 children together – Vicente Jr., Gerardo, and Alejandro. He later decided to adopt his wife’s niece Alejandra, bringing the total number of his children to 4. From these 4 children, he has 9 grandchildren who have also given birth to 5 great-grandchildren.


Vicente Jr. Fernández is the First of Vicente Fernández’s Children

  • Date of Birth: 11th November 1963
  • Age: 60 years
  • Occupation: Actor and Musician

Vicente Jr. is the eldest child of the Fernández. He was born on the 11th of November, 1963, a month before his parent’s wedding, and just like his father, as a child, he was not born into the wealth that his family would eventually get, but he still managed to have a very comfortable childhood.

Vicente Jr Also Works in the Music Industry

Just like his father, Vicente Jr. is also a musician. This was one of the ways that he bonded with his father. However, he is not as successful as the other professional musicians in the family, like his father and brother, Alejandro.

Vicente Jr. has mostly worked in the entertainment industry as a musician and as an actor. Some of his acting work includes cameos in his father’s films. As a musician, he has 4 albums to his name and has also performed at a number of live events. He is the first of Vicente Fernández’s Children who had the opportunity to share the stage with his father while his career was starting out.

Vicente Jr. Has Four Children With His Ex-Wife

Of the 9 grandchildren of Vicente Fernández, Vicente Jr. has four children: Vicente, Ramón, Sissi, and Fernanda. He had these children with his ex-wife Mara Patricia Casteneda. After the end of their marriage, he remarried Karian Obregon, and their marriage only lasted for 3 years, ending in 2020.

Vicente Jr. is currently in a relationship with a woman called Mariana Gonzalez, who is 19 years his junior. He is also the grandfather to four of Fernández’s great-grandchildren; Luca, Carlotta, Antonella, and Emilio.

Vicente Jr. was the Victim of a Kidnapping Attempt

In the late 90s, when he was in his mid-30s, Vicente was kidnapped, and this was done in a bid to target his father and get a ransom, to prove their seriousness, the kidnappers chopped off 2 of his fingers and sent it to his father. This led to the payment of the ransom, the kidnappers wanted $5 million, but the family only paid $3 million.

Vicente’s kidnappers had him for more than one hundred days and only released him after the ransom had been paid. This took place in 1998. It was only in 2008, about a decade after the crime was committed, that the kidnappers were apprehended, leading to a long jail sentence for them.

Alejandro Fernández is the Most Popular of Vicente Fernández’s Kids

  • Date of Birth: 24th April 1971
  • Age: 52 years
  • Occupation: Musician

Born on April 24, 1971, Alejandro Fernández is the second of Vicente Fernández’s Children and is also the most popular. He works in the music industry just like his father, and like him, has experienced a lot of success in his musical career with the more than 20 million records that he has sold worldwide and the global recognition that he has received for his craft, which includes a star on the famous Hollywood Walk of Fame.

The work Alejandro does in music is mostly pop, but his career began with Mexican folk music, and he only started to see mainstream success after he made the switch. When he was alive, Vicente was known to collaborate with Alejandro on some projects. This Fernández child is also the recipient of 3 Latin Grammy awards and the Icon of the Year Award from the Latin American Music Awards.

Alejandro Fernández is Father to 5 Children

Alejandro has 5 kids. With his first wife, America Guinart, he has 3 children – Alejandro Jr., Camila, and America – a pair of twins. His second wife, model Xiemana Diaz, has 2 children with him – Emiliano and Valentina. However, his relationship with Diaz is over, and now he is dating Mexican model Karla Lavega.

Alejandro, just like his brother, has grandchildren, 2 in fact – Cayetana and Mia. Cayetena is from his daugther Camila and Mia from this son Alejandro.

Gerardo Fernández -The Third of Vicente Fernández’s Children is Businessman

  • Date of Birth: 4th May 1976
  • Age: 47 years
  • Occupation: Businessman

Of the 3 Fernandez sons, Gerardo is the least popular and the 2nd of Vicente Fernández’s Children. He is also the only one who does not work in the music industry, as he is a businessman in Mexico. Gerardo is well-known for his work breeding Thoroughbred horses, this was something that he did with his father.

Aside from the business of breeding horses, Gerardo also owns an arena, ITO Arena VFG, which is an indoor arena that is used for sporting activities and concerts. He also owns manufacturing companies that make a range of items. Gerardo is also interested in politics.

Gerardo Fernández has been Associated with a Number of Criminal Scandals

Regardless of the fact that he grew up in the spotlight and is part of a large popular family, Gerardo has managed to maintain a very quiet lifestyle. There is barely any information on the number of kids that he has.

However, in 2021, a biography about Vicente Fernández by Olga Wornat, a Mexican Journalist, revealed that Gerardo may have had ties with a very popular Mexican cartel. The biography was unauthorized, and as such, it would be hard to verify the claims that Wornat makes in the book.

Gerardo Fernández is Believed to Take Over the Business of the Fernández Family

During his life, Vicente’s music was not the only way he made money as he had a number of businesses, and now that he is dead, it has been revealed that Gerardo is the son that is primed to take over the businesses and oversee the running of Fernández’s estate.

This is expected as he is the only one of his children who actually has some experience running a business. Also, while Vicente was alive, he and Gerardo bonded over their business acumen, as could be seen in the horse breeding business that they ran together.

Alejandra Fernández is the Only Daughter of Vicente Fernández

  • Date of Birth: 1984
  • Age: 40 years
  • Occupation: Designer

In a family of boys, Alejandra Fernández is the only girl and the second child who does not work in entertainment. She became a part of this family after she was adopted by Vicente Fernández, who was originally her uncle.

Like her older brother Gerardo, she also does not work in entertainment and is believed to be a designer, she largely leads a very quiet life. As such, there is not a lot of her life that the public knows about.

Alejandra Fernández was Adopted as a Child By the Fernández Family

The last Fernández child, Alejandra Fernández, is the niece of Don Fernández’s wife. She is originally the daughter of his wife’s sister Gloria, who had decided that she would be better-taken care of with the Fernández, as she could not cater to her properly. Alejandra had spent most of her childhood with the family, and by the time her mother decided that she should become a Fernández, she was pretty much a member of the family.

While she was growing up, Alejandra had not known that her mother was her mother, she thought of her as an aunt as they all lived together, and when her mother decided to leave her with Vicente Fernández and Dona Cuquita on the morning of her 4th birthday, it did not seem bizarre to her at the time. The adoption of Alejandra by Vicente Fernández was largely driven by this and also by his wife’s desire for a daughter, as all they had were their 3 sons.

There Are Rumors That She Is Vicente’s Biological Daughter

In the unauthorized biography by Olga Wornat, which claimed that Gerardo has ties to the drug world, Wornat also made another accusation at Fernández. He claims that Alejandra is actually Vicente’s daughter.

Her argument is that Vicente had cheated on his wife, Maria, with her sister Gloria and because she was distraught by it, she then chose to adopt the child rather than let her husband have an illegitimate child.

Alejandra Fernández Works in Fashion as a Designer and Model

Alejandra is the second child of Vicente Fernández, who does not work in entertainment, and her decision to choose a different line of work and build a career as a designer is something that her adoptive father was very proud of. He wanted her to be her own woman and worried that the shadow of his career would smear any attempt she made at being a musician.

When she was much younger, she used to model for some smaller brands. As she grew older and phased out of modeling, Alejandra transitioned into fashion design, and now she owns her own line of luxury handbags. Alleza, the name of her company, creates a large range of bags, from handbags to traveling bags to even wallets.

Alejandra Fernández was Married to Jose Luis Altamirano, Famous Painist

While Alejandra worked outside of the music industry, she still found a way outside of her family to be involved in the music industry, and she did this by marrying Jose Luis Altamirano. The two started dating in 2012 and got married 2 years after. Their wedding took place in Guadalajara.

Their marriage was, however, very short, as a year after the wedding, they got divorced. The union produced no children, and there is no indication that Alejandra is getting remarried anytime soon.

How Many Grandchildren Does Vicente Fernández Have?

Vicente Fernández is known to have 9 grandchildren from his 4 kids. Of these 9, he has 4 from his first son and 5 from his second son. It is not known if Gerardo and Alejandra have children as they lead lives away from the spotlight.

List of Vicente Fernández’s Grandchildren

Vicente Fernández’s Grandchildren through Vicente Jr.

  • Sissi
  • Ramon
  • Fernanda
  • Vicente Fernández IV

Vicente Fernández’s Grandchildren through Alejandro:

  • Alex
  • Camila
  • America
  • Emiliano
  • Valentina

Who are Vicente Fernández’s Grandchildren?

Sissi, Vicente, Ramon, and Fernanda are the 4 grandchildren that Vicente Fernández has from his first son, Vicente Jr. Of these four children, Vicente Jr. has 4 grandkids who are in turn, the great-grandchildren of Vicente Fernández. These four children and grandchildren are not as popular as their father or grandfather, they all lead very private lives, and because of this, there is not a lot of information available on them.

The other set of grandkids that Vicente Fernández has are from his most popular child, Alejandro, who is a father to 5 kids- Alex, Camila, America, Emiliano, and Valentina. 2 of which are twins. Also, just like their cousins, they are very private people, except for Camila and Alex. This two have also decided to partake in the family music business as they are also upcoming artists.

Alex Fernández Is Following In His Father’s and Grandfather’s Steps

Of all the Fernández grandchildren, only 2 have careers in music, and of these two, Alex Fernández has proven to be the more successful one. He is the son of Alejandro, who is also named after his father but chooses to go by Alex. Alex’s career in music is well on its way, and so far, he has released 2 studio albums.

In an iconic show of family bond, Alex, Alejandro, and Vicente all performed a song, which is one of Vicente’s biggest hits, “Volver Volver.” This was the one time that all three generations of the Fernández family performed together. Alex is also building his own family, and in 2022, he and his wife, Alexia, had their first child, Mia.

The Vicente Fernández family is large and will obviously keep growing as more and more of the grandchildren build lives for themselves.

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