Quinton Jones Net Worth – How Rich Is Minnie Dlamini’s Husband And What Does He Do For A Living?

Quinton Jones is an American television producer, director, businessman, and former football player with a net worth of $30 million.

Jones made his money through multiple sources, including football, which marked the beginning of his career journey in the United States of America. Following the end of his football career, which lasted for less than six months, the Californian native engaged himself in television and later moved on to establish a production company with his wife, Minnie Dlamini.

Quinton Jones’ Fortune Is In Excess Of $30 Million

By every standard, former American football player Quinton Jones is wealthy, but he is not one to show off his elevated status. Before April 2020, his fortune was estimated to be over $3 million. However, a recent review pegged it at an admirable $30 million. Whichever may be the case, there is no denying that Jones has done well for himself as an international celebrity.

Going by records, the Californian native is believed to have made his money from three major sources. He might still have other money-spinning endeavors that are not known to the public, but we are sure that his wealth accrued though;

  • Football
  • Television
  • Business

Football Is Not Likely To be His Major Income Source

Quinton Jones developed a keen interest in football from a young age and thus, started playing early. He continued through high school and in Boise State University during which it became glaring that he was forging a football career. Joining the National Football League as a free agent in 2007, the cornerback inked a deal with the San Diego Chargers of the NFL, but unfortunately, he barely spent two months with the club before he was released.

Away from the NFL, Jones tried his luck in the Canadian Football League with Saskatchewan Roughriders. Regrettably, history repeated itself as they had to let him go in barely a couple of months; this brought the cornerback’s football career to an untimely end.

Going by the tale of his football history, it would not be honest to claim that a significant portion of his fortune came out of football. Moreover, even if he earned some huge pay, it would be highly unlikely that the money made almost 14 years ago will still be sustaining him to date.

A Lion’s Share Of His Fortune Obviously Came From Television

Considering the tale about his brief football career, it goes without saying that Jones owes the majority of his net worth to his career in television as a producer cum director. Reportedly, the father of three is also apt at handling several other roles including behind the camera kind of work which has widened his income horizons on TV.

The Californian native’s work in TV dates back to his years at Urban Brew Studios where Jones first came into contact with Dlamini. Though the records revealed him to be Dlamini’s superior, they failed to give an insight into the amount he earned as salary. But taking his status as a producer/director into consideration, the money is believed to be quite substantial.

He Joined His Wife At Beautiful Day Production Company As A Businessman

Quinton Jones was obviously earning good pay as a staff of the recording company – Urban Brew Studios, but he decided to take his skills in movie production into business by establishing the company known as Beautiful Day Production. Though he is a co-owner of the company alongside his wife Minnie Dlamini, it is believed that it was Minnie who first started it before bringing her husband in.

Today, Beautiful Day Productions has recorded tremendous success, especially with their very first gig, Becoming Mrs. Jones – a reality TV show that went on to become the most-watched show for Vuzu Amp. The company is also involved with several other important projects which include many high-profile digital productions for top-notch brands in all of South Africa. It has no doubt become a money-spinner for Jones and Minnie both individually and as a couple.

The producer cum director may still be involved in other businesses that are not known to the public. This conclusion was reached following his wife’s one-time statement that Quinton Jones went on a business trip. Nonetheless, the exact number of business endeavors that contribute to the Californian native’s fortune remains unknown.
On endorsement deals, searches have not revealed any for Jones but his wife has quite a good number from big brands, both in their home South Africa and internationally.

Reportedly, Quinton Jones Made a total of 6 Million Rands From His Marriage

The couple was still weighed down with the preparations for their marriage when Beautiful Day Production company came into existence. Subsequently, their marriage took pride of place as the first show in the company’s portfolio following the production of the three-part series entitled Becoming Mrs. Jones. As earlier mentioned, the show wasted no time in becoming a big hit.

Reports later surfaced with the claim that Jones and his wife received R6 million from M-Net for the broadcast rights of the wedding as well as the show. Reports also said the duo got other sponsorship for their wedding including some paraphernalia like jewelry; this covered both their wedding and engagement. The sponsorship reportedly came from Sandton.

Speculations about the R6 million were fast gaining ground when Quinton Jones’ wife decided to come up with a rebuttal. According to Minnie, the money they received for the show was not that much but she didn’t deny that they did get something.

Marriage To Minnie Dlamini Gave Quinton Jones More Exposure

Quinton Jones
Jones and Minnie: image source

It is not clear when Quinton Jones met his wife Minnie, but both were good friends long before they decided to take their relationship a notch higher. The duo dated for a while and on July 8th, 2017, they were joined together as man and wife in a traditional wedding ceremony at the Glenn Hills. A-list celebs like Unathi Msengana and Anele Mdoda were in attendance.

Barely two months after they were joined traditionally, the celebrity couple exchanged marriage vows. Their wedding which took place on the 16th of September 2017 was a lavish affair and Somerset West in Cape Town wore a new look as their wedding attracted family, colleagues, and friends to Lourensford Wine Estate. Jones did not just gain a wife in Minnie Dlamini, the TV producer also gained more popularity as he became known as the husband of the celebrated model, on-air personality, and actress. On her own part, Minnie is super proud of her cute husband and does not miss any opportunity to flaunt him on social media.


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