As the long-time girlfriend and wife of the celebrated American television host David Letterman, Regina Lasko was able to steal a bit of the limelight for herself. Her husband is renowned for his show titled ‘Late Night with David Letterman among others which are equally popular. One interesting fact about their union is that they dated for over 20 years before considering the option of marriage, even the birth of their son in 2003 did not hasten the decision. However, married life has not been a smooth sail for the couple as David has faced a lot of accusations on infidelity and extramarital affairs with several of his female staff.

On her own part, Regina Lasko has done some work in her capacity as a unit manager for the 7th-anniversary episode of her spouse’s show which was a special one. She has come in as a production assistant on a couple of television shows like Saturday Night Live in 1975 and Another World in 1964.

Everything You Need To Know about Regina Lasko

Birth Details

From what is perceivable, Regina Lasko is quite stingy with information on her background. Even her long dalliance with a celebrity of her husband’s ilk has not made her reveal facts about her early life, however, her date of birth is recorded as the 20th of November 1960 but her place of birth and the identity of her parents are not known. It is equally not known if she is an only child or has siblings.

Relationship with David Letterman

Regina Lasko
Regina Lasko and her husband David Letterman image source

David Letterman was not a single man in February 1986 when he started dating Regina Lasko, he was the lover of Merrill Markoe – an American author whom he later broke up with to continue with Regina. Their dating period lasted for all of 23 years and people had already given up hope of a possible marriage between them. In the intervening time, the duo became parents when their son Harry Joseph Letterman announced his entrance on the 3rd of November 2003 in North Salem, New York. Contrary to expectations, the couple finally tied the connubial knot on the 19th of March 2009, in a private ceremony which took place at a secret court in Choteau, Montana. The Justice of the Peace, Peter Howard officiated at the ceremony.

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Their wedding was later announced by David, on the set of his show, coupled with an explanation on the reason they took so long to say I do. According to him, he earned the admiration of many married men while he dated his wife for so long. Regrettably, the first year of their marriage was not so good as David faced accusations of extramarital affairs with some of his female staff.

In September 2009, the couple had to deal with a note which they discovered in a package in their car. Later, it became public knowledge that David was being blackmailed by one of his assistants Stephanie Birkitt who had been issuing threats to expose all his clandestine affairs if he did not come up with a ransom of $2 million. It would seem that Regina Lasko tolerated a bit too much as Holly Hester – one of the production staff came up with her claims of being romantically involved with her husband. As if that was not enough, Margaret Mary Ray was constantly stalking David.

David later sent his apologies to Regina via his show on the 5th of October 2009, admitting that he had really hurt her with his unruly behavior. He also vowed to work hard at fixing their marriage any way he could. One notable fact about Regina Lasko is that in spite of all the negativity about her spouse, she did not publicly utter a word against him. Apparently, she is trying to let go of the past in order to maintain marital peace.

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Son’s Kidnap Incidence

An unsuccessful kidnapping attempt was made against her son Harry when he was just a year and five months old. The mastermind was discovered to be Kelly Allen Frank – a domestic staff at David’s ranch in Montana. Kelly Allen’s plans got burst after he sought an unidentified man’s opinion on the kidnapping for which he planned to demand the sum of $5 million. The unknown man was the one who alerted the police.

 Regina Lasko’s Net Worth

Though she has been working for a long time, Regina Lasko’s net worth has never been reported. However, she is comfortably buoyed by her husband’s wealth which was last estimated at a jaw-dropping $400 million. David’s wealth accrued from his hefty annual paycheck of $50 million from his career as a media personality and show host. The Letterman family currently reside in North Salem, New York on a 108- acre estate.

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